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So [ profile] eboniorchid left on Saturday for Chicago. *deep breath* It feels like an era is over. I mean, we're going to stay in touch and visit (*coughandI'mtotallynotcountingdownthefortydaysuntilOttawacough*), but long distance is just not the same. The city feels...poorer without her.

For the most part I've been distracting myself quite successfully with cooking (OMG SO MUCH BORSCHT. TWELVE FREAKING LITRES, PEOPLE. O_o Also cabbage soup, sauteed veggies, roasted veggies and in general more beets than you could shake a stick at) and marathoning Supernatural from the beginning (I'm up to Bloodlust, for the curious). I haven't been watching it as much as listening to it as I putter around my place, which has lead me to pay more attention to the music than I normally would. As a result, I ended up stumbling across the analysis of the original score over at the Super-Wiki, including a really interesting look at different recurring motifs. God, there's some neat stuff in that wiki.

For those who have been keeping track, SprightlySplink hasn't gone into labour yet. I finally grew a brain and went out and bought some snack food and diet coke, since heaven knows I'm not going to be any help if my blood sugar drops after hours, or if I fall asleep. (I was tempted to buy popcorn just so I could say I brought popcorn, like it was a movie. ;) But mostly I just love it as a snack food.) I have everything in a bag next to the door, along with a little list of things in the fridge and freezer since I'm sure I'll be running around in a forgetful tizzy otherwise when I get the call.

Also, I do believe I promised more details on my trip to New York earlier in August, yes? I'm working on it, but I'm trying to be careful to get enough sleep (normally I'd just stay up until I got it done) so I'm well rested for the labour. Besides, pictures of cool art aren't really time-sensitive. (Right? Right?!?)

Man, this has been a crazy few weeks months. But I wouldn't change it for the world. :D

On a different note, let us start off September with a rousing SPAM-OFF, shall we? *grins brightly* [ profile] nixwilliams and I came up with this idea after observing the number of rather amusing spam subjects that have been appearing of late.

Here's the deal: comment below with a favourite spam of your own, either subject line or message body (or both). I'll collect 'em and put them in a poll, and then people can vote for their favourite. Easy and fun, right? Fire away! :D


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