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No, don't worry, this post itself isn't emo. Though it is a lovely excuse to use my other Grover icon, yes? :D This is just the week that I've decided to once and for all catch up on all the various loose ends of things I've promised (implicitly or explicitly) to do for people over the months and years. Of course, compiling the full list of emails and comments left rudely unanswered, projects and people left hanging, etc. has been both humbling and depressing. But I'd still rather get the beating myself up about it over in one fell swoop rather than dragging it out indefinitely! And nothing to keep me from having fun at the same time, eh? XD I just wanted to let y'all know that if you get random comment replies or emails from me about something from ages ago, that's why.

In other news, you guys are AWESOME. I can't believe I got 31 poll responses (note to self: people love polls) and 18 comments on TEETH, of all things! If you'd told me this time last week I'd know all about your dental history, hygiene and habits, I would have laaaughed. But here we are! *hugs you all*

HOWEVER. I was terribly negligent, as pointed out by [ profile] gair, in not including two options in the poll. Having rudely deprived her of the appropriate options, I now present her - and any of you who felt similarly slighted - with the following highly optional addendum:

[Poll #1163389]

Next up: getting to responses to that meme (and y'all are still welcome to ask questions, if you like). And so help me, the first Australia pictures by next weekend!

P.S. I'm famous! My SPN get-togethers are legend! \o/ *glee* ;)

P.P.S. Photo of Earth Hour 2008, looking west across the city. NOT VERY DARK THERE, TORONTO. ESPECIALLY YOU, "PARTICIPATING" ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM. I mean, c'mon, with Robarts I can understand needing to keep at least hallway lights on for fire safety reasons. But the ROM's freaking ROOF?!?!? *looks disapproving*
Earth Hour 2008 Toronto
(Links to larger picture)
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I couldn't sleep on the Saturday night, so ended up writing some TWELVE THOUSAND WORDS for upcoming entries! O_o Apparently I had a lot to say. The first bit was all about how I love LJ and frankly rambly and kind of boring, so I'm putting most of that behind a cut so as to spare all but the most die-hard of you.

LJ and my life and you lot and how they seem to fit together. )

But the tail end was actually useful information about how I comment that might interest those who wonder why there's that crazy lag between them commenting and me responding:

The other thing you should know, if you comment in my LJ or reply to some comment of mine, is that I hoard comments. They sit in my inbox, treasured in their shiny unread potential like little presents, until I need a pick-me-up or just can't stand waiting anymore. So if you have commented and haven't heard back from me, it's not that I don't care and haven't read them, it's that I DO care and can't bring myself to open and engage with them until I'm in a position to respond and/or generate more.

Of course, this makes actual thread-conversations difficult, which sucks because I love them. :P And sometimes I just can't control my desire to read what you have to say and I gorge myself on a whole bunch at once.

If you care enough to comment in my LJ, you're pretty much guaranteed to hear back from me. It's not necessary to comment, of course, but I appreciate that you've taken the time to engage with me and am always happy to hear from you and respond in kind. And thanks for your patience in how long it can take for me to get back to you!

Aaanyway. In other news, I'm taking the meme plunge, which seems only fair after having subjected [ profile] lemmealone and [ profile] nixwilliams to nosy questions. *g* So you all have your chance now:

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, favorite type of underwear, graphic techniques, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other!

So far I've been given: )
I'll probably give answers this weekend since I should have a bit of time then. Nosy sex-related questions are welcome ;P but be aware I'll be posting any responses to those under the opt-in TMI gutter!filter, so if you aren't already on it and want to read the answers to those questions, you'll have to opt in.

P.S. Speaking of the filter, for those of you waiting on Those Workshop Notes (a good third of those twelve thousand words I wrote), I'm just waiting for approval from Sexgeek that it's okay for me to basically transcribe her workshop. *g*

P.P.S. I am extremely amused that "Facebook" comes up as a spelling error in LiveJournal. *g*

P.P.P.S. Can you tell I really love PSes and using small fonts? :D Okay, going to bed now...
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Y'all mean a hell of a lot to me, you know. You make me laugh and think and learn. You make my days brighter, and it's such a pleasure getting to know you better. Hell, I'm dating a couple of you, have a bunch of you over to watch TV with on a regular basis, and travelled halfway around the world to meet yet others!

So, thanks for being in my life. You're all in my heart this Valentine's Day.

*hugs all 'round*

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As various flisters have also been struck by the emos in the past week or so, I found myself regretting the lack of a proper hug icon to employ. I've had a specific one in mind, too: Grover.

So for everyone feeling like this: I give you one of THESE:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

To create this I managed to hunt down a delightful little montage of him on YouTube, and while screencapping it I was reminded of why I always liked his character so much. Allow me to share a bit of my Grover love:

I love his neverending enthusiasm, and the sheer zest with which he throws himself into everything from mastering a new concept to waitering (that's not a verb, it? Oh, you know what I mean) on roller skates. Even his mad flailing is endearing.

I love that he gets freaked out and confused and falls over, yet he still has the determination to get up and try again.

I love his unabashed affection, from his hugs and giggles with kids to his Kermit-tackles. Especially the latter, actually: if I ever get an action icon, it will probably be Grover glomping Kermit at the moment of his immortal cry, "Heeeey froggy babyyyy!" It just never fails to make me grin.

I love the innocence he represents. It's strange to see scenes like this and this and this as an adult, and I'm relieved to know that they aren't actually imbued with other meanings that could be implied. (In fact, I bet they wouldn't have made these scenes now.) And much as I appreciate a good satire of childhood favourites, I always kinda feel that Grover's innocence floats above that somehow.

When I mentally play the what-Muppet-would-I-be game, I'm generally torn between Grover and...well, a cross between Oscar and the Cookie Monster. *g* All in all, I prefer to think I'm like Grover!

What about you? Do you have Grover love? Other Muppets?

ETA: Someone asked if the icons are shareable, and they absolutely are. Credit would be appreciated, as would a comment, but isn't mandatory. Enjoy! :)


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