Jan. 4th, 2010

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So hi thar, O wonderful flist friends who have so kindly not given up on me! While I've done my best to at least read other people's entries and comment every so often, I'm sure you'll be SHOCKED to hear that one of my New Year resolutions is to not suck quite so badly at posting. *rueful grin*

I hope y'all are well and survived the holidays? I worked most of last week and aside from that have been up visiting my parents, which was lovely but the internet access is shitty spotty. The last few days have been excitement galore as I'm finally home and able to OMG FUCKIN' CLEEEEAN AND TIDY to my satisfaction for the first time since...well, since the Bugpocalypse, basically. Those of you who know me will know that I'm not a terribly tidy person or anything at the best of time, but things JUST REACHED A POINT. *twitches* Anyway. Aaaaall better now. :D

Updates! Look, I could blather on for ages, but in the interest of actually POSTING this before 3010 I'll keep this brief:

I'm unwilling to jinx it by saying anything directly but let's just say "so far so good" on the Bugpocalypse count. *keeps all fingers and toes crossed*

I'm still (!!! *sobs*) trying to find a contractor for renovations. Those of you with long memories may recall that one of the few upsides of the Bugpocalypse was that I finally got enough crap out of here to make it worthwhile getting some work done - previously I've been overwhelmed at the prospect of moving just my books, let alone everything else. :P But due to various circumstances including cost and availability, I'm still trying to line someone up - which unfortunately means the soonest I can get any work done is probably late February or early March, missing the tax rebate (link for the non-Canucks). But the search continues. This will HAPPEN, dammit!!!

I got an iPhone!!!!1!111!!!!! THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH EXCLAMATION MARKS IN THE WORLD. 3G, 16GB, only a week old when I bought it. Long story that involved Craigslist and a clandestine-feeling handover of cash in a Vaughn coffee shop... anyway, amusingly enough I'm basically using it as a glorified iTouch (I reeeally wanted that camera and mic that only comes with the phone). I refuse to pay $600-$1200 A YEAR when I'm perfectly happy with wi-fi so widely available and my cheapo $100-a-year phone plan. GUYS. THIS THING IS SO. MUCH. FUN.

I mean, uh. I totally bought it for the productivity apps. The very first thing I did totally wasn't to download the zippo lighter and lightsaber apps. *shifty eyes* Seriously though, aside from the apps I am loving the hell out of carrying around ONE device instead of a Palm Pilot (yes, I was still using one, stop snickering) AND an iPod AND a camera.

Since last I posted I have continued to love the hell out of this season of Supernatural, was introduced to White Collar (OMG SO MUCH LOVE), and caught Fantastic Mr. Fox (...honestly I can't really decide how I felt about it...), Avatar (so torn between LOVE for the visual effects - yes, I am an FX hoor - and the anthropologist in me running SCREEEEMING at everything else), Where the Wild Things Are (incredibly powerful, I was really moved)...I feel like I'm forgetting something else? Anyway. I can blather on at length about any of these, so if you really want my thoughts on them feel free to ask in the comments.

No, I haven't started watching Glee yet. It's on my list. But it's a long list.

Finally, this month is all about Lost. Yes, the series. I've decided to finally check out what my upstairs neighbours (and much of the world, it seems) is so excited about so am mainlining the first 5 seasons before the 6th season premiere in February. Hey, I've only got 70 episodes left! *g* And OH LOOK I CAN WATCH THEM ON MY IPHONE ON THE WAY TO WORK. I AM GOING TO DIE OF HAPPINESS.



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