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First things first: to everyone who asked for a postcard: they are in the mail (or will be today, according to the nice concierge). BUT. Due to the horrific weather on Saturday when I was trying to get them done, my postcard options were seriously curtailed to "anything in the hotel or casino" since we didn't have to go outside to get there. Very disappointingly, neither had much in the way of tacky postcards. So I did my best, but there were no beach bums or monkeys with sunglasses or such. *sigh*

But yes! [ profile] neeuqdrazil's and my Weekend Away!

As previously mentioned, the weather sucked ass for Friday night and all through Saturday as a snowstorm raged outside, but we managed to have a perfectly lovely time between exploring the hotel and attached casino, partaking of the jacuzzi, availing ourselves of the pool (and water slide \o/), TV, King-sized bed (what? I napped several times!), a buffet breakfast and swanky (if horrifically overpriced) dinner at the top floor restaurant with a view, and our evening "entertainment" courtesy of March Break: free movie night ("with free pop and popcorn!") featuring The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. *snicker*

I randomly woke up early on Sunday morning to discover the storm had completely cleared up, and we now had a gorgeous view. We actually got to SEE the falls while eating breakfast that morning. After checking out we headed to the Bird Kingdom aviary, which was incredible not only for its birds but it turned out they had a wonderful reptile and bat exhibit. We even got to hold and pet a couple of fruit bats! *squeals happily*

Almost as an afterthought we made a requisite quick pilgrimage to the falls, and then got our sorry asses back to the bus and headed home. The End. :D

What's that, Lassie? You'd like to see some photos? Sure! )


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