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Whee, holiday! *runs around high-fiving everyone*

You know, a year ago this weekend I was fresh off my first fortnight of Bugpocalypse. Everything I owned was either in storage or in plastic bags, my place was practically unlivable in part thanks to the ten tons of Raid I had sprayed everywhere so my cat and i had retreated ("strategically relocated") to my parents' place, and I was staring down the barrel of an infestation with no end in sight. Now, a year later, I'm sitting on my new couch in front of my wonderful, beloved television in my freshly so-close-to-done-I-can-feel-it renovated condo, slowly moving things back in and looking forward to a fall of courses to learn ALL THE THINGS (sewing! woodworking! printmaking! BOO-YEAH!) and continue to whittle down my belongings to a more manageable number.

I can't remember if I've announced this yet here, though I know I've been talking about it in person: my plan is to have my solarium completely emptied by Christmas so I can try and get a roommate. Then, by saving the extra cash, I'll have enough to afford to take a year off in two years time. My plan is to ask for a year off six months out, and if I can't return to my job so be it: I'll quit. *deep breath* So that's the PLAN; we'll have to see how it actually plays out over time. Life does have this pesky habit of changing.

So, what's been up with me lately?
  • I've been continuing to love the hell out of the BBC Sherlock, and spend spare moments happily rolling around in all the fantastically well-written fic which its fandom is constantly producing. The awesome [ profile] caffienekitty has initiated a series of "reccing Sundays" henceforth going on weekly at [ profile] sherlockbbc for anyone just wanting to get straight to the best of the best.
  • Had a lovely if INSANELY busy week when [ profile] eboniorchid was in town - among other things because I had, like, three different birthday dinners with different folks. <3 (Torontonian note: Dhaba is as drool-worthy a restaurant as ever and remains by favourite Indian food in town, but I also highly recommend Enoteca Sociale for fans of Italian. Crazy rich, but sooooo good!) And that weekend - last weekend - was FanExpo: more about that later!
  • I've mainlined the first season of Merlin, and will concede I can see why people like it. (Though I more want to pinch the boys' cheeks/noogie their heads than slash them. They're just so earnest and adorable! *g*)
  • This past week I've finally taken the first of a few sewing classes at The Workroom to make better use of the sewing machine [ profile] themoderatrix so kindly gifted me with many years ago. I'm quite excited, actually: I don't like wanting to do things but not knowing HOW, so I'm really looking forward to tackling a few in-house projects. *rubs hands gleefully*

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In other news, I realized I'd carefully uploaded all these pictures a few weeks ago of my June and July and never posted them. So, with no further ado, have a general picspam of June/July )


Aug. 23rd, 2010 07:05 am
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Have I told y'all lately how awesome you are? No? You are all AWESOME. <3

I jsut got back from a fantastic weekend up north with my brother, his wife, and my two little nephews. It was a soggy weekend, which was a shame since they live up in Ontario "cottage country" where so many of the best activities involve the outdoors, but we managed to have a thoroughly enjoyable time nonetheless. For my birthday on Saturday, my sis-in-law baked an OMFG SO TASTY cake, my bro cooked up a lobster dinner (I looove lobster!) and the nephews were as delightful as it's possible for a six-month-old and a two-year-old to be - which is pretty darn delightful, I have to say. I am still grinning.

In other news, last week I succumbed to curiosity after hearing so many people on my flist rhapsodizing about the new BBC Sherlock, and WOW was I not disappointed. I've never been much of a Sherlock Holmes fan, but THIS. The compelling acting, the witty dialogue, the perfect pacing... *shining eyes* If anyone has some fic recs, please point me towards them! I'm not sure I can bear to wait however long it will take them to make a second series!

This week will be a busy one - [ profile] eboniorchid is in town (YAAAY!) and FanExpo is this weekend. But I am hoping to have a bit of time this evening before heading out to anime watching to catch up with y'all on LJ. Looking forward to it! :D


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