Feb. 24th, 2010

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Hey all! Firstly the good news: I'm an aunt again! :D :D :D With all kudos to my sister in law: dude, my new nephew was ten pounds five ounces at birth. OW. *winces in sympathy* But apparently they're all doing well, and I can't wait to go up and visit them this weekend!

And the bad news: I bricked* my beloved iPhone. *sob* It was jailbroken (i.e. hacked so it wasn't tied to a specific contract provider) when I got it second hand, so I never gave it much thought...until I absentmindedly installed a firmware upgrade. Now it's waiting patiently for a SIM card from Rogers that's never going to come.
ETA: *to brick = to render electronics unusable, except as a brick. A very, very expensive brick.

And that sucks because - good news? sorta now bad news? - I had discovered the secret to actually wanting to go running: watching TV while I did so! :D Nothing takes the boredom out of running like watching Lost or White Collar on my iPhone. Now I will be...well, probably balancing my laptop on the treadmill control panel. I'm so glad THAT'S not dorky at all. *rolls eyes*

Oh god you guys. I just want my iPhone back. :(

On the brighter side, I have been running in my building gym regularly enough that I've given myself permission to move to Stage Two of my Master Plan for Health Awesomeness: sign up for a weight-training course. It's been yeeears since I last did weight training, and I am psyched as hell to be getting back into it again! Nothing feels quite as butch and kickass as pumping iron. :D AND it's good for me! Win-win!

The meh: the renovations. [livejournal.com profile] shing_, I am SO JEALOUS of how fast your renovations happened. My tiles are sitting around gathering dust at the moment. *sigh* I like my contractor, but so help me I kinda want to lock him in my place and tell him he can't come out until I have a new bathroom - let alone the kitchen. I'm trying to be patient, but patience is not really my strong suit. At all. *also waits in desperation for hacking wizards to break the latest iPhone upgrade* But SO HELP ME, even if I have to wait another six months and I haven't completely lost it by then, THIS RENOVATION IS HAPPENING. DAMMIT. I can be damn tenacious when I choose.

Oh, and for people wondering why I'm exercising and fearing this is some misguided attempt to lose weight? Reply cut because I know the entire subject is triggery for many folks, but the short answer is no. )


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