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Birthdate:Aug 21
Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
I started this LiveJournal purely to keep in touch with some very cool folk who were members of a youth group I helped out with years ago. (Gak, they're university graduates now and everything - I feel so old...) There are also quite a few real-life friends who aren't LJ users who tune in now and again, which is why I don't friends-lock posts. More recently, I've met the Good Folk of the Supernatural fandom, as my growing friends-list will attest.

This blog has been my attempt to keep real life friends I don't see often apprised of my goings-on. It's also a chance to peek into my brain as I muse about this, that, and the other, or pass along interesting/ funny tidbits I stumble across. I've been trying (and largely failing :) ) to keep the Supernatural stuff in my entries down to at least a dull roar, since I assume most of my Dear Readers frankly aren't interested in a show they don't watch. I respond well to feedback, though, so if you want to hear more about anything in my life - Supernatural or otherwise - just let me know.

P.S. As of August 2007, I've also created a new adult opt-in "TMI gutter!filter".

Whew. In brief? Um...thirtysomething, queer (bi), unabashedly geeky, ridiculously open-minded, agnostic with strong Neo-Pagan leanings, fascinated by an insane array of subjects (the LJ interests list doesn't begin to cover it). Friends, family and community are incredibly important to me. I laugh hard, love intensely, and wear my heart on my sleeve.

Want to know more? This intro post and random things meme are good - and amusing - ways to get to know me a bit better.

The more the merrier! Friend away - and please feel free to introduce yourself. Don't want to friend, or need to de-friend? That's fine too. Comments thrill me to bits, so if you really want to make my day, drop me a line.

My one request? If you know me in real life, please don't use my real name in comments or posts - though you can call me Den or Dendrite if you want.

I'm generally crazy busy, so frequently I won't have a chance to update or read for days, and then will update/comment on a bunch of entries at once. So no, I'm not ignoring or stalking, it's just the way my life works. Sorry!

The subtitle "You dream in the green of your time" is a line from Gwendolyn MacEwen's gorgeous poem Dark Pines Under Water.
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