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*I could say "Eagle" I suppose, but really, since I'm Canadian "Beaver" seemed more appropriate...

Home, safe and sound! \o/ No thanks to the frikkin' Los Angeles airport, but the less said about that, the better. :P But otherwise, an entirely incredible trip. I'm officially in love with Australia, and will regale you all with photos and such when I've settled in a bit more.

In the meantime, I have to share that [ profile] neeuqdrazil and [ profile] audreyovisual arranged for the BEST HOMECOMING EVAR what with little banners and streamers saying "yay!" and "*glee!*" and other such sayings plastered all over my place PLUS cooked food in the fridge - potatoes, people - PLUS, and this is just the best, Audrey found a couple of Ken dolls at Goodwill and had entirely too much fun putting together a little "Plastic Winchester Theatre* Lost Episode" scene, featuring knife-wielding!Sam and nekkid-bondage!Dean ) *dies laughing with delight* SO AWESOME, PEOPLE. SO. MUCH. LOVE.
*You do know Plastic Winchester Theatre, right? By the brilliant [ profile] anteka?

Have a few stats until I can get my trip picspam and other stuff together:
  • Total number of flights in three weeks: 9
  • Total distance flown: 24,424 miles or 39,308 km
  • Total people visited: 10
  • Fen visited: [ profile] merihn, [ profile] veronamay, [ profile] lemmealone, [ profile] nixwilliams, [ profile] missyjack, and I also had the pleasure of meeting [ profile] daniel_bethany and [ profile] johnnypurple
  • Postcards sent: 13 (Which beats my previous record by 11 or so. :P But everyone who asked for 'em, should be receiving them!)
  • Casualties/ AWOL/ MIA: Two of my three camera batteries (at $60 a pop, dammit) and one pant leg - which of course renders the rest of the pants rather useless as well. *sigh*
  • Pounds gained: 8
  • And the total number of photos? 5,243! \o/

Sorry this post isn't longer but I've been really good and made myself do household crap all day like laundry, putting stuff away, food shopping, etc. before I let myself turn the computer on because I knew once I went online I wouldn't stop. Of course, it now means that I'm only getting online at this late hour and don't have time to do all the flist surfing I was hoping to. *facepalm* But hey, it doesn't all need to be done tonight, right? I'll be playing catchup with you over the next week, but in the meantime if anything earth-shattering has been happening, do let me know - and, of course, I want to know how you are all doing! :D

In the meantime, hugs to you all - I've missed you!
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Mmmmmm. Posting from an internet cafe in Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef as I wait for a photo DVD to burn (4,000 pics and counting! The great tradition of photo insanity continues! \o/), and I'm full of pizza and sleepy from the snorkelling and dive today, and impressed that for the first time in almost two decades sun managed to sneak past my well-sunblocked fortifications. (For the record, it's not a bad burn: just one of those ones that will turn a lovely shade of brown in a couple of days.)

I'm kinda at a loss as to how to sum up Melbourne and the fair folk therein, particularly since my time here is short. Let me say that both [ profile] missyjack and [ profile] nixwilliams sure know how to show a girl a good time - particularly if that girl's tastes run towards superlative food, music, TV and of course company!

Oh god, people, the FOOD! MJ cooked this fish dish...*gestures helplessly trying to describe its awesomeness*...can I just say it was one of the best fish dishes I have ever had in my life? (And there were POTATOES TOO! I still had the grin on my face the next morning.)

Nix narrowed in on my love of fine chocolate, and was rewarded (whether he liked it or not, heh) with an up-close look at my infamous reactions to chocolate that have led friends to comment that I blur the fine line between sex and food. And this is to say nothing of Nix's own exceptional meal, and the many other fine repasts to which they took me. *whimpers in food-memory ecstasy*

...ack! There's more I wanted to say about Melbourne and its mavens and my time there, but there's a lineup so I have to run... :P
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\o/ It's currently ten to two in the morning, and after being up at 5 to watch the sunrise over Ayer's Rock, an 8 km walk (okay, 6 km walk and 2 km run when I thought I was going to be late :P), an 1800 km plane flight, awesome food with MJ and [ profile] nixwilliams and a drag king show, I am currently sitting in [ profile] missyjack's kitchen with a singing, dancing MJ in the background.

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Greetings O Livejournal Associates!

Now that I am no longer staying with my relatives and their family computer which their 7-year-old daughter sometimes uses (really, I love you all, but I'd hate to have her accidentally wander across my friends page on an average day...yeah...), I wanted to drop y'all a line to let you know that I am, indeed alive, made it to my clan, and successfully made contact with the other natives via alphanumeric messages transmitted through an electronic medium I gather is known as a "cellphone." I might add that I have come to quite enjoy said medium, and am sorely tempted to adopt its regular use once I return home. But we shall see.

I might also add that I've kind of fallen in love with the country - which sucks (or blows, as you prefer) since it's so freakin' expensive to get to - but WOW. *waves arms incoherently*

Last week I was in Sydney staying with relatives, and it was wonderful and not at all awkward or weird and it was SO NEAT to see my three cousins I'd never really met. Equally (if not more ;P) importantly was spending a day with [ profile] merihn who was delightful and knows her city far better than she thinks she does *coughandmayhavewrittenmealittleslashontheflyblesshercough*, and an all-too-short 24 hours with [ profile] veronamay and [ profile] lemmealone which involved veritable orgies of bookstores, junk food, and filling as many gaps in my pathetically inadequate fan knowledge as possible. I have now officially had a purple nurple \o/, seen Devour (hee!) and House of Wax and the season two gag reel and FINALLY have a face to put to the name "Chad" I'm always hearing bandied about, and been thoroughly educated in associated music and folk. SO. MUCH. FUN. Dude, I don't know how the Aussie fen came to be quite so awesome, but I want to figure it out and COPY IT.

I was enraptured by Sydney itself and the nearby Blue Mountains as well, which I hadn't expected. For me, this trip was about the people, so what a wonderful bonus that the city and temperate rainforest captured me so. (Dude. Trees and cliffs. How did i NOT see that I was going to fall in love with the Blue Mountains? And I was primed to be bored by the Sydney Opera House - I'm not a big fan of touristy stuff - but I just couldn't get enough of it. And the city...well, the city visually reminds me of coastal California in a lot of ways, with pastel buildings and rolling hills and palm trees everwhere, and it's a look I love.)

Yesterday I flew into Alice Springs, which for those of you who don't know is in the centre of the country. I spent the flight GLUED to my window, watching the landscape change from coast to rainforest to grassland to salt pans(looking like gorgeous mother-of-pearl from above; I must post pics) and scrub and red desert. I discovered a few years ago how deeply I love deserts, and this has been no exception, as the some 900 pictures I've taken in the last 24 hours will attest. *g* And tomorrow I'm off to see King's Canyon and the Olgas and Uluru. I'd link 'em but I'm running out of time here, so I'll just say I wish you ALL were here with me, and I'll update again when I can...
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So I had these great plans of sharing some of my birthday awesomeness with you and doing a nice picspam of some other neat things I've done this summer that I hadn't got around to posting about yet, but I'm OUT OF TIME and am freakin' exhausted and still running around, so sorry. :( Honestly, I'm looking forward to this crazy-long flight just to catch up on sleep!

(And I hope you all got your comment-replies eventually? I gather LJ was eating comment notifications the other day - grrrrr - but if you've commented to me or left me birthday wishes, I think I got back to you all with my heartfelt thanks and thoughts.)

I guess I'll just say have a great few weeks, folks, and do feel free to leave me comments if you want to update me on anything: I'm not sure how often I'll be on LJ but I do care how y'all are doing.

OH! Wanna postcard? I suck, so no promises, but am willing to give this a shot. I've screened comments or my email is dendritejungle (at) livejournal (dot) com, so you can leave me your name and mailing address privately and I can STALK U ALL OMG try to send you something from Down Under. :D

Take care! *waves*
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Hey folks! How's August treating ya? I've been deferring to my body's need for rest in my spare moments: turns out two busy weekends out of town back-to-back coupled with a summer head cold really takes the wind out of you. Who knew? ;)

BUT! My brother's wedding? Was awesome. If I may answer audreyovisual's question: yes, the wedding was lovely and romantic and everyone got sniffly for the right reasons and nobody dropped rings in the water and the groom kissed the right person and the wrong people did not kiss the bride and nobody got drunk and started a fist fight at the reception and everybody liked the cake (actually, there wasn't cake) and nobody strangled on their cummerbund and a good time was had by all.

Didja get that? No ring-dropping! \o/ I had some fun coming up with a plan to carry the rings which, oddly enough. my brother didn't go for. Funny, that. I thought it was an excellent use for those little dress-straps:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, what the wedding WAS )

In other news, I finally booked my tickets for the trip. )

*pant pant* Okay, next: email folks and actually TELL them this and make sure it's okay with everyone, and then this weekend if I haven't collapsed (again, some more :P), I'll catch up with all of you and start work on that promised filter. Okay? Okay...
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Good grief, where the effin' hell has the last week gone?!?! Oh yeah:

  • Thursday: origami society meeting

  • Friday: Harry Potter with [ profile] eboniorchid, which was loads of fun but oy, people, learn from my pain: DON'T see the 3D IMAX version while sitting two rows from the front, particularly after a "dinner" of Spinach-and-artichoke-cheese dip (hey, there wasn't time for a proper meal before the movie). The nausea was kind of insane, and let's just say at least I (barely) made it to a garbage can the SECOND time I threw up on the way home... *winces*

  • Saturday: housecleaning, ActionGrrrlz, and the entirely awesome Fringe play GeekGasm with [ profile] jaefru, [ profile] thegreenavenger, [ profile] fairylane, [ profile] the_great_waka, [ profile] ecchs, and others. I got a resounding verbal cheek-pinch-of-cuteness "awwww" when I revealed that the last time I had been in that theatre was when I had been on the stage in a grade school production of Pinocchio. (The humour of this is more evident when you know that most of them DO theatre/acting in some sort of professional capacity and are the better part of a decade younger than me.)

  • Sunday: a ridiculous amount of laundry and a lovely afternoon/evening with [ profile] neeuqdrazil *goofy grin*

  • Monday: Summerlicious dinner with my mom

  • Tuesday: I cooked (!!!) for my evening hanging out with memethief and Jake. Wonderful to see them both, though I am feeling abashed having been a tad stressed over my unfinished to-do list. :P Sorry guys!

So I am relieved to be back and posting (though quietly dreading the skip=3,587,624 I'm going to have to do on my flist - lord, you lot are a prolific bunch, aren't ya? ;P).

AND, with no further ado: YES, I am going to be flying my merry self to Australia. Thank you to everyone for your input! You may be amused to know that the responses fell largely into two camps: "Hell yeah, come visit!!" or "Hell yeah, go visit - but I hate you/am jealous/want you to bring something/body back!!". *grins, loves you all* My favourite (email) response was from Manifestudio, with whom I did an awesome road trip a couple of years ago: "Australia! When? Why? And what should I pack?" Hee! :D

The plan thus far - and input request from the wonderful Aussies on my list... )

Tonight: Ratatouille, posting the [ profile] spn_bakeoff results *guilt* and Pride pics to the Gay Geeks list *more guilt* and catching up with ALL OF YOU! :D


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