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But first: dude, there are tornado warnings? O_o This is one helluva thunderstorm. Of course, my other thought is AHAHA I WISH I'D REMEMBERED TO SHUT MY WINDOWS AT HOME AHAHAHA. Honestly, there's only so much freaking out about my place I can do in one week. :P After a while all you can do is laaaaaaugh.

Fun fact: did you know I own 134.6 pounds of machine-washable and dryable fabrics? And that makes about six full garbage bags? The things you learn! All are at a specialty cleaner at the moment. Where they treat. Y'know. BED BUGS. *twitches*

It's been a loong few days, y'all. And I can't tell you how much I appreciated the comments. Seriously. I haven't had time to respond to them individually, as I've been spending most every waking second since last Friday...well. When they call this a nightmare they're really not exaggerating.

Long story short: extermator dude came in on Friday after I'd spent basically 30 straight hours preparing for him only to be told I hadn't prepared ENOUGH. No no, my friends. I have to move ALL MY CRAP OUT OF MY HOME. Down to the major pieces of furniture and BARE SHELVES. Sadly I do not have immediate access to photos of my place, but anyone who has seen my fifteen thousand metric tons of books and paper and crap REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF YO can appreciate just how unbelievably daunting a task that is. So I literally spent all of Friday through Wednesday night finding and renting a storage locker, running around the city with the kind kind Lectrixsola and my mom buying boxes and bags, filling them in as fast as I can and double-bagging them, while also doing online research and buying a steamer and diatomaceous earth and ridiculous amounts of Raid plus a crazy hardcore face mask CHECK THIS SHIT OUT: The Bugpocalypse
ARE THESE FUCKERS ARE GOING DOWN OR WHAT!?!? and and and trying to remember to breeeathe.

I've also been missing YOU GUYS and my regular life like craaazy so I actually came in to work today and now am on LJ when I really reeeally should be come packing more.

Mentally, I'm actually doing okay now and have only cried a couple of times. I've been concentrating very hard on stuff I'm grateful for and it's actually been working pretty well given that this is pretty freakin' nightmarish. For instance, I am SO GRATEFUL that my cat and I are able to stay at my parents' place. I am humbly grateful that my parents have offered to pitch in financially, and just so grateful to Lectrix for coming into town on Saturday to help me buy shit and my mom for actually braving the Plague House as I am affectionately calling it. And grateful for a bunch of other stuff that I don't want to jinx by mentioning. *is paranoid* Honestly, having an infestation of bed bugs is not high - or indeed AT ALL - how I would choose to "celebrate" by 35th birthday, but I'll be going out to a nice dinner and movie with Zil. And the exterminator will come on Monday and work his magic. And now I have a conveniently cleaned-out space to do that re-painting I've been wanting to do.

And it will all be fine. Fiiine.



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