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Whee, holiday! *runs around high-fiving everyone*

You know, a year ago this weekend I was fresh off my first fortnight of Bugpocalypse. Everything I owned was either in storage or in plastic bags, my place was practically unlivable in part thanks to the ten tons of Raid I had sprayed everywhere so my cat and i had retreated ("strategically relocated") to my parents' place, and I was staring down the barrel of an infestation with no end in sight. Now, a year later, I'm sitting on my new couch in front of my wonderful, beloved television in my freshly so-close-to-done-I-can-feel-it renovated condo, slowly moving things back in and looking forward to a fall of courses to learn ALL THE THINGS (sewing! woodworking! printmaking! BOO-YEAH!) and continue to whittle down my belongings to a more manageable number.

I can't remember if I've announced this yet here, though I know I've been talking about it in person: my plan is to have my solarium completely emptied by Christmas so I can try and get a roommate. Then, by saving the extra cash, I'll have enough to afford to take a year off in two years time. My plan is to ask for a year off six months out, and if I can't return to my job so be it: I'll quit. *deep breath* So that's the PLAN; we'll have to see how it actually plays out over time. Life does have this pesky habit of changing.

So, what's been up with me lately?
  • I've been continuing to love the hell out of the BBC Sherlock, and spend spare moments happily rolling around in all the fantastically well-written fic which its fandom is constantly producing. The awesome [ profile] caffienekitty has initiated a series of "reccing Sundays" henceforth going on weekly at [ profile] sherlockbbc for anyone just wanting to get straight to the best of the best.
  • Had a lovely if INSANELY busy week when [ profile] eboniorchid was in town - among other things because I had, like, three different birthday dinners with different folks. <3 (Torontonian note: Dhaba is as drool-worthy a restaurant as ever and remains by favourite Indian food in town, but I also highly recommend Enoteca Sociale for fans of Italian. Crazy rich, but sooooo good!) And that weekend - last weekend - was FanExpo: more about that later!
  • I've mainlined the first season of Merlin, and will concede I can see why people like it. (Though I more want to pinch the boys' cheeks/noogie their heads than slash them. They're just so earnest and adorable! *g*)
  • This past week I've finally taken the first of a few sewing classes at The Workroom to make better use of the sewing machine [ profile] themoderatrix so kindly gifted me with many years ago. I'm quite excited, actually: I don't like wanting to do things but not knowing HOW, so I'm really looking forward to tackling a few in-house projects. *rubs hands gleefully*

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
In other news, I realized I'd carefully uploaded all these pictures a few weeks ago of my June and July and never posted them. So, with no further ado, have a general picspam of June/July )
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Patience, as anyone who knows me will tell you, is NOT one of my fort├ęs. I have been called many things in my life (some even nice! ;)) but "patient" will not ever, I suspect, be on the list.

I'm not really one to ascribe Greater Purposes to events, but if they exist? This year would be my Year of Being Schooled Patience. Whether I like it or not.

The evidence since last August )

So. Hardly the end of the world or anything, but it all collectively means (a) I'm still living out of boxes and bags, as I have since last August (though at least I'm at home while doing it!) and (b) there's this constant background level of stress.

But life marches on. I've brought my Palm Pilot and camera back into play while I wait for the iPhone, am keeping up with the running while I wait for the weightlifting stuff, and just continue going about my life as I wait for the renovations to start.

Other random tidbits:

After over a year of watching with my upstairs neighbours, we just finished watching all five seasons of The Wire last night. It really is the single most remarkable television program I've ever seen, which places it even above Babylon 5 in my estimation - high praise indeed.

I bought one of those scanner pens! I have wanted one for over a decade! I'm always reading books where I want to tag a sentence or two a page, but can't be arsed to actually type it all in. After this post I am going to install it and see if it works LIKE IN MY DREAMS. XD

If you like Venn diagrams as much as I do, you may be amused by this one of the difference between geeks, dorks and nerds.

Finally, pimpage for a friend: if you like online word games, there's a new word game portal where the games are curated to make sure they don't, y'know, suck. It looks good to me; check it out for yourself!
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Heh. As I write this, there are many honking and cheering revelers out on the streets below. Most people I know haven't been following the Olympics if they can possibly avoid it - which, for my fellow Canucks at least, has been pretty darn tough the last couple of weeks - so out of deference to them I will cut my blather about it. )

Also? The war of the pants will never not be funny. Oh, Norwegians. Never change.

Anyway. As I just said on Facebook, while enjoying the partying revelers outside, on a serious note I'm astonished and relieved at how minimal the loss and damage from the Chile quake was - even with all the deaths and displacements. Most people don't realize the Richter scale is exponential, and just how much MORE horrific the consequences of an 8.8 quake could have been. (For comparison, the one that hit Haiti was 7.0, so this was over TEN TIMES stronger.) Thank heavens for strict building codes!

Finally, I had promised various people a few different links. Firstly, we have the sheer awesomeness of Pavlov's Dogs Handbell ensemble, a collection of local women - most of whom used to be members of the youth group I helped out with, making any performances they make IN the burlesque shows that they frequently perform at A LITTLE AWKWARD FOR ME AAAUGH - who play covers of music with handbells. Yes, handbells. Several octaves of handbells, in fact, and these gals are darn good at playing them. Here they are with the opening strains of Queen's "Somebody to Love" (I love they way people start singing along as they recognize it) and OMG MY FAVOURITE the Imperial March from Star Wars.


And on a vaguely-related (music?) note, I thought y'all might be as delighted/amused as I to learn that I have stumbled across BAD PORN MUSIC GEEKERY. I can't even remember what I was surfing anymore when I stumbled across this *shifty eyes* but this is a fascinating look at 70s vs 80s porn music, complete with audio clips and such quotable gems as this:

80's porn music reeks of repetition, stupidity, loneliness, unoriginality, and unrelenting sadness -- and that's a great thing. 80's soundtracks actually speak to the visceral experience of masturbation itself: it's like the dull, throbbing death-beat of your heart in your head as you forsake real life and real partners for yet another unhealthy, scared wank.

The guy clearly has some issues, but it doesn't make me any less delighted that I live in a world where some people can get all enthusiastic talking about TERRIBLE PORN MUSIC. Sometimes my glee about the internet in particular and the world in general just has no bounds.
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So let me give you some games! *beams*

Well, game recommendations, actually. I'm not a big gamer, but I've recently stumbled across a number of short little online gems that are...well, as much "meditations" or "interactive art" as games. They're fascinating and lovely and melancholy and actually kinda profound and touching, which is quite an accomplishment since they're also very minimalist. I just had to share them with you...

Small WorldsSmall Worlds. I love this more than I can articulate. You start as a few tiny pixels in surroundings that are hard to make out - but the more you explore, the further back the view pulls as each world is slowly revealed. Who knew highly pixelated art could be so gorgeous! (I admit I'm a total sucker for world exploration, so I may be rather biased.) Be sure to have your sound on for this one: the music is definitely a part of the experience. When finished, it's fascinating to read different people's interpretations on what's going on; scroll down to the comments here. Took me about 15 minutes.

The Black Forest 1-2The Black Forest series. I first stumbled across this a couple of weeks ago, but all four episodes are now online. I don't know about their evoking "emotional experiences", but their specific combinations of simple gameplay and music did leave me in a lovely contemplative headspace. I particularly love the first and second ones: be sure to have your speakers on so you can hear the music build. About 5-10 minutes per episode.

Gretel &amp; HanselGretel and Hansel. This one is longer and more "game-y", with more hunting and figuring out what to do. I've included it because (a) I love the watercolour visuals and (b) the sense of humour: you get points, among other things, based on how many different ways you can die. Macabre humour FTW! *glee* Here's a walkthrough for this one too, with all the different possible deaths.

Every day the same dreamEvery Day The Same Dream. Sort of Groundhog Day meets Kafka. You live the same day over and over, doing little things differently - until the end. Which is rather unsettling. Should you, like me, have a low tolerance for figuring out what's next, there are tips and walkthroughs in the comments here. 5 or 10 minutes if you know what you're doing; took me somewhat longer cuz I'm slow like that. :P

Little WheelLittle Wheel. As much an interactive mini-movie as a game, this quirky little piece has irresistible graphics. Simple and awesome. Five minutes.

Hope y'all enjoy these as much as I have!
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Hi flist hi! I have no idea why my body decided that 5AM was just the perfect time to wake up, but I've decided to take advantage of its poor judgement and finally post to LJ again. \o/ I R SO ORGANIZED. *beams*

I've been rather daunted at the prospect of summarizing my trip to New York and Philly at the beginning of the month, but here goes nothing:

PhotobucketMy trip highlights )

Other news since I got back:

I have started watching Lost, since I'd like to watch the final season live with the rest of the world. The discovery that this actress was on the show BLEW ME AWAY, because this character of hers is my favourite character of all time, anywhere but I've never seen the actress in anything else! I may have squealed. A LOT.

I've discovered this wonderful acoustic guitar internet radio station which I'm loving, and kind of has me wanting to learn guitar. So I've borrowed one. We'll have to see how this goes... :P

This past weekend I was helping a friend who is working on a claymation Flash game. SO. MUCH. FUN. And he's just released the intro on YouTube. Sadly the bits I worked on are in different cut scenes, but it's still funny and awesome and you should totally check it out:

[Error: unknown template video]
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WELL. I'm not exactly where I'm supposed to be at the moment. I should be in New York City at the moment, signing in for a weekend of exciting paperfolding. (Yes, after spending money to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I am now spending good money to fold paper with other people for a weekend.) I don't discuss it much, but I have a lifelong love *coughandtalentforcough* origami, and while I haven't been in the past...good grief, decade? to the annual OrigamiUSA conventions in New York, I have been a number of times in my life since I was a geeky little teenager. Good times.

But no, I am not there. I am back at the Porter airline terminal in Toronto after we were turned back from landing in Newark. (Note I say "landing" as in "we'd already been in the air and were basically THERE and then had to fly back".) *sigh* Thunderstorms, I gather. That they are expecting to continue, truth be told, so I may well be wasting my time waiting here with silly hope. But hope springs eternal and weather can be unexpected, so I'd rather be here just in case. And frankly, if I'm gonna be stuck somewhere, the Porter general lounge is a pretty darn sweet place to be: free drinks, free snacks, free wireless, free newspapers...woohoo!

My backup plan is to take a late-night bus tonight, which should still get me in town before registration tomorrow morning. I'm just sorry I'm going to miss the Pride party tonighgt that a friend is hostin, since it was going to be my one chance to see a bunch of my New York friends this year. :(

Of course, on the up side, this gives me time to post! *g* Last weekend I spent at my favourite film festival of the year: the World Wide Short Film Festival! They're my kind of festival. Hee! :D I love it when festivals don't take themselves so damn seriously. A few I particularly enjoyed this year:

Paul Rondin est...Paul Rondin (A guy who's movie trailer voice continues in real life has trouble meeting women who will tolerate his eccentricities - until he meets a woman who records phone menus for a living.)
The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon. IT'S A SPOON. *dies laughing*
Deadspiel. It's zombies! It's curling! How much more Canadian can you get?
Post-it Love. A sweet 3-minute look at a quirky office romance. (This one you can actually SEE - thanks YouTube!)
Dog. A heart-wrenching stop-motion animation with unbelievably emotionally "real" characters. Just incredible. (And did I mention heart-wrenching?) You can also watch this one...but uh, maybe then watch the Post-it Love as a more pleasant chaser.

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Okay, so that term "snowmageddon" that's being bandied about for the current spate of local snowstorms amuses me a great deal. So far I'm not sure anything I've seen (even taken together) merits the title: sure, we've had a good dump of snow, and certainly "snow storms" would apply, but "snowmageddon"? Please. Can we save that for something that constitutes something beyond an average set of Toronto winter storms?

Still, it is just fun to say. SNOWMAGEDDON. Although "snowpocalypse" cracks me up too. XD

I saw the movie Australia on Friday. I love Baz Luhrmann, and I love the country, so I really really wanted to love it...yeah. How about we move right on to a movie I actually enjoyed? Bolt? Is AWESOME. It's a Disney movie in 3-D (that's mercifully well done, which is a first) told from an animal POV. It's basically a dog-loses-beloved-person, dog-must-find-beloved-person-though-many-adventures story with a few delightful twists: firstly, the dog thinks he has superpowers but doesn't, and secondly one of his Wacky Sidekicks(TM) is an awesome, AWESOME hamster. He is to this movie what Hammy was to Over The Hedge, in my opinion: he makes the movie. Aside from being generally hilarious, he exhibits the same sense balance of wonder and go-get-em-I-can-do-anything-though-not-really cocky dorkitude (that's totally a word) of Po in Kung-Fu Panda. Anyway, here's the full trailer which pretty accurately sums up the hamster's fabulousness, or here's just the hampster-relevant bits.

I also have two amusing photos to share with y'all. First is an absolutely terrifying testament to 80s design sense, unearthed from the depths of our kitchen cupboards at work during a recent cleaning, and the other is one of my poor spider-plants suffering the ill-effects of its recent relocation at my hands.

brace yourself! )

Finally, if I may be all schmoopy for a moment, much as I love my biological relations, I feel incredibly lucky to have such wonderful chosen family and friends as well. *smishes you all*
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So I SHOULD be downstairs working out. I've gotten pretty good at that, actually: remembering to work out in the mornings, I mean. Not every day, of course: that's just crazytalk. But, y'know, a good three out of seven. I figure it's a start! :D It's been a month and counting. I mostly just walk on the treadmill. Nothing too arduous; I figure I have the rest of my life to Get Tough. I'm mostly just trying to get myself in the habit at this point. Which is no mean trick, believe you me.

(Er, to forestall the bajillion questions on "OMG you're working out, but WHY?!?! You're so SKINNY!": I may be skinny, but - and I know this is a hard concept for many people to grasp - skinny doesn't necessarily mean fit. I am a couch potato by nature, and really don't like sports. But I'm aware my cardiovascular fitness could be a lot better (it is PATHETIC that I get winded walking up the stairs at work. Even if they are crazy steep stairs from hell), and I'd like to maintain and improve my strength, flexibility and bone density as I get older, rather than letting them slowly slide downhill. And I promised myself as a teenager I'd start working out when I'm 30. Seeing as I'm 34 now... ;P)

But, I miss you guys and this whole LJ thing. So dammit, I decided to post instead! :D Good idea Y/Y?

So, bullety update:

  • adorable nephew is adorable
  • [ profile] eboniorchid is in town!!!!1!1!!! There has been awesome food (room service FTW! oh god I just looove the utter decadence of room service), lovely cuddles, and long chats. It's all terribly boringly fabulous.
  • snow = YAY
  • snow + melting + refreezing = ice = BOO
  • I have been thinking about Future Job Options a lot (*coughasIdowhenI'mslightlymaniccough*) and I am thinking of starting something I've always wanted to do: starting a little blog about random cool shit in the world. And then if I'm really lucky down the road I can make money through advertising so waaaay down the road I can quit my day job and travel around the world, updating as I go! :D Not that I'm over-ambitious or anything, eh? But y'know, it's not like it requires some massive influx of cash for me to get started. Just time...oh, wait. That thing I don't have. *facepalm*
  • clementine season = YAY
  • I managed to make tea yesterday without maiming myself or anyone else = YAY
  • Old printer dying = BOO but! new printer being wireless (oooh) = YAY

In other news, has anyone else (y'know, local) been to the new Art Gallery of Ontario? Cuz it is STUNNING. Seriously. I mean, I liked the new Royal Ontario Museum, but this baby? It's all wood and curves and beautiful and makes me so proud for our city to finally have a really nice piece of modern architecture that isn't really phallic, angular or just plain weird. (Okay, aside from the BCE Place, which is gorgeous and I also love, and not just because I can get Movenpick ice cream there. And it's SO DISTINCTIVE I am always pleased that I can identify it in movies. Such as the various __ of the Dead movies, for instance, much to my amusement. Zombies! In downtown Toronto, woohoo! Again! Some more!

On a related note, I should do a post sometime about my love/derision for Resident Evil: Apocalypse with Toronto (very) thinly disguised as Racoon City. I mean, Toronto! Creepy skinless dobermans in MY OLD HIGH SCHOOL! Blowing up our freakin' CITY HALL!!! I mean, really, how awesome is that? Too bad the movie itself is quite so viscerally, painfully bad...

Good lord, this started off as a bracket two paragraphs ago, didn't it? O_o)

Ack. It's now 8:08. Gotta get this up, or I'll be going yet another day without an update...
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Heeey, I found my missing pictures! YAY! So I can now present to you the picspam I was working on earlier this week. Below is the original entry I wrote - now with the photos! \o/

Well. It's 5:20 AM and I wish I were sleeping, and since I'm not I SHOULD be doing my taxes or cleaning or catching up on emails. But no. What I WANT to do is hang out with all of you, so I am going to indulge myself shamelessly and finally do a picspam I've been wanting to do for ages. To this end I am co-opting the meme for which [ profile] morphing_lanes tagged me and rather than the eight random things meme (which I did here, for the curious), I am declaring it the "eight unexpected places I've been that I thought you might find interesting to hear about/see pictures of" picspam.

So, with no further ado, a picspam of eight unexpected places I've been that I thought you might find interesting to hear about/see pictures of. I've just put a few thumbnails above the cut; under the cut is seriously non-dialup-friendly. *g* I haven't done my link-to-larger pics this time, though, since they take forever and I'm not really sure if it's worthwhile (if anyone really misses them just let me know in the comments).

(And for the record, it's KILLED ME to get these down to a few photos of each: I have literally hundreds on just these eight locations - six hundred from Yakushima alone. :P)

A preview:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Burning Man )

Biosphere 2 - artificial 'closed' ecological system )

Yakushima - world heritage site and the forest that inspired Princess Mononoke )

Sleeping in a tree )

World Treehouse Convention )

Toronto islands at dawn )

The Royal Ontario Museum at dawn )
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So [ profile] vinylroad pointed out earlier this week the small writing on a Nielsen's 2% milk container (scroll down for the photo). HOW HAD I NEVER NOTICED IT SAID THIS!?!? *dies laughing* And she's got a winner of a new tagline for homo milk itself. Homo milk: tastes like sin! \o/

For the non-Canucks in the crowd, "homo" milk is "homogenized" or what I think the rest of the world calls whole milk, as opposed to 2% (2% fat content) or skim milk (no fat).

In other dairy amusement, I was delighted in Australia to discover they had a brand of yogurt called nudie. Also their skim milk had the much "sexier" name of "Slim" or "Trim", depending on the brand. O you clever marketers, you. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

I'm still baffled by "Musk sticks", however... O_o I keep hearing the taste is reminiscent of musk, but I thought musk was an animal scent gland? Is that really an appealing flavour? Sadly, I forgot to taste test while I was there...
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Greetings, all! I am trying to combine my social life with staying in touch with all of YOU, so while [ profile] eboniorchid takes a nap works I thought I'd provide y'all with a long-overdue update. And since I haven't done a real-life picspam in a while, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and subject you to show you some of the stuff I've been up to recently.

Firstly, here are a couple of pics from Halloween in Toronto's gay village, in particular the OHMIGODSOAWESOME Thundercats costumes and a Lego guy I thought was pretty darn great. (And as an aside, let me just say that for those of you who are on [ profile] audreyovisual's flist and saw her cop costume, her pictures do not even begin to cover the perfection of her casual, perfect "yep, I'm a cop" lounging, complete with gum-chewing.)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

By popular [ profile] nixwilliams request, I have also included a selection of pictures from the Toronto zombie walk. (Didja know Melbourne just had theirs?) I set myself up at Yonge and Bathurst, right in front of Honest Ed's, and then moved across the road so I could get a wider view and see people crossing the intersection.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In other what-I've-been-up-to news, last weekend I went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with Mrs. Mongolia a.k.a. [ profile] torontoreacher and her lovely children Bright Boy and Bruiser. I love The Royal, partly because I love the animals and the booth-shopping, partly because it's just so much fun to go with kids, and partly for the FOOD. Mmmm, food. I was extemely disappointed that the Ontario Pork booth wasn't there this year, because that little pork-sandwich-thingy they do every year is ASDKGJ$WDF!!1!1! *sniff* However, I mollified myself with rosti, back bacon, ice cream, fudge and this crazy-good apple dumpling thing in a cinnamon and sugar pastry... *droooools*

While there, I did notice this: (click for enlargement)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Between the ice cream and lemonade stand were two signs, one solemnly warning of the effects of alcohol during pregnancy, and the other informing us that "ID IS A MUST. We ID anyone who appears to be under 30. Maximum 2 drinks per person." I'm glad they're being so careful with...uh...the non-alcoholic lemonade?!?!? Yes, I assume there is normally some other stand there. I just amuse easily.

I had to share two other final pictures. Firstly, this rather phallic tomato that was part of my dad's late crop. (Yeah, sorry the tomato looks a little worse for wear; it took me a few days to get around to the picture-taking.) I offer it in homage to Nix's famous potato-penis.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Secondly, I couldn't resist this magazine ad for Club House popcorn seasonings. With the little popcorn kernel people all in different sizes! And the one reaching down from the bowl! So cute! That would be such a fun job: looking for the perfect popcorn kernel people.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And I will close by saying, much as Toronto often annoys the crap out of me, I do kind of love living in a city where, on the way home, I can randomly stumble across Aretha Franklin giving a street performance. *smishes city*

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, everyone!

P.S. For those of you who opted in to my TMI gutter!filter, I'm actually, finally, at long last going to be posting about the Happenings of the Past Month later tonight. Sorry it's taken me such a long time, but it's finally done! \o/ It's over 3,000 words. :P Those of you who want the dish but aren't on LJ just email me and I'll email you the sordid details.
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A bit more about yesterday's Zombie Walk.

So TwistedHip had this great idea of an anti-zombie protest, and [ profile] audreyovisual came up with some fabulous slogans. My personal favourites:
"You ooze, you lose."
"We like our brains where they are."
"Go back to the grave you came from!"
"Not dead against the undead."
And a "no shambling" sign. Hee!
Sadly, we weren't able to get our act together this year. But next year we are so there.

The zombies had some pretty awesome slogans too. Best sign ever: "Zombies are were people too." Yes, complete with the strikeout! I'm just sorry my photo of the sign didn't come out. :(

May I just say how incredibly endearing I find it that Toronto zombies wait so politely at the traffic lights? *pets our well-behaved zombies fondly*

Zombie!wranglers. These poor people were trying to corral our undead masses. "Alright! All zombies! Please keep OFF THE ROAD!" The zombies meant well, I'm sure, but with so much zombie fun, who can keep track of such pesky things as street traffic? You need BRAAAINS for that shit. Fortunately, no zombies were actually killed made (or maimed) in the making of this walk.
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So the co-workers I browbeat into watching Supernatural (hey, they're all glad NOW!) and I are having a pre-premiere watch-All-Hell-Breaks-Loose viewing this Sunday evening from 7ish to 9ish, and if there are other random Toronto fen who'd like to pop by, you would be more than welcome! Squeeage will have to be saved until the end of each episode (well, insofar as squee can be stored: I'd hate for anyone to explode), because THREE of them haven't seen the episodes yet. *pets them*

I live right downtown so I'm dead easy to get to on the TTC, and I should mention for those allergic that I do have a cat.

Anyway, no pressure, but if you'd like to pop by, just drop me a line at dendritejungle (at) livejournal (dot) com or leave me a comment below, and I'll get back to you with details. I'd love to meetcha!

(Also, anyone interested in catching part of the awesome one-night-all-night-citywide-art-fest of Nuit Blanche this Saturday night? I'm planning to be out catching as much as I can from dusk 'til dawn...)

Apologies to you non-Toronto folk. I'll get around to creating a Toronto filter eventually, I promise...

Will catch up on comments later, really. Now, off for dinner with [ profile] eboniorchid! \o/
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I wasn't planning on another SPN post this week, but we're at such an interesting juncture I couldn't resist.

Schrodinger's Cat meets the Supernatural Fandom
More so than with any previous cliffhanger episodes, I feel like we're all holding our breath for this week's finale. Anything could happen, and for this one week in particular there's such a wide field of potential ways the story could go stemming from those final few moments of last Thursday - all of which will collapse down to "what actually happens" in canon this Thursday. It reminds me of the Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment in quantum physics: different realities are possible (a cat may be alive or dead in a box) until they are viewed (someone opens the box), and then they all "collapse" into one reality that actually does happen.*

*Yes, I know this is a massive oversimplification. But I assume most of you don't actually care for a detailed explanation of the quantum mechanical concept of superposition. If you do, let me know and I'm happy to blather on about my layman's understanding. Or you can check out its entry in Wikipedia - or The Straight Dope's explanation of Schroedinger's Cat which is probably a better idea than listening to me. :)

That's why I was so excited to discover the community [ profile] spn_standstill. We have so many different people's interpretations of those final moments of 2x21 - right before, during, or after - collected in one location, all sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. And anything is fair game. By the end of Thursday evening canon will be set, and we will all be in a different place collectively. We can all still write "what if"s of these moments after Thursday, of course - but it's different with the weight of canon now present.

I suppose this happens with episodes all the time, and I'm just unusually aware of it this time - so much so that I actually wrote a coda for the first time. Anyway, it's a really interesting space, so I just wanted to acknowledge it publicly before Thursday.

In related news, Audrey and I are still on crack )

As a result, we were talking about how the whole fandom was "flailing in a sea of angst" this week, which brought SEA ANEMONES instantly to mind for us both, with little (Finding N)emo faces upturned and hands slowly moving back and forth in a rhythmic undulation.

Needless to say, a drawing was clearly required, and since I can't draw I browbeat prevailed upon Audrey. Thus I present to you

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For anyone who loves a chance to see hidden, neat things, the TTC subway construction this weekend means that the Bloor/Danforth line will be detouring through the "lost" Lower Bay subway station.

One of Toronto's few unused and forgotten subway stations, the Lower Bay subway station has been essentially ignored since 1966, six months after it opened. It is still occasionally used as a movie set. The Transit Toronto folk have an excellent article on it here, and you can see more pictures of the station here.

The subway won't be stopping there, but you have a chance to see it as it goes by. And if you miss it this weekend, they will be continuing the work for the next five weekends.

(Cross-posted to [ profile] torontoexplorer.)


Jan. 27th, 2007 02:26 pm
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I was wondering where the hell January went, and then I remembered:
  • Taking a 4-week workshop at the Toronto Women's Bookstore on creating an anthology
  • Not watching An Inconvenient Truth for youth group, and chatting for a couple of hours instead. Good fun.
  • Getting together at [info]bassringer's place, buying a couple of her awesome shirts and watching An Inconvenient Truth with her housemates
  • Monday night gaming, of course
  • Mad "decoupage" at Actiongrrlz. I love you guys.
  • Seeing Jesus Camp with Roo. Fascinating. What really distressed me about this movie was not the right-wing political and religious agenda of the subjects (well, it does, but that's not specific to the film), but rather the blatant, heavy-handed emotional manipulation of the kids to further shape them with specific beliefs and actions. Call me crazy, but pushing kids through emotional intensity hard enough to make them cry, repeatedly? Not okay. I don't care what your intentions are. The Q&A afterwards with the directors was equally interesting, and I really agreed with their asessment that the film acted as a mirror for the viewers to their own beliefs on the subjects it touched on. I had noticed it myself when watching the film: where the audience chuckled, outright laughed, or went dead silent made it pretty obvious they were mostly left-wing folk here for an inside view on the wacky Christian Right. Most left extremely sobered by what they saw.
  • Finally getting together with MemeThief  and [profile] w1ldc47 for a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to Torchwood
  • Finally getting together with [profile] nottheterritory and [personal profile] anidada for some quality time. And then being a headline in her LJ - cool!
  • Babysitting for the Hips and helping the Mongolias with bedtime on consecutive Thursdays (and then watching Supernatural, of course)
  • Seeing Pan's Labyrinth with [profile] bassringer and company. (Incredible movie. Deserves every accolade it's been given. Much darker than I thought it would be, and quite brutal in parts, though. I've never before heard large portions audience make "eeew" or "euuuugh!!" noises in the theatre - or maybe I just noticed since I was averting my eyes.)
  • Giving [personal profile] audreyovisual a bit of a hand moving stuff around at her place. And what stuff: I'm not sure I've ever been anywhere where I either owned or wanted virtually every single book on someone's bookshelf before...
  • Discovering more and more and more of my friends have blogs - YAY!
  • Watching new Heroes and Battlestar Galactica episodes with Twistedhip and Splink. THANK GOD the hiatus is over - and it's beyond so great to watch these shows with other people who love it too.
  • Seeing Brotherhood of the Wolf with [profile] nottheterritory, whch we've been trying to do for years. Absolutely worth the wait. Martial arts and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-style fighting in 18th-century France? Awesome.
  • Trying desperately to catch up on 10-odd hours of Samurai Champloo. And two weeks of Bionix. After, of course, blowing through the entire first season of Supernatural.
  • Dinner with parents, work New Year dinner....and spending entirely too much time splashing about in the Supernatural fandom.
All of which means I've been doing a crappy job on my New Year's Resolution. And am feeling somewhat harried. But damn it's been fun!


Jan. 6th, 2007 03:17 pm
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It has been a fun word week here in the Jungle, and I simply must share a few of my favourites. So, with no further ado, two words I'd never heard before but now love:

...and three words where I knew the phenomena they're describing, but never had the proper label for them before:

I love random surfing at lunch.
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I have been introduced to a wonderful set of spoken word and video pieces in the last couple of weeks, and I would be remiss if I didn't share them.

First up, we have Ernie Cline's "When I Was a Kid" (scroll down a bit and click on track 2) chastizing today's kids for how hard we had it...back in 1987. No email - you had to write a letter. With a PEN. And then MAIL it. And THEN it would take a week to get there. If you want to steal music, there were no MP3s or Napster - you had to go to the music store and shoplift it yourself. Etcetera. Brilliant!

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It's just past 9 PM, and the sun only set about half an hour ago. It's still light out. It occurred to me earlier today that at this time of year when the days are so long, we are in sunlight from when we wake up in the morning virtually until we go to bed.

I find it comforting to think that for these few weeks, we're all awash in light...


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