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Back now – yay newspaper! I always feel so adult when I read a Globe and Mail: it's what my parents read.

Anyway. Not the funnest week ever what with the pressure of getting ready for a trade show at work, and my home still in the deepest depths of reno chaos – particularly given last night's leak to cap it all off – but all things considered it went pretty smoothly! And I even had a chance to watch this week's episode of Glee. )

I've been carefully staying spoiler-free for last week's ep and this week's finale of Supernatural. I'm gonna watch it with some folks when I get back and get organized, dammit. OH! And we can do it on my NEW TEEVEE OMG. *flails excitedly* You guys, I have wanted a big screen TV for so many years, and I finally bit the bullet and bought a FORTY INCHER. (A Samsung LCD for the curious. I'd love an LED, but not at their current prices.) I AM SO EXCITED OMG. It's coming on Thursday, the day I get back.

Okay, flight's leaving soon, gotta go. I'll probably be offline for several days, unless I can score some free internet somewhere. I have a list of places, but I don't really have much time to explore and find 'em. Damn business trips. Ah well: at least the food will be awesome! :D

Talk to y'all on Thursday!
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*happy sigh* So I'm sitting at home with my adorable kitty curled up next to me, after a lovely Thursday evening and Friday morning with [ profile] neeuqdrazil, followed by a delightfully indolent afternoon. Much of this evening has been spent writing this post...

Supernatural thoughts (spoilers through 5.16; pure speculation beyond) )

In other fandom news, I've signed up for Wincon! I never thought I would, but it's being held in Chicago this year, which just happens to be where [ profile] eboniorchid lives. So [ profile] neeuqdrazil and I are going to take a road trip down there after our annual Ottawa visit! :D :D :D

In other news, my renovations are finally (!!!!!!!!!) due to start this Tuesday. FINALLY. I'll believe it when I see it. Below the cut are some details and larger pictures - including a request for assistance from all of you and a POLL )

In other random news, this game wins for sheer title-ness: I Was Hungry But There Were Cannons.
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First things first: reactions to Supernatural 4.10 )

And on a related but non-spoilery note, can I say how much I love having people over to watch this show with? SO MUCH FUN. *smishes you all*

So, what else have I been up to in the last two weeks? A few things!

Last weekend I went to the Royal Winter Fair with Mr. Mongolia and [ profile] torontoteacher and their kids, where a good time was had by all, and a crapload of really awesome food was eaten by Yours Truly.

Two weekends ago I headed up north to see my bro, his lovely wife and their six-month-old son (a.k.a. my NEPHEW! \o/). Had just a fabulous visit, including a craft show, some delicious calzones approximately the size of a house <--- seriously, check it out: they're bigger than the PLATE!, and entirely too much fun building little block towers and happily yelling "[nephew] SMASH!" when he'd crawl over and knock them down. Good fun. I must be only a couple years older than him to be so easily amused. XD

Two other things I kept meaning to post about last week:

1) [ profile] neeuqdrazil's comment on my appetite at Stitch & Bitch last week: "[Den] doesn't have a hollow leg. She has POCKET DIMENSION." *dies laughing*

2) My truly EPIC FAIL at tea making (cut for explanatory photos) )

Last, but by no means least, I have finally borrowed the necessary equipment to convert my old tapes to digital format.* So I've been taking a hilarious trip down memory lane with all my 80s and 90s music. MY MUSICAL TASTE. YOU GUYS. *dies laughing* [ profile] torontoteacher and I had way too much fun on Monday evening singing dramatically along to "The Glory of Love" and "Didn't We Almost Have It All".

In short. My life? She ROCKS.

*In case you're wondering why I don't just find the stuff online and download it, a lot of the stuff I'm transferring is either (a) music I like enough to want to take the time to tape but not enough to pay for again (and stupid ethics I can't seem to shake won't let me download them for free. Stupid, expensive, inconvenient ethics. *kicks them*), (b) really freaking obscure or (c) mixed tapes or real-life recordings.
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Dude, I have been giddy ALL DAY. I'm sure the reality of the compromises he's going to have to make will tarnish my squee eventually, but for now I'm still just so happy about Obama.

My two favourite quotes of the day, one poignant but both AWESOME:

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so our children could fly."
- Practically urban myth already... I love this.

"If a Black man can become president, you can get your washing machine! It's a week for miracles!"
- Co-worker Zsa Zsa to me. Here's hoping the FIFTH time's the charm and my washing machine really DOES arrive tomorrow. *grinds teeth, crosses fingers*

In other news, a small poll on last week's Supernatural episode:
cut for anyone who still hasn't seen it, and to spare those who don't know/care about the show )

And has anyone ever noticed...okay, you know that really cheesy Starship song, "Set the night to music?" (Clip sung by someone else here for anyone who's memory needs a jog.) Well, the rhythm of the song fits perfectly if you change it to, "We could...nuke the site from or-bit..."

I'm just sayin'.
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Good lord, I really haven't posted in ages, have I? My apologies! It's what happens when I'm away/busy* three weekends in a row, I'm afraid - and I've got two more weekends out of the city before this run is done. It's been a blast to date, and I'm so psyched about our Ottawa road trip this weekend, but honestly I'd kind of kill for a plain weekend home to just catch up on sleep, email, and cleaning...
*okay, I was here this weekend, but what with Nuit Blanche taking up Saturday evening and night, and the attendant fatigue most of Sunday, there wasn't actually much of the weekend left. :P

So, what have I been up to, anyway? WELL. Three weekends ago I was in Hamilton for the simply wonderful EarthArt exhibition at the Royal Botanical Gardens, two weekends ago I was up at my parents' place for the weekend and to enjoy the Purple Hills Art Society fall regional studio open house, and this weekend was of course Nuit Blanche. It's been a rather art-tastic few weeks! I'm halfway through a post on all that with loooots of pictures (and my first-ever YouTube video! Not of me, just of one of the art installations), but in the meantime I shall blather shamelessly about a topic near and dear to me: Supernatural! :D

Cut for Season 4 spoilers through 4.03 and out of deference to my friends who just don't care ;P )

In other news, I have joined (one of those online DVD rental companies) which promises to be my undoing. It's a little scary how many I've managed to go through in the past week alone. O_o But I am loving it. You know all those movies you vaguely want to see someday but don't care enough to actually take the time to rent, so you just never get around to them? Well, they're now all on a list and will just be quietly and efficiently sent to me sometime when I least expect it. I've already loved the hell out of March of the Penguins and Angels in America (both of which are just incredible). Damn, I look FORWARD to opening my mailbox now that I get something other than bills! :D In the other hand, you may just never see me again.... ;)
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Last Wednesday night, my upstairs neighbour and dear friend SprightlySplink gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I was right there with her, as I had been for a number of hours, helping her in such ways as I could. I have spent much of the last week trying to articulate how amazing (and intense!) the experience was, and for the most part have been rather unsatisfied with the results. Suffice to say that it was incredible, I was deeply honoured to have been invited to participate in this family event, and I am in awe of the women who do this all the time, all around the world. (And many more than once, no less!) Yes, I totally cried when the baby was born, and I did totally call my mom up the next day and thank her profusely. *g* I'm glad to report that everyone in the family is doing well, and that SprightlySplink plays a mean game of Castle Crashers even with a week-old baby at the breast.

THIS weekend, however, I am gearing up for something else I've always wanted to participate in: skydiving! \o/ I've actually been wanting to try this for YEARS, but only recently discovered a place that I could get to by public transportation. Yes, if the weather doesn't suck on Saturday, I fully intend to hurl myself out of an airplane with a few square metres of nylon between me and my otherwise untimely demise. Wish me luck. Seriously. I'm a bit of a klutz, and while I'm gratified the site touts the fact that they've never had a fatality (uh, GOOD), I still fully expect to break a leg in a fairly literal sense. And am totally okay with that. *beams with the placidity of the patently insane*

In other news, I have been continuing with my Supernatural marathon, and falling back in love with our boys all over again. *happy sigh* And with the new season fast approaching (yaaay!) I wanted to again throw my doors open to local SPN fen who would like to watch the premiere next Thursday in the close confines of my little home. Hope to see you there!
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So [ profile] eboniorchid left on Saturday for Chicago. *deep breath* It feels like an era is over. I mean, we're going to stay in touch and visit (*coughandI'mtotallynotcountingdownthefortydaysuntilOttawacough*), but long distance is just not the same. The city feels...poorer without her.

For the most part I've been distracting myself quite successfully with cooking (OMG SO MUCH BORSCHT. TWELVE FREAKING LITRES, PEOPLE. O_o Also cabbage soup, sauteed veggies, roasted veggies and in general more beets than you could shake a stick at) and marathoning Supernatural from the beginning (I'm up to Bloodlust, for the curious). I haven't been watching it as much as listening to it as I putter around my place, which has lead me to pay more attention to the music than I normally would. As a result, I ended up stumbling across the analysis of the original score over at the Super-Wiki, including a really interesting look at different recurring motifs. God, there's some neat stuff in that wiki.

For those who have been keeping track, SprightlySplink hasn't gone into labour yet. I finally grew a brain and went out and bought some snack food and diet coke, since heaven knows I'm not going to be any help if my blood sugar drops after hours, or if I fall asleep. (I was tempted to buy popcorn just so I could say I brought popcorn, like it was a movie. ;) But mostly I just love it as a snack food.) I have everything in a bag next to the door, along with a little list of things in the fridge and freezer since I'm sure I'll be running around in a forgetful tizzy otherwise when I get the call.

Also, I do believe I promised more details on my trip to New York earlier in August, yes? I'm working on it, but I'm trying to be careful to get enough sleep (normally I'd just stay up until I got it done) so I'm well rested for the labour. Besides, pictures of cool art aren't really time-sensitive. (Right? Right?!?)

Man, this has been a crazy few weeks months. But I wouldn't change it for the world. :D

On a different note, let us start off September with a rousing SPAM-OFF, shall we? *grins brightly* [ profile] nixwilliams and I came up with this idea after observing the number of rather amusing spam subjects that have been appearing of late.

Here's the deal: comment below with a favourite spam of your own, either subject line or message body (or both). I'll collect 'em and put them in a poll, and then people can vote for their favourite. Easy and fun, right? Fire away! :D
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Heeey, I found my missing pictures! YAY! So I can now present to you the picspam I was working on earlier this week. Below is the original entry I wrote - now with the photos! \o/

Well. It's 5:20 AM and I wish I were sleeping, and since I'm not I SHOULD be doing my taxes or cleaning or catching up on emails. But no. What I WANT to do is hang out with all of you, so I am going to indulge myself shamelessly and finally do a picspam I've been wanting to do for ages. To this end I am co-opting the meme for which [ profile] morphing_lanes tagged me and rather than the eight random things meme (which I did here, for the curious), I am declaring it the "eight unexpected places I've been that I thought you might find interesting to hear about/see pictures of" picspam.

So, with no further ado, a picspam of eight unexpected places I've been that I thought you might find interesting to hear about/see pictures of. I've just put a few thumbnails above the cut; under the cut is seriously non-dialup-friendly. *g* I haven't done my link-to-larger pics this time, though, since they take forever and I'm not really sure if it's worthwhile (if anyone really misses them just let me know in the comments).

(And for the record, it's KILLED ME to get these down to a few photos of each: I have literally hundreds on just these eight locations - six hundred from Yakushima alone. :P)

A preview:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Burning Man )

Biosphere 2 - artificial 'closed' ecological system )

Yakushima - world heritage site and the forest that inspired Princess Mononoke )

Sleeping in a tree )

World Treehouse Convention )

Toronto islands at dawn )

The Royal Ontario Museum at dawn )


Apr. 25th, 2008 02:35 pm
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Holy CRAP whatta week! The week started with that amazing news, work's been crazy busy - interesting, at least, but still crazy busy - and I've had Hot Dates every night this week up until last night, when there was NEW SUPERNATURAL FINALLY!!! I am exhausted by the sheer awesomeness of my life at the moment.

We ended up with seven people over, and newbies [ profile] morphing_lanes and [ profile] burnfor were ADORABLE with their clinging and squealing. *ruffles their hair* (Though y'all are going to be quiet during serious episode parts, right? Right?!?! ;P I suspect the next few episodes are going to be rather intense...)

Then this evening I'm leaving work early to catch a bus up to Huntsville for the weekend to meet my new nephew! So I'll have time to catch up with comments...sometime. Really. But I just wanted to say thanks for all the congratulatory comments on my new nephew, and I will reply to them soon. *hugs to everyone, and (chocolate) cigars to those so inclined*

Lunch over, back to work...
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...just popping in over lunch to share an amusing exchange I had with Zsa Zsa, my poor, hapless officemate who is stuck sitting two feet away from me eight hours a day, five days a week. Pity her.

Me: *barely contained mounting excitement*

Zsa Zsa: ...what? What's up?

Me: (with what small measure of self-restraint I could muster) IT'S THURSDAY!!!!

(There may have been a bit of flailing and squeeing on my part at this point. I deny everything.)

Zsa Zsa: Wh...oh. OH. Oh, god. It's the premiere tonight, isn't it? The boys are back? That's it, isn't it? My respite is over?

Yes, dearest Zsa Zsa. YES, IT IS.

Poor, poor woman. *GLEE!!*
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Whee! I was fucking wiped this morning, but it's amazing what enough coffee and chocolate can do. I feel GREAT now! Anyone need anything around the corner? Across the city? In Buffalo?!?!? I could go for a bit of a run... *beams, twitches*

Right, right, update...Friday night I rather unexpectedly crashed out, which was clearly my body's way of prepping me for the insanity. Saturday I watched the finales of SPN Season 1 and IMToD with [ profile] neeuqdrasil (*love*), then headed out for the all-night art-tastic insanity of Nuit Blanche. SO FUCKING AWESOME. I'm planning a whole massive honkin' post on THAT, but we'll see what time allows this week. (God, I'm so neglecting my Aussie pics... *facepalm*) 7PM to 7AM, baby - and then seeing [ profile] neeuqdrasil off for her marathon at dawn.

After that came much prepping (and not much sleeping :P) in advance of the Sunday evening Supernatural fest! Which kicked ass, if I do say so myself: got to meet [ profile] shing_ for the first time (yay!), and [ profile] onci_dium and [ profile] jadyn and [ profile] audreyovisual, came, and we introduced my co-workers Optimus and BornClassy to the insanity of the LJ SPN fandom. Heh. ;P

We had season 2 finale parts 1 and 2, plus both season gag reels, plus snacks and pizza and PIE...and a Purple-Nurple-Off! It was unanimous that [ profile] missyjack's recipe is far superior to the simple vodka-kool-aid-grape-juice combo that I also found, but there was a suggestion that the addition of kool-aid might render the good one even better. Clearly additional research and testing is needed! Sadly, we didn't make Audrey drunk enough that she staggered into work this morning: she's on vacation this week, and I do think it would have been hilarious if she'd forgotten and come in. Yes, I am evil.

And what fills me with even more glee is that the fun isn't ending! I've got [ profile] eboniorchid's premiere par-tay this Thursday (and hon, I've got loads of Purple Nurple makings I'm happy to bring, if you like...), then a long weekend of awesomeness with her and [ profile] neeuqdrasil in Ottawa. \o/

Also, since I'm in total Premiere Countdown Mode with the rest of you *twitches again, some more* allow me to pimp four pieces of flist awesomeness to you to help hold us over. They're all quick, in case your attention span time is as short as mine is these days: enjoy... )
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So the co-workers I browbeat into watching Supernatural (hey, they're all glad NOW!) and I are having a pre-premiere watch-All-Hell-Breaks-Loose viewing this Sunday evening from 7ish to 9ish, and if there are other random Toronto fen who'd like to pop by, you would be more than welcome! Squeeage will have to be saved until the end of each episode (well, insofar as squee can be stored: I'd hate for anyone to explode), because THREE of them haven't seen the episodes yet. *pets them*

I live right downtown so I'm dead easy to get to on the TTC, and I should mention for those allergic that I do have a cat.

Anyway, no pressure, but if you'd like to pop by, just drop me a line at dendritejungle (at) livejournal (dot) com or leave me a comment below, and I'll get back to you with details. I'd love to meetcha!

(Also, anyone interested in catching part of the awesome one-night-all-night-citywide-art-fest of Nuit Blanche this Saturday night? I'm planning to be out catching as much as I can from dusk 'til dawn...)

Apologies to you non-Toronto folk. I'll get around to creating a Toronto filter eventually, I promise...

Will catch up on comments later, really. Now, off for dinner with [ profile] eboniorchid! \o/
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*I could say "Eagle" I suppose, but really, since I'm Canadian "Beaver" seemed more appropriate...

Home, safe and sound! \o/ No thanks to the frikkin' Los Angeles airport, but the less said about that, the better. :P But otherwise, an entirely incredible trip. I'm officially in love with Australia, and will regale you all with photos and such when I've settled in a bit more.

In the meantime, I have to share that [ profile] neeuqdrazil and [ profile] audreyovisual arranged for the BEST HOMECOMING EVAR what with little banners and streamers saying "yay!" and "*glee!*" and other such sayings plastered all over my place PLUS cooked food in the fridge - potatoes, people - PLUS, and this is just the best, Audrey found a couple of Ken dolls at Goodwill and had entirely too much fun putting together a little "Plastic Winchester Theatre* Lost Episode" scene, featuring knife-wielding!Sam and nekkid-bondage!Dean ) *dies laughing with delight* SO AWESOME, PEOPLE. SO. MUCH. LOVE.
*You do know Plastic Winchester Theatre, right? By the brilliant [ profile] anteka?

Have a few stats until I can get my trip picspam and other stuff together:
  • Total number of flights in three weeks: 9
  • Total distance flown: 24,424 miles or 39,308 km
  • Total people visited: 10
  • Fen visited: [ profile] merihn, [ profile] veronamay, [ profile] lemmealone, [ profile] nixwilliams, [ profile] missyjack, and I also had the pleasure of meeting [ profile] daniel_bethany and [ profile] johnnypurple
  • Postcards sent: 13 (Which beats my previous record by 11 or so. :P But everyone who asked for 'em, should be receiving them!)
  • Casualties/ AWOL/ MIA: Two of my three camera batteries (at $60 a pop, dammit) and one pant leg - which of course renders the rest of the pants rather useless as well. *sigh*
  • Pounds gained: 8
  • And the total number of photos? 5,243! \o/

Sorry this post isn't longer but I've been really good and made myself do household crap all day like laundry, putting stuff away, food shopping, etc. before I let myself turn the computer on because I knew once I went online I wouldn't stop. Of course, it now means that I'm only getting online at this late hour and don't have time to do all the flist surfing I was hoping to. *facepalm* But hey, it doesn't all need to be done tonight, right? I'll be playing catchup with you over the next week, but in the meantime if anything earth-shattering has been happening, do let me know - and, of course, I want to know how you are all doing! :D

In the meantime, hugs to you all - I've missed you!
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I've been dying to say this since I heard the news:
There's a storm coming - and you boys are smack in the middle of it ARE IT.

So it's official: Dean is now a hurricane. Part of me wants to cheer (really though, was there ever any doubt? OF COURSE "Dean gathers strength"!), but then I remember: right, real life. Hurricanes are not good.

Still, while sending my thoughts to those battening down their hatches in the tropics, I only have one question now: where is the crack!? I got nuthin' and OMG, I need Hurricane!Dean crack...I am craving it...anyone seen anything?

ETA: I now hear Dean's expected to become a Category 4 storm. Much more worrying. Suddenly I am craving crack less and just hoping everyone on the poor islands and coast well. :( It's amazing (or pathetic :P) how easy it is for me to forget how horrific hurricanes can be, I suppose because I've never been directly affected by one.

Incidentally, [ profile] audreyovisual and I found out that Sam is in the official naming roster for 2009 (younger brother = later year, makes sense). And THEN Optimus pointed out that he might not become a hurricane at all, but simply be Tropical Depression Sam - at which point we all completely lost it.

I love my co-workers and my show. *happy sigh*

(Oh, and if you opted into my new gutter!filter, the first post should be showing up in the next half hour or so. If you asked to be added and you don't see it - or want to be added now - just comment here or, if you prefer the privacy, go back and comment to that post.)
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Firstly, the email seems to be sorted out...turns out I needed to do a clean install of Outlook. (I know, I know! I'll switch!) I'll be catching up with those lost emails as soon as I can. Thanks everyone for your support and patience.

Secondly, and much more importantly: happiest of birthdays to that awesome asset to the Supernatural fandom, the illustrious [ profile] missyjack. All the BEST people are born in August! *beams* While I didn't have time to undertake any of my initial plans, I did assemble a kinky-esque little picspam* just for you over at [ profile] dean_sam: Dean and Sam at their hottest when evil, tied up and/or getting roughed up. Enjoy, enjoy!
*With some wincest subtext, for those of you who might want to skip it on that basis.

Thirdly, this is my Official Announcement of my new opt-in filter about sex and me, for thinky discussion and happy wallowing about in the gutter of random lewdness.

I'm creating this mostly to spare those of you who really don't care and/or really don't want to know, but also to provide a bit of privacy for more personal discussions. Likely conversation topics ) I will be making liberal use of LJ-cuts, so even on the filter you are welcome to scroll on by anything you don't want to read without needing to reach for the eyebleach.

The requirements:
  • You be 18 or older. Yes, I will be checking profiles if I don't know your approximate age.
  • You be a LiveJournal member. (For those of you not on LiveJournal, that's because the filter permitting you to see the entries is associated with each reader's username. If you're a friend of mine not on LJ and want to read 'em anyway, let me know and I'll try to figure something out.)
  • You be respectful. You don't have to do or even agree with anything, and discussion is encouraged, but you do have to be respectful.
  • You wanna read it! And let me know by commenting below so I can add you to the filter. Comments to this post are screened, so no one except me will see them.

That's it! First post in a day or so. (Oh, and if you've already told me you want to be on this filter, I've already got you down. Unless you now want to be OFF it - in which case, just comment here to that effect and I will. :D)
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So [ profile] audreyovisual was having a bit too much fun with some junk mail, and then [ profile] missyjack kindly (if inadvertently) provided the PERFECT punchline, and the hiatus is clearly addling my mind because this seemed worth sharing with you all, but here you go: a 3-second look at what passes for amusement in my brain. )

*twitches* Is it October yet?
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Whew! It has been a truly crazy month or so, in the best possible ways, so my thanks to everyone for bearing with me.

Firstly, I'd like to say hi and welcome to all my lovely new friends via [ profile] trystan830's friending meme last week (pimp! pimp! albeit belatedly, sorry!). *waves, rolls out welcome mat* l'll try to cobble together an intro post sometime soon...perhaps this weekend? In the meantime, my profile's got the basics about me, and you're welcome to surf through past posts to get to know me a bit. Come in and make yourselves at home!

What you need to know for the purposes of this post is that I am, among other things, the moderator of the Gay Geeks Rock Yahoo list and wrangle an annual contingent to take over the world participate in the Dyke March and Pride Parade here in Toronto. Which was this past weekend. Hence the ultra-long post that will include musings! pictures! stories! Supernatural stuff! something for everybody! and which I will now attempt to divvy up into manageable chunks for your surfing pleasure...

Laundry list of Stuff I Did and shout-outs )

Personal thoughts on Pride: why I find it worth the stress )

What, tl;dr? ;P Okay, have some pictures. Firstly, and with no further ado, we have
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Then we have the Dyke March and the Pride March picspam - the latter of which includes an amusing Supernatural reference. )

And last but not least, my cracktastic Saturday evening at a women-only body painting party. (Don't worry, nothing too revealing under the cut.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Why do little spirals and wimmin signs when you can partake of Supernatural crack!?!? )

Finally, in the vein of me being a gay geek and all, I leave you with two female characters who have made me happy of late. )
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Actually, that's not a spoiler for last night's Supernatural season finale - I'm talking about me.

Firstly, thanks needs to go to you all for putting up with me being unusually emo in the past week. Aside from the stress of "OMFG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT" between last week's cliffhanger and last night, I've been gearing up at work for our big annual trade show in New York next week and quietly freaking out about stuff like having forgotten to find someone to look after my cat while I was away and not having contacted my friends in New York yet and still not having registered the Gay Geeks for the Dyke March and Pride Parade this year.

Add to this the fact that I haven't slept well for weeks which for me is (a) unusual (I sleep the sleep of the dead, yo.) and (b) an automatic recipe for emotional haywireness. I think maybe it's the fact that the sun comes up so damn early this time of year. So I've been angsty and emo which completely kills my appetite, and dude, I went to see my doctor on Wednesday for a simple prescription renewal and discovered I'd lost six pounds.

I am now tipping the scale at 101 lbs, people. (For those of you who don't know me, that's not quite as alarming as it sounds: I'm a naturally skinny person *ducks tomatoes* and am normally about 105-110 lbs with the appetite of a horse. Seriously. Ask my co-workers.) BUT STILL. It's not like I have lots of fat stores to play with. And I was sick last Saturday and this past Tuesday. What the hell, I ask you.

ANYway. So lots of little stressful things going on adding up to a not-very-happy Den. But my friends have been awesome, I did finally register the Gay Geeks, [ profile] jumila, bless her, will be looking after the kitty while I'm away (house party! ;)), and yesterday was the final push to get ready for the show. I'm breaking out the Ensure and lots of other little time-tested tricks to get my weight back up again.

And then there was the finale last night. [ profile] krakkernuts and [ profile] jumila came over, as has become our tradition, and in addition to our pizza and ice cream Krakkernuts brought a lemon poppyseed loaf she'd made. Sooo good. We managed to survive the EFFING COMMERCIALS and, well, I believe this picture sums up our collective response nicely. )

This evening I've got the one screening of Inside Out (the Toronto gay and lesbian film festival) I've managed to squeeze in, then tomorrow is running around getting ready for the trip, then working my ass off in New York until next Friday, then disappearing into the wonderful endurance marathon of Anime North next weekend. Aaand then back to work the next day.

So I love you all, and I really hope I'll have a chance to play with you and at least find out how ya'll are doing after the finale. But I'm not sure I'll have time over the next ten days, so just know I'm thinking of you all and cross your fingers for me, okay?

*hugs you all*
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I wasn't planning on another SPN post this week, but we're at such an interesting juncture I couldn't resist.

Schrodinger's Cat meets the Supernatural Fandom
More so than with any previous cliffhanger episodes, I feel like we're all holding our breath for this week's finale. Anything could happen, and for this one week in particular there's such a wide field of potential ways the story could go stemming from those final few moments of last Thursday - all of which will collapse down to "what actually happens" in canon this Thursday. It reminds me of the Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment in quantum physics: different realities are possible (a cat may be alive or dead in a box) until they are viewed (someone opens the box), and then they all "collapse" into one reality that actually does happen.*

*Yes, I know this is a massive oversimplification. But I assume most of you don't actually care for a detailed explanation of the quantum mechanical concept of superposition. If you do, let me know and I'm happy to blather on about my layman's understanding. Or you can check out its entry in Wikipedia - or The Straight Dope's explanation of Schroedinger's Cat which is probably a better idea than listening to me. :)

That's why I was so excited to discover the community [ profile] spn_standstill. We have so many different people's interpretations of those final moments of 2x21 - right before, during, or after - collected in one location, all sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. And anything is fair game. By the end of Thursday evening canon will be set, and we will all be in a different place collectively. We can all still write "what if"s of these moments after Thursday, of course - but it's different with the weight of canon now present.

I suppose this happens with episodes all the time, and I'm just unusually aware of it this time - so much so that I actually wrote a coda for the first time. Anyway, it's a really interesting space, so I just wanted to acknowledge it publicly before Thursday.

In related news, Audrey and I are still on crack )

As a result, we were talking about how the whole fandom was "flailing in a sea of angst" this week, which brought SEA ANEMONES instantly to mind for us both, with little (Finding N)emo faces upturned and hands slowly moving back and forth in a rhythmic undulation.

Needless to say, a drawing was clearly required, and since I can't draw I browbeat prevailed upon Audrey. Thus I present to you

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I do have an actual me-related post coming eventually. Really. But in the meantime, I banged this out since I needed something light, and thought it might amuse y'all as well.

This is for [ profile] audreyovisual, who gave me the idea, and the last line is for [ profile] veronamay and [ profile] lemmealone and their One True Love.

Title: Deanial
Author: [ profile] dendritejungle
Rating: PG
Words: 600-ish
Pairings: none
Warning: Directly follows 2x21, so definite spoilers. Also a couple of really bad jokes and my general attempt at humour.
Disclaimer: Not mine. *sigh*
Beta: [ profile] audreyovisual

Enjoy! )


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