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I wasn't planning on another SPN post this week, but we're at such an interesting juncture I couldn't resist.

Schrodinger's Cat meets the Supernatural Fandom
More so than with any previous cliffhanger episodes, I feel like we're all holding our breath for this week's finale. Anything could happen, and for this one week in particular there's such a wide field of potential ways the story could go stemming from those final few moments of last Thursday - all of which will collapse down to "what actually happens" in canon this Thursday. It reminds me of the Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment in quantum physics: different realities are possible (a cat may be alive or dead in a box) until they are viewed (someone opens the box), and then they all "collapse" into one reality that actually does happen.*

*Yes, I know this is a massive oversimplification. But I assume most of you don't actually care for a detailed explanation of the quantum mechanical concept of superposition. If you do, let me know and I'm happy to blather on about my layman's understanding. Or you can check out its entry in Wikipedia - or The Straight Dope's explanation of Schroedinger's Cat which is probably a better idea than listening to me. :)

That's why I was so excited to discover the community [ profile] spn_standstill. We have so many different people's interpretations of those final moments of 2x21 - right before, during, or after - collected in one location, all sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. And anything is fair game. By the end of Thursday evening canon will be set, and we will all be in a different place collectively. We can all still write "what if"s of these moments after Thursday, of course - but it's different with the weight of canon now present.

I suppose this happens with episodes all the time, and I'm just unusually aware of it this time - so much so that I actually wrote a coda for the first time. Anyway, it's a really interesting space, so I just wanted to acknowledge it publicly before Thursday.

In related news, Audrey and I are still on crack )

As a result, we were talking about how the whole fandom was "flailing in a sea of angst" this week, which brought SEA ANEMONES instantly to mind for us both, with little (Finding N)emo faces upturned and hands slowly moving back and forth in a rhythmic undulation.

Needless to say, a drawing was clearly required, and since I can't draw I browbeat prevailed upon Audrey. Thus I present to you

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I've had an interesting week.

There have been lots of wonderful real-life things going on too: brunch with my awesome bro and his S.O. last Sunday, volunteering with the youth group and Taize meeting with coffee afterward, then gaming on Monday night, last anthology workshop Tuesday night, and a fascinating evening with an artist whose work I kinda idolize on Wednesday night.

But what has taken most of my mental energy and spare time this week has been my immersion in the virtual Supernatural fandom. This little monstrosity (2600-odd words at last count - and this is the edited version) was my way of cataloguing my experiences from the past week. But hey, it's an interesting little glimpse into my life and a corner of the internet most of my Viewing Audience(TM) doesn't really know about, so come on in! I've even written a little primer for you.

I'm glad I took the blue pill: musings from the Supernatural fandom )

Responses to Supernatural 2-13: Houses of the Holy
This week's episode, which as I noted in my previous shut-up-brain post, tripped a ridiculous number of my hot buttons. (No, no, not that kind of hot button. Well, okay, fine, that too, but it's not really what I meant.)

Backgrounder for non-viewers: the show. )

Background for non-viewers: the episode. )
General responses )
Personal responses (musings about faith and old Angst) )
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I can't decide if it's cute or just embarrassing that every entry I've ever made in this journal still fits on one LJ page...  :P

I've had a post growing in my mind for the past couple of days, but a conversation from last night seems more topical, given that it's New Year's and all. (Happy New Year, everyone!)

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Warning: there are minor spoilers for Fullmetal Alchemist.

I've had a scene running through my head from Fullmetal Alchemist, an anime television show currently running on YTV. It's very good, but rather dark in parts and this particular scene is no exception.

The scene is a flashback to an uprising that took place some 15 years before the "present time" of the story. In it, one soldier who we have come to know as driven and rather arrogant, is so distressed that he executed two doctors that he comes very close to taking his own life. He is stopped by another soldier who is himself so guilt-ridden over his role in the larger action against the "Ishbal Uprising" (which basically turned into a massacre by the military) that 15 years into the future, he remains haunted by his actions.

This short scene, only about 30 seconds long, brought a few different things to mind.

Firstly, given that most anime plots generally revolve around fights or violence of some kind (*sigh* I guess we can't all love anime like Haibane Renmei all the time), I've been impressed with the number of anime shows I've seen in the last little while that don't glorify the violence itself. The main characters in Gundam Seed, for instance, are drawn into battle with the greatest reluctance, and only to protect their friends. The show makes very clear not only the psychological toll on them, but the costs on both sides of the conflict. Then there's Vash the Stampede from Trigun, a committed pacifist who resorts to using his gun as a last resort, and refuses to kill.

Aside from these basic ideas, there are the various moral and ethical dilemmas which the shows spin out: how do you react when you realize too late that you've committed an act you can never take back, even if you thought it was the right thing at the time? How do you live you life from that point forward? What actions are worth taking to defend peace? What are the moral responsibilities of a pacifist, if his actions (or lack thereof) lead to more people being injured or killed?

We HAVE to do an anime discussion day with the youth groups. And people wonder why I find these shows so interesting!


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