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Ah, spring. Everything is finally (at long last!!!!) turning greeeeen, the trees budded sometime last weekend, and it's the season when all the local potheads get together for the annual Freedom Festival at a local park.

I kind of love it*, not only because I support legalization and am endlessly amused by just how but also because it's the first chance of the year to get street corn. Which, with its grilled and buttery goodness, sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning, I heart beyond all reason. Particularly when I've got a touch of the munchies after hanging out in the diffuse miasma of pot smoke that hangs in the air of Queen's Park this day every year. Good times.

Anyway, this food went down much better than a memorable bad food choice a couple of weeks ago. You know when you're really freakin' hungry, so you make Bad Food Choices? And by "bad", I mean a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel starts looking really irresistible, and then you sprinkle BBQ and garlic seasoning on top? And when you've eaten it and the hunger-induced haze starts to clear, the flavour lingering on your tongue resembles not so much a "party in your mouth" as "the day after the party when you wake up with a wicked hangover, next to some stranger who you're pretty sure gave you crabs, someone's trashed your house, peed on the couch, puked in the bed, and there's some smell emanating from the closet foul enough that you're frankly scared to check it out?" No? Just me? Alrighty then. Just take my word for it: steer away from pretzel-wrapped hot dogs with BBQ and garlic flavouring.

Longer post coming later with a recap of the last little while, but just wanted to wave a mellow "hi" to you all you lovely, lovely people first.

*The festival, not so much pot itself which my body doesn't particularly like in smoke form and which I've only really enjoyed in a brief but amusing episode of my life known among friends and family as The Pot Cookie Incident: roommate made TWO batches of cookies, one normal and one "special"...I wake up and have my usual cookies for breakfast...except they aren't my usual cookies...much amusement by all involved soon followed...


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