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Feeling annoyingly (and unusually, mercifully) emo and self-deprecating, so I'm just going to ignore it and maybe it will go away. Three cheers for denial! \o/ Stupid post-trip let-down and stupid sleeping habits. :P Spent entirely too long last night catching up with you lot, which was WONDERFUL and I look forward to getting back to it tonight - damn, I've missed you all - but perhaps not so wise in the sleep department.

Part of my brain: Huh. It's 1:44 AM. I'm still not sleepy, maybe because of the jet lag? Maybe I should go to bed?
Other part of my brain: YOU THINK?!?!?

In other news: I have tomatoes coming out my ears. My dad grows heritage tomatoes (=varieties at least 50 years old that were developed for flavour, not for how far they could be transported), and a crapload ripened at the same time. So he's left me with a huuuge box and a bushel basket. I'm eating them as fast as I can, am taking a bunch to work, but hey: anyone else in the area want some tomatoes? They're really good, but they're ripe NOW and it would be a travesty to have to toss 'em.

And because I have to share my pain: I got a spam email on Tuesday morning with the subject line "Good to the last drop." No, it wasn't talking about coffee. EW. EW. EW. *giggle*

Still working on the photos, but frankly catching up with you guys came first! *smishes you all*
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Eeee! Between LJ and Facebook, I swear I've had more birthday wishes by 8:30 in the morning than I ever had in the entire day before. *tears up, loves you all, loves the internet that makes it possible*

Okay, so I'm rushing off to work and have my birfday dinner tonight, and have been running around like a freakin' chicken with my head cut off with trip preparation and get-togethers and such. So this is just a drive-by post to say thanks so much for those of you who wrote lovely, thinky responses to the first post in my gutter!filter and/or are sending me birthday wishes! Comments and email responses are coming, if I'm lucky tonight or failing that I've set aside tomorrow evening.

*many enthusiastic hugs to you all*
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Firstly, the email seems to be sorted out...turns out I needed to do a clean install of Outlook. (I know, I know! I'll switch!) I'll be catching up with those lost emails as soon as I can. Thanks everyone for your support and patience.

Secondly, and much more importantly: happiest of birthdays to that awesome asset to the Supernatural fandom, the illustrious [ profile] missyjack. All the BEST people are born in August! *beams* While I didn't have time to undertake any of my initial plans, I did assemble a kinky-esque little picspam* just for you over at [ profile] dean_sam: Dean and Sam at their hottest when evil, tied up and/or getting roughed up. Enjoy, enjoy!
*With some wincest subtext, for those of you who might want to skip it on that basis.

Thirdly, this is my Official Announcement of my new opt-in filter about sex and me, for thinky discussion and happy wallowing about in the gutter of random lewdness.

I'm creating this mostly to spare those of you who really don't care and/or really don't want to know, but also to provide a bit of privacy for more personal discussions. Likely conversation topics ) I will be making liberal use of LJ-cuts, so even on the filter you are welcome to scroll on by anything you don't want to read without needing to reach for the eyebleach.

The requirements:
  • You be 18 or older. Yes, I will be checking profiles if I don't know your approximate age.
  • You be a LiveJournal member. (For those of you not on LiveJournal, that's because the filter permitting you to see the entries is associated with each reader's username. If you're a friend of mine not on LJ and want to read 'em anyway, let me know and I'll try to figure something out.)
  • You be respectful. You don't have to do or even agree with anything, and discussion is encouraged, but you do have to be respectful.
  • You wanna read it! And let me know by commenting below so I can add you to the filter. Comments to this post are screened, so no one except me will see them.

That's it! First post in a day or so. (Oh, and if you've already told me you want to be on this filter, I've already got you down. Unless you now want to be OFF it - in which case, just comment here to that effect and I will. :D)
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I learned two things from my last post:

1) Y'all are a delightfully prurient lot, lining up for my upcoming filter  ;)  *loves you*

2) There is a woeful lack of knowledge about chocolatines among my lovely flisters. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE. I would be a poor friend indeed if I did not share my meagre knowledge with you and introduce you to the royalty of pastries, that divine delight, The Chocolatine. So, with no further ado...

A Chocolatine (capitalized in My Special World, at any rate) is the Quebecois name for a chocolate croissant, also known in France as a pain au chocolat.

HOWEVER. There is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between the pathetic confection that passes as a chocolate croissant in most of North America, and the irresistable pastry that has been raised to an art form in France and Quebec. In my attempt to enlighten you, I have sacrificed one of my own Chocolatines for the cause, and also procured one of their local meagre bretheren for the purposes of comparison. (And, uh, sorry they're a little squashed. :P) Observe:
You will note its rich, flaky pastry, properly made with butter. You will also note the single (sometimes double) thick, solid line of dark chocolate that runs through its heart. It does not need a fancy exterior; this is a pastry secure in its quality. As I once said, "Heat these things up in the oven until the chocolate melts and...well, let's just say after eating one (or two, or three), I find myself practically wanting a cigarette and a little lie-down."
You will note it is oily and, were you to taste it, you would find it sickly sweet, insipid, and forgettable. The chocolate itself is sad: it's milky and "chocolate" in the same way that Cheez Whiz is "cheese". The attempts to enhance the presentation by adding sugar and more "chocolate" to the top is just kind of embarassing.
Note: Image quality greatly reduced for the dialup folk: click on each image for a loving closeup.

If you're in the mood for a good laugh, you may also be amused to read about the infamous 5 Dozen Chocolatine Incident.

Thank you for your attention. I now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ reading.
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Dear flist,

Am going to Montreal Pride for the weekend to partake of sexy women and chocolatines. Computers and internet access are not likely to figure in this Weekend of Hedonism (chocolatines!), Debauchery (I did mention the chocolatines, right?) and Catching Up With Friends (YAAAAAAY!), so I will see you all next week.

Don't wait up!

Much love,

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So! *rubs hands* Have recovered from Pride and a lovely houseguest this week, [ profile] trinity1986 (she of the Great Pride Parade Shoe Disaster), and so am finally updating. First up, the promised intro post for new folk, then out for a few hours :D, then coming back to catch up with all of YOU, and then a treehouse-and-transformer post. Then sleeeep. \o/

*surveys flist in astonishment* Good grief! Between random meetings, that friending meme a couple of weeks ago and Pride, I seem to have garnered over a dozen new friends. So, with no further ado, welcome *deep breath* [ profile] amizada, [ profile] aphrodite33, [ profile] betgirl, [ profile] crism79, [ profile] dante_the_mouse, [ profile] flawedamythyst, [ profile] iamnotkris, [ profile] kittyfauxpas, [ profile] morphing_lanes, [ profile] neeuqdrazil, [ profile] onci_dium, [ profile] petit_rhino, [ profile] sacredwhimsy, [ profile] shing, [ profile] shippyflo, [ profile] softgraysky, [ profile] the_great_waka, [ profile] trinity1986, [ profile] yue_ix to the Jungle! I can't wait to get to know you all better. *gestures to a comfy seat, hands you a beverage of your choice*

Rather than boring you all with me talking about myself for an intro post, I prevailed upon [ profile] themoderatrix who was my roommate for several years in university and dear, dear friend for...good grief, over a decade now...*feels old* to bring you all an insightful and amusing commentary on yours truly by way of introduction. She has done an outstanding job with no other instruction than the fact that "RUN! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!" was already taken. :D

And yes, it's all true. Except for the gills. Obviously. *shifty eyes*

DendriteJungle had virtually no scarring from the surgery.

But she still misses her gills.

DendriteJungle is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a vest. Okay, she took off the vest. One thing you can be pretty sure about Den is that she will remove all clothing the minute she gets the chance. Except for the undies, which stay on to keep the sofa clean.

DendriteJungle survived university by showering her various culinarily gifted roomies with outrageous compliments and offers of marriage. This is how she ate for four years. Her incredible powers of survival sensed that the most efficient way for her to eat was through flattery, and this became her mission through her entire undergraduate career.

DendriteJungle likes to fold small things into smaller things that are pretty neat. She likes to cram (in an orderly, catalogued kind of way) as much into her a) home b) mind c) life as she can get away with and then some. To visit Den's den is to spend hours just looking at all... the... cool... little... things... Same thing goes for her brain. And, natch, her life.

DendriteJungle will ditch her work and travel fourteen hours to be at your mom's funeral. Then she will have a lively discussion about dildos with your uncle at the wake.

DendriteJungle will collapse at your feet in gratitude if you bring her chocolatines from Montreal.

Den likes chocolate, paper, cats, treehouses, knots, bullwhips, dolls, wood, leather, books, garlic, cheese, writing, reading, fanfic, the web, TV, growing things, sleep and warmth.

DendriteJungle is the only person to whom I have given a voodoo doll of myself.

Nuff said.

Really, what more do you need to know? *beams, smishes her* And just because I love commenting, a few notes apropos of the doll, clothing, chocolatines, food symbiosis, and wake conversations about dildos )

ANYway, I'm always happy to blather on about myself, so if you have any questions, burning or otherwise, just let me know. And anything you want to share about yourselves (links are fine) I would love to know more about you too!


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