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So, you're interested in the Gutter!filter, eh? About sex and me, for thinky discussion and happy wallowing about in the gutter of random lewdness? Good for you, and welcome to the fun stuff! :D

I'm creating this mostly to spare folks who really don't care and/or really don't want to know, but also to provide a bit of privacy for more personal discussions. Likely conversation topics include: sex (duh), kink, toys, possible TMI, masturbation, libido, technique, what girls to together, what boys do together, ...okay, maybe what girls and boys do together, body parts and their reactions, and solicitation of your thoughts on the above. And other stuff that isn't occurring to me at the moment, I'm sure. *grins* I will be making liberal use of LJ-cuts, so even on the filter you are welcome to scroll on by anything you don't want to read without needing to reach for the eyebleach.

The requirements:

  • You be 18 or older. Yes, I will be checking profiles if I don't know your approximate age.

  • You be a LiveJournal member. (For those of you not on LiveJournal, that's because the filter permitting you to see the entries is associated with each reader's username. If you're a friend of mine not on LJ and want to read 'em anyway, let me know and I'll try to figure something out.)

  • You be respectful. You don't have to do or even agree with anything, and discussion is encouraged, but you do have to be respectful.

  • You wanna read it! And let me know by commenting below so I can add you to the filter. Comments to this post are screened, so no one except me will see them.

  • That's it! Just leave me a comment below, and I'll add you in! Then you can read the existing posts, if you want, by searching on the gutter!filter tag. <---or just use that link - once I've added you.


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