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*taps mic* Testing, testing, 1 2 this thing on? Just trying out my inaugural Dreamwidth post, and hoping it cross-posts back to LiveJournal effectively? I've been meaning to switch over since the April transfail incident - which actually bothered me much more than their various preivous and subsequent privacy-related failings - but I'm not very organized. Sorry it hasn't happened sooner! If you're on DW, please (a) let me know who you are so I can stalk you access your posts there and (b) please add me, since I really don't want to have to switch back and forth between my DW account and OpenID just to read stuff.

And if you're used to reading here in LJ and want to keep it that way, that's totally fine too: I'll be cross-posting and leaving commenting open. LJ just won't be getting more of my money when my current paid account expires.

SO. *dusts off hands* With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, how are y'all doing? I hope the fall has been treating you well? I can't quite believe it's been a month since I last posted, but that's life for ya. Fortunately I've just had a week of vacation (originally supposed to be a road trip to Chicago with [profile] neequdrazil to see [identity profile] and culminating in WinCon, but as it worked out I have been spending my vacation at home. This turned out to be a good thing as it's enabled me to at least start unpacking All The Things from storage and trying desperately to catch up on several dozen half-completed projects I'm terribly behind on - including posting! And, even while the reno isn't quiiite done (come on, kitchen pantry!!! it's been THREE EFFING MONTHS!!!) as I'd desperately hoped by now, it's close enough that I'm treating this as Screw It, I'm Declaring The Reno "Basically Done And Moving On With My Life", With Bonus "Projects" To Finish Up. I'd hoped to finish touching up the bathroom paint this weekend, but it was that or posting, and frankly, much as I want it done, I'd rather talk with all of you and tackle painting next weekend. *gathers you all up in a giant hug*

Anyway. I also have about a GAZILLION photos I'm dying to share with y'all, not in the least because I had promised shing_ ages ago that I would post about Fan Expo.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Fan Expo a.k.a. fannish stuff and famous people )

Purple Hills 2010 Southern Ontario,Fall,Autumn,Creemore,Purple Hills,Dufferin County Southern Ontario,Fall,Autumn,Creemore,Purple Hills,Dufferin County Southern Ontario,Fall,Autumn,Creemore,Purple Hills,Dufferin County
parental visit a.k.a. pretty fall picture slideshow )

pics from a few projects )

Thanksgiving and vacation )

And boy, if you made it through all that, you get a cookie!
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Whee, holiday! *runs around high-fiving everyone*

You know, a year ago this weekend I was fresh off my first fortnight of Bugpocalypse. Everything I owned was either in storage or in plastic bags, my place was practically unlivable in part thanks to the ten tons of Raid I had sprayed everywhere so my cat and i had retreated ("strategically relocated") to my parents' place, and I was staring down the barrel of an infestation with no end in sight. Now, a year later, I'm sitting on my new couch in front of my wonderful, beloved television in my freshly so-close-to-done-I-can-feel-it renovated condo, slowly moving things back in and looking forward to a fall of courses to learn ALL THE THINGS (sewing! woodworking! printmaking! BOO-YEAH!) and continue to whittle down my belongings to a more manageable number.

I can't remember if I've announced this yet here, though I know I've been talking about it in person: my plan is to have my solarium completely emptied by Christmas so I can try and get a roommate. Then, by saving the extra cash, I'll have enough to afford to take a year off in two years time. My plan is to ask for a year off six months out, and if I can't return to my job so be it: I'll quit. *deep breath* So that's the PLAN; we'll have to see how it actually plays out over time. Life does have this pesky habit of changing.

So, what's been up with me lately?
  • I've been continuing to love the hell out of the BBC Sherlock, and spend spare moments happily rolling around in all the fantastically well-written fic which its fandom is constantly producing. The awesome [ profile] caffienekitty has initiated a series of "reccing Sundays" henceforth going on weekly at [ profile] sherlockbbc for anyone just wanting to get straight to the best of the best.
  • Had a lovely if INSANELY busy week when [ profile] eboniorchid was in town - among other things because I had, like, three different birthday dinners with different folks. <3 (Torontonian note: Dhaba is as drool-worthy a restaurant as ever and remains by favourite Indian food in town, but I also highly recommend Enoteca Sociale for fans of Italian. Crazy rich, but sooooo good!) And that weekend - last weekend - was FanExpo: more about that later!
  • I've mainlined the first season of Merlin, and will concede I can see why people like it. (Though I more want to pinch the boys' cheeks/noogie their heads than slash them. They're just so earnest and adorable! *g*)
  • This past week I've finally taken the first of a few sewing classes at The Workroom to make better use of the sewing machine [ profile] themoderatrix so kindly gifted me with many years ago. I'm quite excited, actually: I don't like wanting to do things but not knowing HOW, so I'm really looking forward to tackling a few in-house projects. *rubs hands gleefully*

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
In other news, I realized I'd carefully uploaded all these pictures a few weeks ago of my June and July and never posted them. So, with no further ado, have a general picspam of June/July )


Aug. 23rd, 2010 07:05 am
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Have I told y'all lately how awesome you are? No? You are all AWESOME. <3

I jsut got back from a fantastic weekend up north with my brother, his wife, and my two little nephews. It was a soggy weekend, which was a shame since they live up in Ontario "cottage country" where so many of the best activities involve the outdoors, but we managed to have a thoroughly enjoyable time nonetheless. For my birthday on Saturday, my sis-in-law baked an OMFG SO TASTY cake, my bro cooked up a lobster dinner (I looove lobster!) and the nephews were as delightful as it's possible for a six-month-old and a two-year-old to be - which is pretty darn delightful, I have to say. I am still grinning.

In other news, last week I succumbed to curiosity after hearing so many people on my flist rhapsodizing about the new BBC Sherlock, and WOW was I not disappointed. I've never been much of a Sherlock Holmes fan, but THIS. The compelling acting, the witty dialogue, the perfect pacing... *shining eyes* If anyone has some fic recs, please point me towards them! I'm not sure I can bear to wait however long it will take them to make a second series!

This week will be a busy one - [ profile] eboniorchid is in town (YAAAY!) and FanExpo is this weekend. But I am hoping to have a bit of time this evening before heading out to anime watching to catch up with y'all on LJ. Looking forward to it! :D


Aug. 10th, 2010 05:29 am
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I can't quite believe it's mid-August already. The last few weeks have been almost surreal, I've been so focused on getting the rest of my painting done to avoid living in chaos for weeks and weeks as I did in May. After my last post at the tail end of my first week of vacation, I disappeared into a truly frenetic week of bedroom, kitchen and front hall painting. (I'd planned to do the bathroom again with a colour I liked more, but screw it. :P) And by "truly frenetic" I mean "about three hours of sleep a night for a week" - I was so desperate just to GET THIS SHIT DONE. I WANT MY LIFE BACK, DAMMIT. Anyway, the lack of sleep in particular made last week at work veeery interesting, and by "interesting" I mean "shoot me now," but I'm pleased to report I'm feeling much better now. And as of this weekend I was finally, FINALLY able to start reassembling my kitchen and front hall closet and bedroom. So now, within a week of my bed bug nightmare "anniversary", I can finally start moving my belongings back in. HALLE-FUCKIN'-LUJAH!

I'm not done done, don't get me wrong - I've got a bunch of trim I'm actually quite looking forward to doing, and the contractors still need to do the kitchen backspash and when the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are done install those, but the worst of the majorly-interrupting stuff is over. And hopefully this means I can get back to other things, like, y'know, checking LJ. :P Oh, and playing with my new PS3. Did I mention that? Heh. :D It's part birthday present, part thanks from my parents for spending several days doing a lot of "tech support" for them (which was sweet of them, if unnecessary). Anyway, this means I can now play my beloved Flower whenever I like, and I've finally had a chance to see what my TV looks like with the Blu-Ray HD it was designed for. OMG. Seriously, Zil and I kept going, "Oooh, look at that [neat background detail]. I never noticed that before!"

...right, I should probably get some vague semblance of sleep tonight, eh? Okay, okay, back to bed for me. Just missed you all, and wanted to pop in and say hi, I'm thinking of you! *blows kisses*
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Goodness, it has been a little while since I last posted, hasn't it? My life these days fluctuates between wanting to be outside as much as possible, and being inside in a tizzy about the state of my so-much-work-to-do home. This has not been particularly conducive to peace of mind, let alone posting!

But at the moment I am quietly ensconced up at my parents' place in the country, where there are far fewer projects screaming for my attention. (Particularly at quarter to five in the morning, heh.)

It's been a frustrating month, and rarely have I wanted to be free of a 40 hour work week as I have these last few weeks. It's ironic since we've got a new manager on staff who shows great promise in steering our company towards a brighter future, and it's not that I don't want to be there. I just don't want to be at ANY full-time job these days. I am desperate for travel, longing equally to have another grand adventure abroad and to travel about North American visiting my various rather awesome relatives. But I'm trying to be all adult and shit by staying home for this vacation (a) to save money for a longer trip down the road (SO HELP ME GUYS A YEAR OFF WITH A SIX-MONTH TRIP IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS, EVEN IF I HAVE TO QUIT MY JOB TO GET IT - YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST) and (b) because I know any trip I take these days I would just spend stressing about the state of my home.

Don't get me wrong, my home looks okay and is perfectly livable these days, but there is still a bunch of painting (kitchen, bedroom, front closet, bathroom redo) on top of the never-ending Project Move Crap Back In Post-Bugpocalypse And Go Through It, Tossing At Least One-Third of Everything Since You Have Waaaay Too Much Stuff, Missy - all of which constantly weighs on my mind. The tossing part is actually kinda fun, since it generally involves trying to find new homes for things, which this week has involved a new immigrant couple getting my old table and chairs, a woman with five cats taking my old foam sofa, and a husband rediscovering his lovely for aquariums getting this monster hose siphon-cleaning thing. Talking to people and learning their stories definitely makes it easier to part with things! The problem has been finding the time to do it.

So that's how I've been spending week one of my vacation so far - along with this rather nice break with my parents. Now please excuse me as I toddle off to bed so as to fortify myself for next week's Painting Part II: The Repaintenating. WISH ME LUCK. :P
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So it's Pride weekend here (yay!) and I'm wandering around just in my undies muttering, "What should I WEAR?" My houseguest commented, "It's Pride; you're all set!"

I love Pride. :D
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For the curious and those far away, I thought I might as well share my pictures of Toronto yesterday as I went about my business (I'm still annoyed it conflicted with me participating in the protest - but given the subsequent indiscriminate arrests, maybe that was a good thing): downtown wasn't all as violent and dramatic as it looked on TV!

G20 G20 G20 pics )
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Hi all! Now that my life has calmed down a tad (for certain values of "tad") I wanted to finally post!

Firstly, an OMG YOU MUST READ link that has been cracking my shit up for daaays now. It is so me, and so true, it's SCARY, but also pants-wettingly funny: This is why I'll never be an adult.

Seriously, if you want to understand, like, half my life, go read it now. Even if you don't want to, it's still hilarious.

I'm sure you'll all be surprised to hear I've been doing many things of late - I know! shocking! - including:

This past weekend: cooking happy, fresh Ontario produce on Saturday (asparagus! strawberries! wheee!) and pigging out at the various Luminato* food stands on Sunday.
*Toronto art festival which also has REALLY GOOD FOOD OMG.

Fiiinally seeing the Supernatural finale last week, and may I say, flist, that y'all have been SO AWESOME about keeping things behind cuts - seriously - that I was completely unspoiled? You guys are terrific, and I really appreciate it. :)

The weekend before: baby-sitting my 4-month old nephew, which went well for the first few hours but nooot so smoothly for the later hours (with an interim of mom returning to feed him in the middle). My brother came home to me immobile on the couch, terrified to wake the finally-quiet baby in my arms who had at last fallen asleep an hour before. Heh.

The weekend before that: enjoying a wonderful visit with [ profile] eboniorchid *happy sigh* and my beloved annual dip into the World Wide Short Film Festival.

Favourite films this year included:
  • Fard, a French animated film which I loved both for its simple but effective visual design (the light play in the opening scene alone won me over) as well as the fascinating premise and execution. Brilliant. You can see the whole film here.
  • Pumzi, an African sci-fi short film about life after "the Water Wars".
  • Trolls, a hysterical look at a couple of kids who have totally figured out all this sex stuff. Totally. (Favourite exchange: older kid says, "...girls have front bottoms." The younger girl retorts, "It's called a vagina, dummy!")
  • Bye Bye C'est Fini is an awesome look at the very active love life of 73-year-old Brazilian Lina. Senior love life power!
  • Schitzofredic wins a mention for the fun conceit of the character ending up stuck in the black horizontal mattes of the letterbox format, watching his life go on in the film underneath him. (Link is to a three-minute clip with him crawling around the top in the last 30 seconds or so.) Likewise, The Great Escape features a plucky animated sun-and-cloud weather icon who decides to escape the confines of the television.

BUT MY VERY FAVOURITEST were two films tha weren't actually new at all:
  • One I first saw years ago, and revelled in the ghastly hilarity of it. But I forgot the name and have been looking for it ever since. You can now see the entire animated film online in all its macabre brilliance: Fallen Art.
  • I still have no idea how I missed the other once, since apparently it was nominated for a freakin' Oscar back in 2002. It's a 6 minute CGI animated piece that features a gigantic partially organic art-nouveau-in-Gothic-proportions cathedral with treelike colums. Trees! Cathedrals! Animation! And jaw-droppingly stunning art direction! Sadly this YouTube vid doesn't do it justice (it's backwards, for one thing), but it at least gives you the idea.
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You know, last week just pretty much sucked and I'm bloody sick of renovation blather, so let me tell you about what I *am* excited about right now: the miniature bookbinding course I took this past weekend! :D

I know that some people have been interested in the past about how this whole bookbinding thing works, so I've taken the time to put together a little picspam explanation of what, exactly, has gone into these babies.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

lots more )
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Yaaay, I'm home! And not puking anymore! \o/

This has not been the best week ever. Don't get me wrong, the food has been FANTASTIC as the food always is in The Big Apple, and I quite enjoy our trade show since it's such a nice chance to actually see our customers face-to-face. The guy in the booth across from us said with wonder in his voice, "Wow, I've never seen so many people hug at a trade show before!" (We have some very sweet and loyal customers. It's one of the many reasons I actually stick with my not-terribly-remunerative job.)

HOWEVER. The hotel room kind of sucked. Aside from the night we came back and it smelled like someone had been smoking in there (not. cool.), I got bitten by - you guessed it - bed bugs. I laughed rather than cried since at least this year I know what to do and have all the gear to heat-treat my luggage as soon as I got home, so it was annoying but hardly world-ending. And I'd had the wherewithall to bring a couple of giant suitcase-enclosing industrial bags to boot, so I'd already been keeping my bag isolated in it just in case. Sometimes, it seems, paranoia pays off!

So got home on the bus yesterday morning...and my body promptly said FUCK YOU such that I spent the whole day curled up on the couch or on my knees in front of the toilet. Yeeeah. No, I don't know what happened either. I think it was just my body getting back at me for weeks of treating it like shit. Which I had coming, so fair enough. I'm just glad I'm feeling better today!

Also, my TV ARRIVED OMG but it's too big for me to lift out of the box on my own (yeah, I hear you snickering out there!) so I'll have to wait until I can snag a neighbour or [ profile] neeuqdrazil shows up tonight.

So that's where I stand. I still haven't seen the SPN finale - and remain unspoiled because y'all have been so good about cutting for spoilers, which I really appreciate - and am really looking forward to the LOST finale on Sunday too. And a holiday Monday, wheee! :D Life is good.
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Back now – yay newspaper! I always feel so adult when I read a Globe and Mail: it's what my parents read.

Anyway. Not the funnest week ever what with the pressure of getting ready for a trade show at work, and my home still in the deepest depths of reno chaos – particularly given last night's leak to cap it all off – but all things considered it went pretty smoothly! And I even had a chance to watch this week's episode of Glee. )

I've been carefully staying spoiler-free for last week's ep and this week's finale of Supernatural. I'm gonna watch it with some folks when I get back and get organized, dammit. OH! And we can do it on my NEW TEEVEE OMG. *flails excitedly* You guys, I have wanted a big screen TV for so many years, and I finally bit the bullet and bought a FORTY INCHER. (A Samsung LCD for the curious. I'd love an LED, but not at their current prices.) I AM SO EXCITED OMG. It's coming on Thursday, the day I get back.

Okay, flight's leaving soon, gotta go. I'll probably be offline for several days, unless I can score some free internet somewhere. I have a list of places, but I don't really have much time to explore and find 'em. Damn business trips. Ah well: at least the food will be awesome! :D

Talk to y'all on Thursday!
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I am currently eating free tasty cookies for breakfast with a free (and actually pretty decent) decaf latte, enjoying free wireless and shortly will be reading a free Globe and Mail. God I love Porter airlines. Though they have a new terminal – it's all big and official! Aw, Porter's one of the big kids now.

Goodness, there aren't a lot of people here at 7:20 AM. Yeah, self, GO FIGURE. Most people have the good sense not to travel at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning. Of course, most people also don't have bosses that insist they do so, I imagine. At least it's only once a year? And, you know. NEW YORK. *hearts in eyes*

Mind you, I rarely sleep more than a couple of hours the night before a trip anyway, so in a way I don't mind getting the “OMG CAN'T SLEEP MIGHT MISS FLIGHT” part of the day over with. Last night was particularly bad, since I came home to a leak in my living room ceiling. Yeeeah. But the such-good-news-I-actually-laughed is that since everything is still covered in plastic anyway, there was absolutely no damage! Well, aside from the missing plaster on the ceiling. :P But my furniture and carpet are just fine!

Oooo, newspapers are out! BRB.
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No, really. NO, REALLY:
Yeah. And that was only after the first hour. Did you know that when you get spackle dust wet again, it turns back into paste? Not so much fun IN YOUR HAIR. :P

Truly, it was a weekend of epic spackle. My upstairs neighbour had kindly done the honours last weekend putting lots on to cover the incredibly bumpy wall in the corner of my living room (and I had completely forgotten that wall was one of the reasons I'd chosen a ragged paint effect so many years ago) and so I spent most of this weekend trying to sand it smooth again. SO MUCH SPACKLE DUST OMG. Here it is, up to my first freakin' knuckle: Photobucket And here is why, much as I wish I could, I won't be hosting a Supernatural finale this Thursday:Photobucket On the other hand, that new wall colour turned out pretty well, eh? It should be quite lovely when I'm finally done.

So yeah, I'm sad I can't host a Supernatural finale get-together. Frankly, given all that's going on here AND all the prep going into our big annual trade show in New York that starts this weekend, I'm not sure I'm going to have a chance to see it at all. And in fact I've changed my plans to stay an extra few days so I can come back home and wrestle with my place some more. I may have failed in this regard nine years ago when I first bought my place, but as god is my witness, this time around THE TRIM WILL BE PAINTED. *strikes determined pose*

Anyway. If anyone is up for a re-watch of the finale in a couple of weeks, I'd be up for that. Or if folks would rather just wait for the season premiere in the fall, that's okay too.
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You guys, I survived the week! \o/

*happy sigh* I'm safely and serenely ensconced in a comfy hotel room up in Huntsville with my parents dozing away at the far end of the room. Tomorrow I get to see my brother's family, and Sunday is my eldest nephew's second birthday. I can't wait.

I have SO MUCH to talk about! So I figure I'll just tackle a topic or two this post, and then do another tomorrow, etc. But first things first: y'all were tremendously pivotal in helping make my final grout colour decision, so let's do that reveal, shall we?

It was really interesting watching the poll results come in: the first 12 hours had medium grey as the clear leader, but within a day medium and light were head-and-head. Once I realized that products exist to effectly stain grout lighter or darker, I decided to start light and go darker later on if I needed to. I was quite astonished in the end at how light the grout ended up: it looks white! Still, it turned out to be a great decision, since the resulting look really pops and is just FANTASTIC.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Lotsa pictures of the results and the new carpet )

ANYWAY. It is now stupid o'clock, so I'm going to stop blathering and post this bad boy. More later, I hope. Next up: neat workshops and cherry blossoms!
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I promise to post in more detail this weekend but I have to survive this week first!

Suffice to say the final tile and grouting looks FANTASTIC and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the input and photos are coming, I promise, but I must get through the Recarpeting Of Doom (a.k.a. Of My Whole Condo) this Thursday first and then I arranged to take this Friday off so I could finally sleep and, y'know, breathe and stuff so hopefully I'll have a lot more time then to talk about my newfound love for GLEE and movies wot I have seen lately and SPN and the not one but two really neat workshops I have taken in the last week (in my spare time HAHAHA) before I head up north for the weekend for my eldest nephew's birthday and then all next week will be prep for the PAINTING PARTY I can finally schedule LOCAL FOLKS HINT HINT the following weekend since I fiiiinally have a date for the carpet to come in so I can get that out of the way before work ramps up too much towards our big annual trade show and did I mention that the kitchen cabinet doors are supposed to happen somewhere in there too?

*tries to catch breath*

So. Uh. Never done a painting party before, but for any locals who like painting and have a bit of spare time the weekend of May 1-2nd...? Any and all help is appreciated! Food and drink (well, non-alcoholic) will be provided, and my small adorable allergen will NOT be in attendance. My preference is for Saturday morning or afternoon, but I will happily accept folks whenever. Just please let me know in advance so I can make sure I have a roller for you and make the best use of your valuable time.

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*happy sigh* So I'm sitting at home with my adorable kitty curled up next to me, after a lovely Thursday evening and Friday morning with [ profile] neeuqdrazil, followed by a delightfully indolent afternoon. Much of this evening has been spent writing this post...

Supernatural thoughts (spoilers through 5.16; pure speculation beyond) )

In other fandom news, I've signed up for Wincon! I never thought I would, but it's being held in Chicago this year, which just happens to be where [ profile] eboniorchid lives. So [ profile] neeuqdrazil and I are going to take a road trip down there after our annual Ottawa visit! :D :D :D

In other news, my renovations are finally (!!!!!!!!!) due to start this Tuesday. FINALLY. I'll believe it when I see it. Below the cut are some details and larger pictures - including a request for assistance from all of you and a POLL )

In other random news, this game wins for sheer title-ness: I Was Hungry But There Were Cannons.
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Patience, as anyone who knows me will tell you, is NOT one of my fortés. I have been called many things in my life (some even nice! ;)) but "patient" will not ever, I suspect, be on the list.

I'm not really one to ascribe Greater Purposes to events, but if they exist? This year would be my Year of Being Schooled Patience. Whether I like it or not.

The evidence since last August )

So. Hardly the end of the world or anything, but it all collectively means (a) I'm still living out of boxes and bags, as I have since last August (though at least I'm at home while doing it!) and (b) there's this constant background level of stress.

But life marches on. I've brought my Palm Pilot and camera back into play while I wait for the iPhone, am keeping up with the running while I wait for the weightlifting stuff, and just continue going about my life as I wait for the renovations to start.

Other random tidbits:

After over a year of watching with my upstairs neighbours, we just finished watching all five seasons of The Wire last night. It really is the single most remarkable television program I've ever seen, which places it even above Babylon 5 in my estimation - high praise indeed.

I bought one of those scanner pens! I have wanted one for over a decade! I'm always reading books where I want to tag a sentence or two a page, but can't be arsed to actually type it all in. After this post I am going to install it and see if it works LIKE IN MY DREAMS. XD

If you like Venn diagrams as much as I do, you may be amused by this one of the difference between geeks, dorks and nerds.

Finally, pimpage for a friend: if you like online word games, there's a new word game portal where the games are curated to make sure they don't, y'know, suck. It looks good to me; check it out for yourself!
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EURG. I had an awful dream last night, in which [ profile] eboniorchid and [ profile] neeuqdrazil and I were getting married (in a non-exclusive kind of way) - wait, that's not the awful part - and I wandered out while the festivities were still ramping up. The next thing I knew I was wandering around the park several hours later and I'd MISSED MY OWN DAMN WEDDING. And I spent the next several dream-hours feeling terribly badly and wondering how I would make it up to them and everyone who had travelled to share the ceremony. But then some aliens starting lighting portions of the city on fire, so of course the wedding took a backburner (haha) to fighting off the aliens. With the Autobots. Who had wings.

What particularly amuses me is that the whole epic battle thing is pretty average for one of my dreams. Now the wedding, THAT was the weird part! Where did that come from? I'M SO SORRY ZIL. APPARENTLY I NEED TO CALL OFF OUR WEDDING. MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS TELLING ME SO. (??!?)

In other news, I went to my fitness assessment on Thursday as a precursor to starting my weight training. And it went so well!!!! )

On an unrelated note, here are two gratuitous photos from the past couple of days: the first an ad which I'm finding unaccountably amusing (I think my ad humour resistance has been weakened courtesy of Old Spice and Isaiah Mustafa, damn them), and the second a giant inflatable colon travelling around to raise colon health and screening awareness. No, really.
go now, i am thinking inflatable colon
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Heh. As I write this, there are many honking and cheering revelers out on the streets below. Most people I know haven't been following the Olympics if they can possibly avoid it - which, for my fellow Canucks at least, has been pretty darn tough the last couple of weeks - so out of deference to them I will cut my blather about it. )

Also? The war of the pants will never not be funny. Oh, Norwegians. Never change.

Anyway. As I just said on Facebook, while enjoying the partying revelers outside, on a serious note I'm astonished and relieved at how minimal the loss and damage from the Chile quake was - even with all the deaths and displacements. Most people don't realize the Richter scale is exponential, and just how much MORE horrific the consequences of an 8.8 quake could have been. (For comparison, the one that hit Haiti was 7.0, so this was over TEN TIMES stronger.) Thank heavens for strict building codes!

Finally, I had promised various people a few different links. Firstly, we have the sheer awesomeness of Pavlov's Dogs Handbell ensemble, a collection of local women - most of whom used to be members of the youth group I helped out with, making any performances they make IN the burlesque shows that they frequently perform at A LITTLE AWKWARD FOR ME AAAUGH - who play covers of music with handbells. Yes, handbells. Several octaves of handbells, in fact, and these gals are darn good at playing them. Here they are with the opening strains of Queen's "Somebody to Love" (I love they way people start singing along as they recognize it) and OMG MY FAVOURITE the Imperial March from Star Wars.


And on a vaguely-related (music?) note, I thought y'all might be as delighted/amused as I to learn that I have stumbled across BAD PORN MUSIC GEEKERY. I can't even remember what I was surfing anymore when I stumbled across this *shifty eyes* but this is a fascinating look at 70s vs 80s porn music, complete with audio clips and such quotable gems as this:

80's porn music reeks of repetition, stupidity, loneliness, unoriginality, and unrelenting sadness -- and that's a great thing. 80's soundtracks actually speak to the visceral experience of masturbation itself: it's like the dull, throbbing death-beat of your heart in your head as you forsake real life and real partners for yet another unhealthy, scared wank.

The guy clearly has some issues, but it doesn't make me any less delighted that I live in a world where some people can get all enthusiastic talking about TERRIBLE PORN MUSIC. Sometimes my glee about the internet in particular and the world in general just has no bounds.
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Hey all! Firstly the good news: I'm an aunt again! :D :D :D With all kudos to my sister in law: dude, my new nephew was ten pounds five ounces at birth. OW. *winces in sympathy* But apparently they're all doing well, and I can't wait to go up and visit them this weekend!

And the bad news: I bricked* my beloved iPhone. *sob* It was jailbroken (i.e. hacked so it wasn't tied to a specific contract provider) when I got it second hand, so I never gave it much thought...until I absentmindedly installed a firmware upgrade. Now it's waiting patiently for a SIM card from Rogers that's never going to come.
ETA: *to brick = to render electronics unusable, except as a brick. A very, very expensive brick.

And that sucks because - good news? sorta now bad news? - I had discovered the secret to actually wanting to go running: watching TV while I did so! :D Nothing takes the boredom out of running like watching Lost or White Collar on my iPhone. Now I will be...well, probably balancing my laptop on the treadmill control panel. I'm so glad THAT'S not dorky at all. *rolls eyes*

Oh god you guys. I just want my iPhone back. :(

On the brighter side, I have been running in my building gym regularly enough that I've given myself permission to move to Stage Two of my Master Plan for Health Awesomeness: sign up for a weight-training course. It's been yeeears since I last did weight training, and I am psyched as hell to be getting back into it again! Nothing feels quite as butch and kickass as pumping iron. :D AND it's good for me! Win-win!

The meh: the renovations. [ profile] shing_, I am SO JEALOUS of how fast your renovations happened. My tiles are sitting around gathering dust at the moment. *sigh* I like my contractor, but so help me I kinda want to lock him in my place and tell him he can't come out until I have a new bathroom - let alone the kitchen. I'm trying to be patient, but patience is not really my strong suit. At all. *also waits in desperation for hacking wizards to break the latest iPhone upgrade* But SO HELP ME, even if I have to wait another six months and I haven't completely lost it by then, THIS RENOVATION IS HAPPENING. DAMMIT. I can be damn tenacious when I choose.

Oh, and for people wondering why I'm exercising and fearing this is some misguided attempt to lose weight? Reply cut because I know the entire subject is triggery for many folks, but the short answer is no. )


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