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Hi all! Now that my life has calmed down a tad (for certain values of "tad") I wanted to finally post!

Firstly, an OMG YOU MUST READ link that has been cracking my shit up for daaays now. It is so me, and so true, it's SCARY, but also pants-wettingly funny: This is why I'll never be an adult.

Seriously, if you want to understand, like, half my life, go read it now. Even if you don't want to, it's still hilarious.

I'm sure you'll all be surprised to hear I've been doing many things of late - I know! shocking! - including:

This past weekend: cooking happy, fresh Ontario produce on Saturday (asparagus! strawberries! wheee!) and pigging out at the various Luminato* food stands on Sunday.
*Toronto art festival which also has REALLY GOOD FOOD OMG.

Fiiinally seeing the Supernatural finale last week, and may I say, flist, that y'all have been SO AWESOME about keeping things behind cuts - seriously - that I was completely unspoiled? You guys are terrific, and I really appreciate it. :)

The weekend before: baby-sitting my 4-month old nephew, which went well for the first few hours but nooot so smoothly for the later hours (with an interim of mom returning to feed him in the middle). My brother came home to me immobile on the couch, terrified to wake the finally-quiet baby in my arms who had at last fallen asleep an hour before. Heh.

The weekend before that: enjoying a wonderful visit with [ profile] eboniorchid *happy sigh* and my beloved annual dip into the World Wide Short Film Festival.

Favourite films this year included:
  • Fard, a French animated film which I loved both for its simple but effective visual design (the light play in the opening scene alone won me over) as well as the fascinating premise and execution. Brilliant. You can see the whole film here.
  • Pumzi, an African sci-fi short film about life after "the Water Wars".
  • Trolls, a hysterical look at a couple of kids who have totally figured out all this sex stuff. Totally. (Favourite exchange: older kid says, "...girls have front bottoms." The younger girl retorts, "It's called a vagina, dummy!")
  • Bye Bye C'est Fini is an awesome look at the very active love life of 73-year-old Brazilian Lina. Senior love life power!
  • Schitzofredic wins a mention for the fun conceit of the character ending up stuck in the black horizontal mattes of the letterbox format, watching his life go on in the film underneath him. (Link is to a three-minute clip with him crawling around the top in the last 30 seconds or so.) Likewise, The Great Escape features a plucky animated sun-and-cloud weather icon who decides to escape the confines of the television.

BUT MY VERY FAVOURITEST were two films tha weren't actually new at all:
  • One I first saw years ago, and revelled in the ghastly hilarity of it. But I forgot the name and have been looking for it ever since. You can now see the entire animated film online in all its macabre brilliance: Fallen Art.
  • I still have no idea how I missed the other once, since apparently it was nominated for a freakin' Oscar back in 2002. It's a 6 minute CGI animated piece that features a gigantic partially organic art-nouveau-in-Gothic-proportions cathedral with treelike colums. Trees! Cathedrals! Animation! And jaw-droppingly stunning art direction! Sadly this YouTube vid doesn't do it justice (it's backwards, for one thing), but it at least gives you the idea.
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Patience, as anyone who knows me will tell you, is NOT one of my fort├ęs. I have been called many things in my life (some even nice! ;)) but "patient" will not ever, I suspect, be on the list.

I'm not really one to ascribe Greater Purposes to events, but if they exist? This year would be my Year of Being Schooled Patience. Whether I like it or not.

The evidence since last August )

So. Hardly the end of the world or anything, but it all collectively means (a) I'm still living out of boxes and bags, as I have since last August (though at least I'm at home while doing it!) and (b) there's this constant background level of stress.

But life marches on. I've brought my Palm Pilot and camera back into play while I wait for the iPhone, am keeping up with the running while I wait for the weightlifting stuff, and just continue going about my life as I wait for the renovations to start.

Other random tidbits:

After over a year of watching with my upstairs neighbours, we just finished watching all five seasons of The Wire last night. It really is the single most remarkable television program I've ever seen, which places it even above Babylon 5 in my estimation - high praise indeed.

I bought one of those scanner pens! I have wanted one for over a decade! I'm always reading books where I want to tag a sentence or two a page, but can't be arsed to actually type it all in. After this post I am going to install it and see if it works LIKE IN MY DREAMS. XD

If you like Venn diagrams as much as I do, you may be amused by this one of the difference between geeks, dorks and nerds.

Finally, pimpage for a friend: if you like online word games, there's a new word game portal where the games are curated to make sure they don't, y'know, suck. It looks good to me; check it out for yourself!
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Heh. As I write this, there are many honking and cheering revelers out on the streets below. Most people I know haven't been following the Olympics if they can possibly avoid it - which, for my fellow Canucks at least, has been pretty darn tough the last couple of weeks - so out of deference to them I will cut my blather about it. )

Also? The war of the pants will never not be funny. Oh, Norwegians. Never change.

Anyway. As I just said on Facebook, while enjoying the partying revelers outside, on a serious note I'm astonished and relieved at how minimal the loss and damage from the Chile quake was - even with all the deaths and displacements. Most people don't realize the Richter scale is exponential, and just how much MORE horrific the consequences of an 8.8 quake could have been. (For comparison, the one that hit Haiti was 7.0, so this was over TEN TIMES stronger.) Thank heavens for strict building codes!

Finally, I had promised various people a few different links. Firstly, we have the sheer awesomeness of Pavlov's Dogs Handbell ensemble, a collection of local women - most of whom used to be members of the youth group I helped out with, making any performances they make IN the burlesque shows that they frequently perform at A LITTLE AWKWARD FOR ME AAAUGH - who play covers of music with handbells. Yes, handbells. Several octaves of handbells, in fact, and these gals are darn good at playing them. Here they are with the opening strains of Queen's "Somebody to Love" (I love they way people start singing along as they recognize it) and OMG MY FAVOURITE the Imperial March from Star Wars.


And on a vaguely-related (music?) note, I thought y'all might be as delighted/amused as I to learn that I have stumbled across BAD PORN MUSIC GEEKERY. I can't even remember what I was surfing anymore when I stumbled across this *shifty eyes* but this is a fascinating look at 70s vs 80s porn music, complete with audio clips and such quotable gems as this:

80's porn music reeks of repetition, stupidity, loneliness, unoriginality, and unrelenting sadness -- and that's a great thing. 80's soundtracks actually speak to the visceral experience of masturbation itself: it's like the dull, throbbing death-beat of your heart in your head as you forsake real life and real partners for yet another unhealthy, scared wank.

The guy clearly has some issues, but it doesn't make me any less delighted that I live in a world where some people can get all enthusiastic talking about TERRIBLE PORN MUSIC. Sometimes my glee about the internet in particular and the world in general just has no bounds.
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If you don't know what a fandom is, this post will be of no interest to you. This is not the post you're looking for.

BUT FOR THE REST OF US. I just stumbled upon the utterly brilliant Everybody's Free (To Be Fannish) by [ profile] eliza_jane via [ profile] missyjack, a fandom riff on the late 90s Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (video; lyrics). The whole thing is utterly brilliant both as a parody and as actual advice, and if you've ever been involved with any fandom it is eminently worth the quick read.

A sampling:
Enjoy the power and freedom of your fannish persona. Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and freedom of your fannish persona until real life causes you to take a fandom hiatus. But trust me, in the middle of RL bullshit, you'll look back at your post-episode reactions and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much fun you really had. You are not as cynical as you imagine.

Don't worry about being wanked. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to apply logic to shipper wars. The real wank is apt to be something that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindsides you the first time you check your inbox after posting something offhand and walking away from your computer for four hours on some idle Tuesday.

Read a story every once in awhile that scares you.


Don't be reckless with other people's fanworks. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.

But trust her on the laptop.
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So let me give you some games! *beams*

Well, game recommendations, actually. I'm not a big gamer, but I've recently stumbled across a number of short little online gems that are...well, as much "meditations" or "interactive art" as games. They're fascinating and lovely and melancholy and actually kinda profound and touching, which is quite an accomplishment since they're also very minimalist. I just had to share them with you...

Small WorldsSmall Worlds. I love this more than I can articulate. You start as a few tiny pixels in surroundings that are hard to make out - but the more you explore, the further back the view pulls as each world is slowly revealed. Who knew highly pixelated art could be so gorgeous! (I admit I'm a total sucker for world exploration, so I may be rather biased.) Be sure to have your sound on for this one: the music is definitely a part of the experience. When finished, it's fascinating to read different people's interpretations on what's going on; scroll down to the comments here. Took me about 15 minutes.

The Black Forest 1-2The Black Forest series. I first stumbled across this a couple of weeks ago, but all four episodes are now online. I don't know about their evoking "emotional experiences", but their specific combinations of simple gameplay and music did leave me in a lovely contemplative headspace. I particularly love the first and second ones: be sure to have your speakers on so you can hear the music build. About 5-10 minutes per episode.

Gretel & HanselGretel and Hansel. This one is longer and more "game-y", with more hunting and figuring out what to do. I've included it because (a) I love the watercolour visuals and (b) the sense of humour: you get points, among other things, based on how many different ways you can die. Macabre humour FTW! *glee* Here's a walkthrough for this one too, with all the different possible deaths.

Every day the same dreamEvery Day The Same Dream. Sort of Groundhog Day meets Kafka. You live the same day over and over, doing little things differently - until the end. Which is rather unsettling. Should you, like me, have a low tolerance for figuring out what's next, there are tips and walkthroughs in the comments here. 5 or 10 minutes if you know what you're doing; took me somewhat longer cuz I'm slow like that. :P

Little WheelLittle Wheel. As much an interactive mini-movie as a game, this quirky little piece has irresistible graphics. Simple and awesome. Five minutes.

Hope y'all enjoy these as much as I have!
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I am ADDICTED to this. It's like Cocoa Rice Krispies for adults! You don't have to eat three bowlfuls to feel full, and you're not hungry again in twenty minutes. HOMG SO GOOD.



I also have two links for anyone who would like some amusing Sunday/Monday/whenever reading: firstly, this article about a kickass old lady who beaned a bunch of would-be burglars with a pot. My favourite quote:

"I picked up the saucepan and smacked him right on the head," she said. "He looked at me and said, 'Lady, why did you do that?' And I hit him again."

Also, there is a review of what sounds like one of the least-sexy-sounding romance novels of all time that several different people have linked to, and I would be remiss if I didn't make sure you could all share in the horror. I'm a good friend like that. *beams*
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Whew! It has been a truly crazy month or so, in the best possible ways, so my thanks to everyone for bearing with me.

Firstly, I'd like to say hi and welcome to all my lovely new friends via [ profile] trystan830's friending meme last week (pimp! pimp! albeit belatedly, sorry!). *waves, rolls out welcome mat* l'll try to cobble together an intro post sometime soon...perhaps this weekend? In the meantime, my profile's got the basics about me, and you're welcome to surf through past posts to get to know me a bit. Come in and make yourselves at home!

What you need to know for the purposes of this post is that I am, among other things, the moderator of the Gay Geeks Rock Yahoo list and wrangle an annual contingent to take over the world participate in the Dyke March and Pride Parade here in Toronto. Which was this past weekend. Hence the ultra-long post that will include musings! pictures! stories! Supernatural stuff! something for everybody! and which I will now attempt to divvy up into manageable chunks for your surfing pleasure...

Laundry list of Stuff I Did and shout-outs )

Personal thoughts on Pride: why I find it worth the stress )

What, tl;dr? ;P Okay, have some pictures. Firstly, and with no further ado, we have
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Then we have the Dyke March and the Pride March picspam - the latter of which includes an amusing Supernatural reference. )

And last but not least, my cracktastic Saturday evening at a women-only body painting party. (Don't worry, nothing too revealing under the cut.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Why do little spirals and wimmin signs when you can partake of Supernatural crack!?!? )

Finally, in the vein of me being a gay geek and all, I leave you with two female characters who have made me happy of late. )
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Ah yes, the joys of falling asleep early. Waking up early! :)

Well, I survived 6 fabulous days of filmic goodness, seeing 16 programs with a grand total of 147 short films over about 30 hours. *cheers* And if I don't see peanut-butter-and-jam sandwiches, cheese and crackers, apples, carrots, Smartfood and granola bars for another year, that's JUST FINE.

As requested by [ profile] krakkernuts , I have assembled a short list of some favourites that have trailers or the entire movie online, so you can see them, or at least a taste of them. Enjoy! )

Also? Happy Pride Week, everyone! *cheers again, some more* Yes, I will be marching with the Gay Geeks again this year both at Saturday's Dyke March and Sunday's Pride Parade. If anyone has some awesome slogan ideas, do please let me know. Oh, and anyone in town is more than welcome to my annual Sunday evening hang-out. Just let me know!

And, er, because I've got events most nights this week, plus two brunches, two parades, a possible houseguest and the aforementioned get-together I'm involved in between now and next Sunday, I hope you'll all forgive me if I fall behind with everyone's LJ's and comments? I'm doing my best, really, but it's a tad crazy until the end of this weekend...
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Cool! Thanks to some major policy changes underway Upstairs, I now stand a snowball's chance of getting into Heaven!
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My real life friends might want to skip this bit, it probably being TMI and all (unless I know you from Montreal, in which case you'll probably just be amused).

I just had to share )

In other news, Missyjack is a gateway drug )
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In the place of the long and thoughtful entry I had planned on my responses to last week's Supernatural episode and catching y'all up on my life for the last couple of weeks, I have decided to wuss out (it's quarter to twelve, dammit. The sweet siren of sleep calls me) and simply amuse you with some funny.

1) After a lovely dinner last Thursday evening with the Hears, we played a fun round of lookit-whut-I-found-on-YouTube. They WIN, because they showed Rob Paravonian's Pachebel Rant, which is hereby dedicated to the gazillion music/arts majors on my friends-list (you know who you are) and ANYONE ELSE who KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC. EVER.

2) Also, [ profile] audreyovisual amused me a great deal today by forwarding me this incisive, considered commentary on the film 300:

"What the hell is all this bickering about? There's two hours of dudes hacking at freaking monsters with swords and spears!!! And a ton of nipples! I had a boner for the entire movie...hell, even my girlfriend had a boner for the entire movie.

I'm not saying somebody can't critique the politics in 300. But its a bit like a food critic writing a review of the Jack in the Box near my house. Its meat and cheese man, in all of its delicious glory.

Wow. I am still drunk."

Posted by Travis Stevens at March 12, 2007 03:22 PM here

Even his girlfriend had a boner, eh? Now I AM intrigued.
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After the cracktastic foray into Supernatural-themed gingerbread cake men last weekend, the inimitable [ profile] missyjack had the fabulous idea of bringing Kate's and my fun to the entire fandom.

And thus, The First Annual Supernatural Bake Off was born. Come and flaunt your creative and culinary juices, have a blast doing so, and hey, we'll even have real prizes. It's all here at [ profile] spn_bakeoff!
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Those were the words [ profile] audreyovisual left me with when she went home from work on Friday, as I was struggling to finish an email to a customer. Fat lot of good I had focusing on that with the mental image she left behind. Like I hadn't already had enough trouble focusing thanks to that extremely distracting Jensen photo shoot circulating last week.

Evil, evil Audrey. *grin*

Anyway. Some low points notwithstanding, it's been a great week. Lectrixsola was in town for a visit, and we spent a lovely evening on Sunday with the Hears. Helped Mrs. Mongolia out with the kids on Monday night, saw Casino Royale with another friend on Tuesday night which, as promised, kicked serious ass.

Wednesday evening I attended a talk by artist Ed Pien about his work. People, his stuff is amazing: he currently does papercuts, but they are these intense, elaborate, HUGE affairs that usually involve trees. Check this out. It's got such mystery and intensity; it's my single favourite piece by him. Yes, it's a symmetrical tree with people asymmetrically arranged. This is a papercut: think about how tricky that would be. Yes, it's as big as it looks - and as detailed. IT IS INSANE. I LOVE IT.

And online I continue to discover delightful corners of my fandom. From the best and funniest damn advice I've ever heard for when feeling angsty and emo (the comments are great too), to amusing exchanges about How This Whole Boy/Boy Thing Works, Anyway. (Funnier if you know that all parties in the exchange are, in fact, prolific slash writers and FAR from the innocents they appear.) And MORSE CODE PORN, people! Yes, my fandom has boy-on-boy MORSE CODE PORN! It simply does not get any better or geekier or gayer than that.

In my increasingly-active online life, I was thrilled beyond words last weekend to discover that not only does our very own [ profile] krakkernuts now watch Supernatural, but I stumbled across someone else who does too! A fellow gay geek, no less! Who lives in Toronto, and created an awesome "Insane Fen Posse" flag that I have every intention of putting on a placard for next year's Pride. Huzzah! And with Audrey having finally caved and another co-worker up to Something Wicked, I finally have real-life folk to talk about the show with. (Now, if only they would catch up to the current episodes...) Too bad I don't get, like, points or a toaster or something for converting people to the show.

Also, note to self: chatting on AIM until 5 AM, no matter how fun and/or interesting the conversation, is NOT conducive to being productive the next day. (Still totally worth it, though. :) )
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Happy belated Valentine's Day, people! Hugs all around!

Before I go any further, I urge anyone who has ever tried to explain how computers/ the internet/ email works to a beloved but clueless so-and-so to watch this video. Particularly if you love books. Because even books were new once, too.

In other news, I have been feeling SO loved this week.

Firstly, last weekend the current incarnation of the youth group I help out with decided to take on cooking for me as a kind of charity project this week. Why? Because while I love eating, I hate cooking. Hence my chest freezer: I cook lots at once and store it. But I haven't done a big cook in a while, and so I've been living entirely too much off fast food lately. So the kids and co-leader (who loves cooking) got very enthusiastic at the prospect of making me food, and no number of protests on my part would deter them. I'm equal parts touched and embaRrassed. No, actually, while I am embarRassed (I thought I'd only get meals made for me by friends if I were deathly ill or really old! But no, I'm not incapacitated, merely incompetent), I'm mostly just really, really touched. And as I well know from my old job that there are people out there who need food way more than I do, I'm also making a donation to a certain local perishable food recovery program in their name.

Then, [ profile] twistedhip and Splink surprised me on Wednesday night with flowers! Just for being me! Aw! I've still got the warm fuzzies from that one.

And then [ profile] audreyovisual, bless her, has taken it upon herself to hook me up. So she's been trolling the web looking for local Supernatural folk for me. Thanks hon!

And Kripe clearly loves me (and all of us), because he gave us Tall Tales this week. And how great was THAT?

In summary. All you wonderful people in my life, new and old? You rock! *hugs*
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If you're feeling creative, there is also a fun little drabble (100-word story) challenge going on over at [profile] mcee's journal, as kindly pointed out by [personal profile] deirdre_c. The challenge: write a drabble about your current default user icon. Not your favourite, but your default (and no switching - that's cheating!). Most are about Supernatural, but they don't need to be and I couldn't resist adding mine anyway (scroll up six from the bottom). True story with a bit of explanatory dialogue thrown in. Anyway, let me know if any of you take the plunge - I'd love to read 'em.

Also, since most of my friends on here love muppets and animation in some form or another, I thought y'all might be interested in these entries of [profile] nottheterritory about muppet!Yoda vs. CG!Yoda here and an immortal female icon here. They're long but interesting. I'd be curious to hear other people's thoughts.


Jan. 27th, 2007 02:26 pm
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I was wondering where the hell January went, and then I remembered:
  • Taking a 4-week workshop at the Toronto Women's Bookstore on creating an anthology
  • Not watching An Inconvenient Truth for youth group, and chatting for a couple of hours instead. Good fun.
  • Getting together at [info]bassringer's place, buying a couple of her awesome shirts and watching An Inconvenient Truth with her housemates
  • Monday night gaming, of course
  • Mad "decoupage" at Actiongrrlz. I love you guys.
  • Seeing Jesus Camp with Roo. Fascinating. What really distressed me about this movie was not the right-wing political and religious agenda of the subjects (well, it does, but that's not specific to the film), but rather the blatant, heavy-handed emotional manipulation of the kids to further shape them with specific beliefs and actions. Call me crazy, but pushing kids through emotional intensity hard enough to make them cry, repeatedly? Not okay. I don't care what your intentions are. The Q&A afterwards with the directors was equally interesting, and I really agreed with their asessment that the film acted as a mirror for the viewers to their own beliefs on the subjects it touched on. I had noticed it myself when watching the film: where the audience chuckled, outright laughed, or went dead silent made it pretty obvious they were mostly left-wing folk here for an inside view on the wacky Christian Right. Most left extremely sobered by what they saw.
  • Finally getting together with MemeThief  and [profile] w1ldc47 for a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to Torchwood
  • Finally getting together with [profile] nottheterritory and [personal profile] anidada for some quality time. And then being a headline in her LJ - cool!
  • Babysitting for the Hips and helping the Mongolias with bedtime on consecutive Thursdays (and then watching Supernatural, of course)
  • Seeing Pan's Labyrinth with [profile] bassringer and company. (Incredible movie. Deserves every accolade it's been given. Much darker than I thought it would be, and quite brutal in parts, though. I've never before heard large portions audience make "eeew" or "euuuugh!!" noises in the theatre - or maybe I just noticed since I was averting my eyes.)
  • Giving [personal profile] audreyovisual a bit of a hand moving stuff around at her place. And what stuff: I'm not sure I've ever been anywhere where I either owned or wanted virtually every single book on someone's bookshelf before...
  • Discovering more and more and more of my friends have blogs - YAY!
  • Watching new Heroes and Battlestar Galactica episodes with Twistedhip and Splink. THANK GOD the hiatus is over - and it's beyond so great to watch these shows with other people who love it too.
  • Seeing Brotherhood of the Wolf with [profile] nottheterritory, whch we've been trying to do for years. Absolutely worth the wait. Martial arts and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-style fighting in 18th-century France? Awesome.
  • Trying desperately to catch up on 10-odd hours of Samurai Champloo. And two weeks of Bionix. After, of course, blowing through the entire first season of Supernatural.
  • Dinner with parents, work New Year dinner....and spending entirely too much time splashing about in the Supernatural fandom.
All of which means I've been doing a crappy job on my New Year's Resolution. And am feeling somewhat harried. But damn it's been fun!
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I have been introduced to a wonderful set of spoken word and video pieces in the last couple of weeks, and I would be remiss if I didn't share them.

First up, we have Ernie Cline's "When I Was a Kid" (scroll down a bit and click on track 2) chastizing today's kids for how hard we had it...back in 1987. No email - you had to write a letter. With a PEN. And then MAIL it. And THEN it would take a week to get there. If you want to steal music, there were no MP3s or Napster - you had to go to the music store and shoplift it yourself. Etcetera. Brilliant!


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