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*taps mic* Testing, testing, 1 2 this thing on? Just trying out my inaugural Dreamwidth post, and hoping it cross-posts back to LiveJournal effectively? I've been meaning to switch over since the April transfail incident - which actually bothered me much more than their various preivous and subsequent privacy-related failings - but I'm not very organized. Sorry it hasn't happened sooner! If you're on DW, please (a) let me know who you are so I can stalk you access your posts there and (b) please add me, since I really don't want to have to switch back and forth between my DW account and OpenID just to read stuff.

And if you're used to reading here in LJ and want to keep it that way, that's totally fine too: I'll be cross-posting and leaving commenting open. LJ just won't be getting more of my money when my current paid account expires.

SO. *dusts off hands* With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, how are y'all doing? I hope the fall has been treating you well? I can't quite believe it's been a month since I last posted, but that's life for ya. Fortunately I've just had a week of vacation (originally supposed to be a road trip to Chicago with [profile] neequdrazil to see [identity profile] and culminating in WinCon, but as it worked out I have been spending my vacation at home. This turned out to be a good thing as it's enabled me to at least start unpacking All The Things from storage and trying desperately to catch up on several dozen half-completed projects I'm terribly behind on - including posting! And, even while the reno isn't quiiite done (come on, kitchen pantry!!! it's been THREE EFFING MONTHS!!!) as I'd desperately hoped by now, it's close enough that I'm treating this as Screw It, I'm Declaring The Reno "Basically Done And Moving On With My Life", With Bonus "Projects" To Finish Up. I'd hoped to finish touching up the bathroom paint this weekend, but it was that or posting, and frankly, much as I want it done, I'd rather talk with all of you and tackle painting next weekend. *gathers you all up in a giant hug*

Anyway. I also have about a GAZILLION photos I'm dying to share with y'all, not in the least because I had promised shing_ ages ago that I would post about Fan Expo.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Fan Expo a.k.a. fannish stuff and famous people )

Purple Hills 2010 Southern Ontario,Fall,Autumn,Creemore,Purple Hills,Dufferin County Southern Ontario,Fall,Autumn,Creemore,Purple Hills,Dufferin County Southern Ontario,Fall,Autumn,Creemore,Purple Hills,Dufferin County
parental visit a.k.a. pretty fall picture slideshow )

pics from a few projects )

Thanksgiving and vacation )

And boy, if you made it through all that, you get a cookie!
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Whee, holiday! *runs around high-fiving everyone*

You know, a year ago this weekend I was fresh off my first fortnight of Bugpocalypse. Everything I owned was either in storage or in plastic bags, my place was practically unlivable in part thanks to the ten tons of Raid I had sprayed everywhere so my cat and i had retreated ("strategically relocated") to my parents' place, and I was staring down the barrel of an infestation with no end in sight. Now, a year later, I'm sitting on my new couch in front of my wonderful, beloved television in my freshly so-close-to-done-I-can-feel-it renovated condo, slowly moving things back in and looking forward to a fall of courses to learn ALL THE THINGS (sewing! woodworking! printmaking! BOO-YEAH!) and continue to whittle down my belongings to a more manageable number.

I can't remember if I've announced this yet here, though I know I've been talking about it in person: my plan is to have my solarium completely emptied by Christmas so I can try and get a roommate. Then, by saving the extra cash, I'll have enough to afford to take a year off in two years time. My plan is to ask for a year off six months out, and if I can't return to my job so be it: I'll quit. *deep breath* So that's the PLAN; we'll have to see how it actually plays out over time. Life does have this pesky habit of changing.

So, what's been up with me lately?
  • I've been continuing to love the hell out of the BBC Sherlock, and spend spare moments happily rolling around in all the fantastically well-written fic which its fandom is constantly producing. The awesome [ profile] caffienekitty has initiated a series of "reccing Sundays" henceforth going on weekly at [ profile] sherlockbbc for anyone just wanting to get straight to the best of the best.
  • Had a lovely if INSANELY busy week when [ profile] eboniorchid was in town - among other things because I had, like, three different birthday dinners with different folks. <3 (Torontonian note: Dhaba is as drool-worthy a restaurant as ever and remains by favourite Indian food in town, but I also highly recommend Enoteca Sociale for fans of Italian. Crazy rich, but sooooo good!) And that weekend - last weekend - was FanExpo: more about that later!
  • I've mainlined the first season of Merlin, and will concede I can see why people like it. (Though I more want to pinch the boys' cheeks/noogie their heads than slash them. They're just so earnest and adorable! *g*)
  • This past week I've finally taken the first of a few sewing classes at The Workroom to make better use of the sewing machine [ profile] themoderatrix so kindly gifted me with many years ago. I'm quite excited, actually: I don't like wanting to do things but not knowing HOW, so I'm really looking forward to tackling a few in-house projects. *rubs hands gleefully*

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
In other news, I realized I'd carefully uploaded all these pictures a few weeks ago of my June and July and never posted them. So, with no further ado, have a general picspam of June/July )
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For the curious and those far away, I thought I might as well share my pictures of Toronto yesterday as I went about my business (I'm still annoyed it conflicted with me participating in the protest - but given the subsequent indiscriminate arrests, maybe that was a good thing): downtown wasn't all as violent and dramatic as it looked on TV!

G20 G20 G20 pics )
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You know, last week just pretty much sucked and I'm bloody sick of renovation blather, so let me tell you about what I *am* excited about right now: the miniature bookbinding course I took this past weekend! :D

I know that some people have been interested in the past about how this whole bookbinding thing works, so I've taken the time to put together a little picspam explanation of what, exactly, has gone into these babies.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

lots more )
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You guys, I survived the week! \o/

*happy sigh* I'm safely and serenely ensconced in a comfy hotel room up in Huntsville with my parents dozing away at the far end of the room. Tomorrow I get to see my brother's family, and Sunday is my eldest nephew's second birthday. I can't wait.

I have SO MUCH to talk about! So I figure I'll just tackle a topic or two this post, and then do another tomorrow, etc. But first things first: y'all were tremendously pivotal in helping make my final grout colour decision, so let's do that reveal, shall we?

It was really interesting watching the poll results come in: the first 12 hours had medium grey as the clear leader, but within a day medium and light were head-and-head. Once I realized that products exist to effectly stain grout lighter or darker, I decided to start light and go darker later on if I needed to. I was quite astonished in the end at how light the grout ended up: it looks white! Still, it turned out to be a great decision, since the resulting look really pops and is just FANTASTIC.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Lotsa pictures of the results and the new carpet )

ANYWAY. It is now stupid o'clock, so I'm going to stop blathering and post this bad boy. More later, I hope. Next up: neat workshops and cherry blossoms!
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Hey y'all! I'm coming to you from Binghamton, New York. (No, I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it: it's a fairly small city in New York state as the map-lovers among you can see here, but it's where some family friends live which Makes It Special. :))

I'm here for the first half of my last *sob* week of vacation of the year, and will be moving on to the Big Apple come Tuesday. And I have Intarwebz again! \o/ I'm posting at this rather ungodly hour so as not to take time away from the friends I'm here to visit. :)

The big fun for today was actually getting up at 5:30AM (okay, THAT part wasn't the big fun) to go and watch hot air balloons take off at a local rally. (And how much do I love that the whole event is based around food? SO MUCH.) The weather was glorious and the sky a perfect, striking backdrop, so in addition to having a great time I got some rather fabulous shots, if I do say so myself.

Have a looksee:

Photobucket Photobucket


We went back later in the day and ate ourselves silly, including the eponymous spiedies, ice cream and my beloved-but-oh-so-hard-to-find butterfly potatoes. *happy sigh*
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Whee! Things wot I did since I posted last week:

Watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot and second episode. And, because Space* was apparently having a Terminator-palooza last weekend, ended up seeing them THREE TIMES. Plus the first Terminator movie. Plus the *wince* third. That was just painful. But not the second movie, oddly, which sucks since it is so incredible. Because of Linda Hamilton. And her Arms of Awesome. GAH.
*the Canadian sci-fi channel

Thoughts on the new series - pretty non-spoilery unless you're really die-hard )

The other nifty thing I did this week is SO GEEKY I can't even. *hands* The Japanese Consulate and Japan Foundation arranged a cross-country tour for Satoshi Kamiya, who's considered one of the top origami artists in the world today. So I spent Monday and Tuesday evening at his workshops. Mostly intermediate stuff, so what we were folding wasn't all that exciting, but it was incredible to see the gallery of his works up close and personal. He even brough Ryujin, an INSANE dragon that is probably my single favourite origami model of all time. ONE PIECE of square, uncut paper, guys. TWO METRES square. To make this:
more origami as more art than craft )

And finally, an opera update! So it turns out (THANK GOD) that my dad is NOT one of the guards being serviced, and in fact plays a priest in the third act. (Which sadly may still be giving me Inappropriate Images thanks to [ profile] veronamay's incredible fic have you seen him whom my soul loves. I CAN'T WIN.) So I am going to see it with not only my mom, as it turns out, but with my brother and his wife as well. And heh, I'm going to a "porn and tequila" party afterward (nothing to do with family, just to be clear!). About which my mom said (what? Of course I mentioned it. We were taking about a randy opera and TMI anyway), "Hey, tequila & porn – can we come? Nooooo pun intended. And, of course, just kidding anyway." My parents are really awesome. And my mom has just discovered smileys and is using different font sizes to good effect in emails and...yeah. Awesome. *smishes them*
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So I'm slowly preparing a set of three posts that are 2007 in review but what with the pics and links and introspection and crap, it will probably take me most of this week to get them ready. (But my New Year's plan of getting up early to Do Shit is working! \o/ I've managed to go through and categorize more photos in the last two weeks than I have in the last six months - and since we're talking about some NINE THOUSAND (!!!!!) pictures (and counting!!!!) in 2007 alone, that's really saying something.)

The amusing thing is how happy going through my photos is making me. I've discovered this faaaabulous program called iMatch that has incredible organizing capabilities (it can edit and export IPTC, EXIF and SML data! and has hierarchical categorization! *geeks out happily*) and it's letting me indulge my librarian genes to their utmost. Digital photos are GREAT for getting my collection geek on: they're effectively free, they don't take up any of that peskily limited physical space on bookshelves, and you can rename them and recategorize them again and again and again... *drools*

So that's mostly what I've been splashing around in this weekend, and prepping some photos I kept meaning to show you lot. So! Much! Fun! And yes, Australia is coming - though I'm going to be doing the treeclimbing, Toronto Island at sunrise and ROM Crystal opening picspam first as part of my 2007 review.

But until I get all that together, in the meantime I thought I'd take [ profile] mycrazyhair's advice all too literally in her comment to my last post when she gently reminded me, "it's perfectly acceptable to write a post that says, "Huh. What the hell's that cat doing there?" instead of writing a huge big-ass post about the state of your life and mental well-being."

So, with no further ado: "Huh. What the hell's that cat doing there?" And more specifically, "Why does he insist on defeating the purpose of having a cover ON the couch by curling up UNDER it?" *throws up hands in good-natured dismay*

(And actually, that's also how he tries to hide when I'm trying to get him into his carrier and he's trapped in the solarium with nowhere else to go: he tries to burrow under the cover. *wibbles*)

Also, since I gather it's effing hot in Melbourne at the moment, I offer the following pictures to help y'all down there take your minds off the heat:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Melbournites - or anywhere else hot, or photo-lovers - this cut's for you: )
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Firstly, the email seems to be sorted out...turns out I needed to do a clean install of Outlook. (I know, I know! I'll switch!) I'll be catching up with those lost emails as soon as I can. Thanks everyone for your support and patience.

Secondly, and much more importantly: happiest of birthdays to that awesome asset to the Supernatural fandom, the illustrious [ profile] missyjack. All the BEST people are born in August! *beams* While I didn't have time to undertake any of my initial plans, I did assemble a kinky-esque little picspam* just for you over at [ profile] dean_sam: Dean and Sam at their hottest when evil, tied up and/or getting roughed up. Enjoy, enjoy!
*With some wincest subtext, for those of you who might want to skip it on that basis.

Thirdly, this is my Official Announcement of my new opt-in filter about sex and me, for thinky discussion and happy wallowing about in the gutter of random lewdness.

I'm creating this mostly to spare those of you who really don't care and/or really don't want to know, but also to provide a bit of privacy for more personal discussions. Likely conversation topics ) I will be making liberal use of LJ-cuts, so even on the filter you are welcome to scroll on by anything you don't want to read without needing to reach for the eyebleach.

The requirements:
  • You be 18 or older. Yes, I will be checking profiles if I don't know your approximate age.
  • You be a LiveJournal member. (For those of you not on LiveJournal, that's because the filter permitting you to see the entries is associated with each reader's username. If you're a friend of mine not on LJ and want to read 'em anyway, let me know and I'll try to figure something out.)
  • You be respectful. You don't have to do or even agree with anything, and discussion is encouraged, but you do have to be respectful.
  • You wanna read it! And let me know by commenting below so I can add you to the filter. Comments to this post are screened, so no one except me will see them.

That's it! First post in a day or so. (Oh, and if you've already told me you want to be on this filter, I've already got you down. Unless you now want to be OFF it - in which case, just comment here to that effect and I will. :D)
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Whew! It has been a truly crazy month or so, in the best possible ways, so my thanks to everyone for bearing with me.

Firstly, I'd like to say hi and welcome to all my lovely new friends via [ profile] trystan830's friending meme last week (pimp! pimp! albeit belatedly, sorry!). *waves, rolls out welcome mat* l'll try to cobble together an intro post sometime soon...perhaps this weekend? In the meantime, my profile's got the basics about me, and you're welcome to surf through past posts to get to know me a bit. Come in and make yourselves at home!

What you need to know for the purposes of this post is that I am, among other things, the moderator of the Gay Geeks Rock Yahoo list and wrangle an annual contingent to take over the world participate in the Dyke March and Pride Parade here in Toronto. Which was this past weekend. Hence the ultra-long post that will include musings! pictures! stories! Supernatural stuff! something for everybody! and which I will now attempt to divvy up into manageable chunks for your surfing pleasure...

Laundry list of Stuff I Did and shout-outs )

Personal thoughts on Pride: why I find it worth the stress )

What, tl;dr? ;P Okay, have some pictures. Firstly, and with no further ado, we have
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Then we have the Dyke March and the Pride March picspam - the latter of which includes an amusing Supernatural reference. )

And last but not least, my cracktastic Saturday evening at a women-only body painting party. (Don't worry, nothing too revealing under the cut.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Why do little spirals and wimmin signs when you can partake of Supernatural crack!?!? )

Finally, in the vein of me being a gay geek and all, I leave you with two female characters who have made me happy of late. )
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So. First off: New York. )

Friday I increased my geek cred exponentially by heading back from the possibility of a WEEKEND IN NEW YORK CITY to spend the WEEKEND IN A DARK TORONTO CONVENTION CENTRE WITH FELLOW ANIME OTAKU. And no, I don't regret it for a second!

As many of you know, I am joined in this yearly pilgrimage by the inimitable Mr. Mongolia, where we cling to each other as thirtysomethings among the sea of teenagers. This year we were also accompanied on Saturday by [ profile] jaefru, and we popped by to visit [ profile] bassringer in the dealers area where she was selling her incredible creations (which you can buy online, see? Pimp! Pimp! ;D).

Rather than subjecting you a blow-by-blow of the entire weekend's happenings, I have lumped things of interest.

My swag. )

Cosplay and pictures. )

Show reviews. )

Panels and the Impossible Positions contest - with stories and pictures! )

This contest just begs for a crack Supernatural version, and I'm working on a little comic to that effect but...well, you've seen the quality of my illustration skills. :\ It will take me a few days (at least) to come up with something. But first I will tell you about THIS weekend. Stay tuned!
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So someone on my f-list had a shitty experience this week, and it reminded me how many of us women - beautiful women, dammit - are genuinely insecure about our appearance and how fucking angry that makes me. (Sorry guys: I know many of you are insecure as well, but I'm focusing on us girls for the moment.)

I appreciate that as a society we have worked hard to not objectify women, and for the most part this is definitely for the good.

However. A little-recognized offshoot of this is that many of us - particularly if we're not in a relationship - don't often hear positive things about our bodies or appearance, and it can be all too easy to get caught up in our own all-too-frequently negative view of ourselves. I've seen it happen again and again, and fallen victim to it myself more than a few times.

Over the years I have taken it on as something of a personal quest to let friends who need to hear it know that they are beautiful and/or desirable (if I think it will be of benefit to hear it from me). While of course I can be respectful and polite, if I know the person well and have their permission, it's WAAY more fun to engage in some over-the-top lechery.

Think about it. )

ANYway. When I found out that this f-lister was feeling down about themselves, clearly action needed to be taken.

*strikes noble, self-sacrificing pose*

In this fandom we are really good at noticing and pointing out all the positive attributes of our boys. So why not apply those time-tested and (at this point) well-honed skillz to our fellow fans? Who wouldn't love being fangirled now and again - particularly if it's sincere?

So, with no further ado and with her permission, I raided her photo gallery and now present the following unabashedly lecherous picspam of the individual in question (below a cut, in case you don't really want to witness me being lecherous) cuz she is HAWT and deserves to know that.

Forget Jared and Jensen. WOWZA. )