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Or my Dark Angel DVDs, for that matter?

I swear I'm the best person to borrow stuff from if you want to keep something: I can NEVER remember who has what. :P One day I will learn to keep a list. One day...

I'm not specifically posting my reactions to the finale, since I'm still kind of processing it. But for any other BSG fans out there, I found a message from Ron Moore about the series finishing and a final thank you to everyone. He captured exactly how I was/am feeling, yesterday and today, more generally:

"Tomorrow the story will be over, my tale having been told, and never again will there be the sweet anticipation of waiting for the next episode to be shown to fans and friends. The thought of it makes my heart ache even as swells with pride.

"All I know is that today there is a show called Battlestar Galactica and tomorrow there was."

It was a helluva ride, Ron. And everyone. Thank you.

Oh, MAN. When Supernatural ends I am going to be A MESS. :P
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Longer post coming later this weekend, but I just had to say that I can hardly believe that in just over an hour it will be the last episode of Battlestar Galactica. I'm sure there will be spinoffs and/or miniseries (miniserieses?), but THIS trip will be over.

OH MAN. *keens*
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Firstly, congrats to all my fine American friends! *throws confetti* I admit to getting just a wee bit teary myself when watching the proceedings. Just a little. ;)

Also, and I realize I may be alone in this, I've actually really been enjoying being outside in the bone-chilling temperatures of the last ten days or so. (And I should add that's in part because I don't have to spend very long outside at a time - generally just getting to and from work. There's something very...cleansing about it. My grandmother was right: it IS brisk and bracing. Though it helps that I like it because I have warm, warm clothes, so it's just my face that gets cold, not my body. That's at work. :P Stupid desk against an outside uninsulated wall. *kicks it*

And because I blather on so much about That One Show Wot I Love (new episodes, wheee!), I thought this time I'd focus on a different one: Battlestar Galactica! They're back, yaaay! I'll put my few thoughts about the webisodes and this first episode so far under a cut, but I also had to share this exchange from an improv show I went to last weekend called Battleawesome Awesomestar (see, this post title isn't a spoiler, it's the name of the show! *beams*). It was based on the loose script of the cylons having sabotaged something, with the audience choosing the something. It ended up being cellphones and toothbrushes, which led to the following exchange.

President Laura Roslin (who has cancer, for those who don't watch the show), dramatically, after she realizes her toothbrush is gone: I have CANCER and I have PLAQUE. And there's only one of those things I can do anything about!
Billy (her aide): *nods sympathetically, then looks puzzled* ...wait, you mean the plaque, righ-

Also, there seems to be a vid of another bit I really liked on YouTube

Hee! Okay, maybe I just amuse easily. Anyway, if any Torontonians are interested, the show runs for another couple of Saturdays; details here.

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