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If you don't know what a fandom is, this post will be of no interest to you. This is not the post you're looking for.

BUT FOR THE REST OF US. I just stumbled upon the utterly brilliant Everybody's Free (To Be Fannish) by [ profile] eliza_jane via [ profile] missyjack, a fandom riff on the late 90s Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (video; lyrics). The whole thing is utterly brilliant both as a parody and as actual advice, and if you've ever been involved with any fandom it is eminently worth the quick read.

A sampling:
Enjoy the power and freedom of your fannish persona. Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and freedom of your fannish persona until real life causes you to take a fandom hiatus. But trust me, in the middle of RL bullshit, you'll look back at your post-episode reactions and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much fun you really had. You are not as cynical as you imagine.

Don't worry about being wanked. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to apply logic to shipper wars. The real wank is apt to be something that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindsides you the first time you check your inbox after posting something offhand and walking away from your computer for four hours on some idle Tuesday.

Read a story every once in awhile that scares you.


Don't be reckless with other people's fanworks. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.

But trust her on the laptop.
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How much do I love that LJ now has a headless teddy bear as a gift? SO MUCH. And I'm also amused by how many people are freaked out by it. I THINK IT'S AWESOME. And SOMEONE will be getting it as a birthday gift... *looks shifty*

My life over the last three weeks has consisted overwhelmingly of three things:

1) Seeing folks - the usual suspects, you know who you are, I love you all - and working. Looots of working. Yay lieu time later!

2) Mainlining LOST. Every spare minute. I had 75 hours to go through as of the beginning of January and I'm right on schedule. Which amuses me in its own way: can I get my shit together to run a kilometer in the morning? Barely. But can I marathon TELEVISION?!?! YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT, BABY. However, in so doing I've been completely ignoring all news sources (i.e. watching Lost instead of reading the newspaper to and from work), such that the ONLY thing beyond the weather I am aware of in the world at the moment is the horrific earthquake in Haiti last week. Seriously, that's all. In a way it's oddly freeing but in another very disconcerting: I feel like I'm living in a vacuum.

3) Working on renovation stuff. Now that I FINALLY have someone lined up for the bathroom at least, I've been running around getting tile for the walls and floors (I am experiencing link fail so will have to take pictures later) and have ordered pebbles for some nifty accent stuff and BASICALLY I AM REALLY REALLY EXCITED. If all goes well I could have a swanky new bathroom in four weeks. *squeals into fists*


ETA: Wait, #1 is two things, isn't it? Okay, my life has consisted of FOUR things lately.
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So let me give you some games! *beams*

Well, game recommendations, actually. I'm not a big gamer, but I've recently stumbled across a number of short little online gems that are...well, as much "meditations" or "interactive art" as games. They're fascinating and lovely and melancholy and actually kinda profound and touching, which is quite an accomplishment since they're also very minimalist. I just had to share them with you...

Small WorldsSmall Worlds. I love this more than I can articulate. You start as a few tiny pixels in surroundings that are hard to make out - but the more you explore, the further back the view pulls as each world is slowly revealed. Who knew highly pixelated art could be so gorgeous! (I admit I'm a total sucker for world exploration, so I may be rather biased.) Be sure to have your sound on for this one: the music is definitely a part of the experience. When finished, it's fascinating to read different people's interpretations on what's going on; scroll down to the comments here. Took me about 15 minutes.

The Black Forest 1-2The Black Forest series. I first stumbled across this a couple of weeks ago, but all four episodes are now online. I don't know about their evoking "emotional experiences", but their specific combinations of simple gameplay and music did leave me in a lovely contemplative headspace. I particularly love the first and second ones: be sure to have your speakers on so you can hear the music build. About 5-10 minutes per episode.

Gretel & HanselGretel and Hansel. This one is longer and more "game-y", with more hunting and figuring out what to do. I've included it because (a) I love the watercolour visuals and (b) the sense of humour: you get points, among other things, based on how many different ways you can die. Macabre humour FTW! *glee* Here's a walkthrough for this one too, with all the different possible deaths.

Every day the same dreamEvery Day The Same Dream. Sort of Groundhog Day meets Kafka. You live the same day over and over, doing little things differently - until the end. Which is rather unsettling. Should you, like me, have a low tolerance for figuring out what's next, there are tips and walkthroughs in the comments here. 5 or 10 minutes if you know what you're doing; took me somewhat longer cuz I'm slow like that. :P

Little WheelLittle Wheel. As much an interactive mini-movie as a game, this quirky little piece has irresistible graphics. Simple and awesome. Five minutes.

Hope y'all enjoy these as much as I have!
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So hi thar, O wonderful flist friends who have so kindly not given up on me! While I've done my best to at least read other people's entries and comment every so often, I'm sure you'll be SHOCKED to hear that one of my New Year resolutions is to not suck quite so badly at posting. *rueful grin*

I hope y'all are well and survived the holidays? I worked most of last week and aside from that have been up visiting my parents, which was lovely but the internet access is shitty spotty. The last few days have been excitement galore as I'm finally home and able to OMG FUCKIN' CLEEEEAN AND TIDY to my satisfaction for the first time since...well, since the Bugpocalypse, basically. Those of you who know me will know that I'm not a terribly tidy person or anything at the best of time, but things JUST REACHED A POINT. *twitches* Anyway. Aaaaall better now. :D

Updates! Look, I could blather on for ages, but in the interest of actually POSTING this before 3010 I'll keep this brief:

I'm unwilling to jinx it by saying anything directly but let's just say "so far so good" on the Bugpocalypse count. *keeps all fingers and toes crossed*

I'm still (!!! *sobs*) trying to find a contractor for renovations. Those of you with long memories may recall that one of the few upsides of the Bugpocalypse was that I finally got enough crap out of here to make it worthwhile getting some work done - previously I've been overwhelmed at the prospect of moving just my books, let alone everything else. :P But due to various circumstances including cost and availability, I'm still trying to line someone up - which unfortunately means the soonest I can get any work done is probably late February or early March, missing the tax rebate (link for the non-Canucks). But the search continues. This will HAPPEN, dammit!!!

I got an iPhone!!!!1!111!!!!! THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH EXCLAMATION MARKS IN THE WORLD. 3G, 16GB, only a week old when I bought it. Long story that involved Craigslist and a clandestine-feeling handover of cash in a Vaughn coffee shop... anyway, amusingly enough I'm basically using it as a glorified iTouch (I reeeally wanted that camera and mic that only comes with the phone). I refuse to pay $600-$1200 A YEAR when I'm perfectly happy with wi-fi so widely available and my cheapo $100-a-year phone plan. GUYS. THIS THING IS SO. MUCH. FUN.

I mean, uh. I totally bought it for the productivity apps. The very first thing I did totally wasn't to download the zippo lighter and lightsaber apps. *shifty eyes* Seriously though, aside from the apps I am loving the hell out of carrying around ONE device instead of a Palm Pilot (yes, I was still using one, stop snickering) AND an iPod AND a camera.

Since last I posted I have continued to love the hell out of this season of Supernatural, was introduced to White Collar (OMG SO MUCH LOVE), and caught Fantastic Mr. Fox (...honestly I can't really decide how I felt about it...), Avatar (so torn between LOVE for the visual effects - yes, I am an FX hoor - and the anthropologist in me running SCREEEEMING at everything else), Where the Wild Things Are (incredibly powerful, I was really moved)...I feel like I'm forgetting something else? Anyway. I can blather on at length about any of these, so if you really want my thoughts on them feel free to ask in the comments.

No, I haven't started watching Glee yet. It's on my list. But it's a long list.

Finally, this month is all about Lost. Yes, the series. I've decided to finally check out what my upstairs neighbours (and much of the world, it seems) is so excited about so am mainlining the first 5 seasons before the 6th season premiere in February. Hey, I've only got 70 episodes left! *g* And OH LOOK I CAN WATCH THEM ON MY IPHONE ON THE WAY TO WORK. I AM GOING TO DIE OF HAPPINESS.

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Well, for a day that largely revolved around destroying my beloved couch with an exacto knife and my bare hands, it ended well! :D

I came back to my parents' condo for the evening since they have a nifty and dead easy system for hooking up would-be trick-or-treaters in the building with would-be candy-givers: they have some Halloween-themed paper plates at the front desk, and you just hang one on your doorknob. BRILLIANT. I am planning to implement something similar at our building next year if I possibly can. Anyway, the upshot is that I finally got to hand out candy again! I love it; I love helping to bring the magic alive for kids.

Had a couple of "mentionable" costumes: one was two parents with a newborn baby, with them dressed as farmers - "strawberry farmers!" - and their baby in an adorable strawberry hat and outfit, and the other was a kid with an H1N1 virus T-shirt. Now THAT's scary.

Spent the next couple of hours in a complicated video/audio/text-chatting thing *waves hands vaguely* with [ profile] neeuqdrazil, [ profile] curgoth (a.k.a. GENERAL ZOD), [ profile] mycrazyhair, [ profile] torontoteacher, Mr. Mongolia, and uh...other people I'm still not sure if I actually know. *g* This was an online alternative to the Zil and Curgoth's party since they are recovering from H1N1, poor things. Man, I never though I'd be grateful for The Scourge a.k.a. Bugpocalypse, but from the way its been racing through my friends and loved ones it's actually worked out in my favour to be isolated.

Anyway. Back to the couch. My dearly beloved couch. *sob* So I tried to find a company that would pick it up. Yeah, a bedbug-exposed sofa. You can imagine how well that went. So it was up to me. And I was feeling fairly morose about it until [ profile] audreyovisual cracked my shit up by comparing it to Old Yeller (or, for us Supernatural fans, a certain second-season werewolf who was likewise dispatched): "No, it's my [couch]. I'll do it." (However, since I can't lift it through the door on my own I need to break it down. So it's not so much shooting Old Yeller quickly between the eyes as it is ripping his legs off one by one. D:) She also suggested a viking burial: light it on fire and let it drift out to sea Lake Ontario. AWESOME.
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See, I said to myself as I was writing my post the other day about not having been bitten, "Great, kid. Don't get cocky." I have learned my lesson: ALWAYS TAKE ADVICE FROM HAN SOLO. :( Because sure enough, this morning I noticed a couple of what are unmistakeably bed bug bites. (On my ass, to add insult to injury.) And what really kills me is that I have no idea if I got them test-sleeping at my place on the weekend as I've been doing, or if I got them at my parent's place.

:( :( :(

I think this calls for a thorough cleaning at my parents' place just in case, but I mostly fear that this means my couch has failed its probation and has to go. Which sucks beyond the telling of it, because I fucking love that couch.

DAMNIT. And I was all set to start hanging out with people again. DAMNITALL!!!!!!
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So uh, hi! *waves timidly* I've sucked at posting for a while before, but two months kinda takes the cake, eh? Sorry?

My life, now with photos! )
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But first: dude, there are tornado warnings? O_o This is one helluva thunderstorm. Of course, my other thought is AHAHA I WISH I'D REMEMBERED TO SHUT MY WINDOWS AT HOME AHAHAHA. Honestly, there's only so much freaking out about my place I can do in one week. :P After a while all you can do is laaaaaaugh.

Fun fact: did you know I own 134.6 pounds of machine-washable and dryable fabrics? And that makes about six full garbage bags? The things you learn! All are at a specialty cleaner at the moment. Where they treat. Y'know. BED BUGS. *twitches*

It's been a loong few days, y'all. And I can't tell you how much I appreciated the comments. Seriously. I haven't had time to respond to them individually, as I've been spending most every waking second since last Friday...well. When they call this a nightmare they're really not exaggerating.

Long story short: extermator dude came in on Friday after I'd spent basically 30 straight hours preparing for him only to be told I hadn't prepared ENOUGH. No no, my friends. I have to move ALL MY CRAP OUT OF MY HOME. Down to the major pieces of furniture and BARE SHELVES. Sadly I do not have immediate access to photos of my place, but anyone who has seen my fifteen thousand metric tons of books and paper and crap REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF YO can appreciate just how unbelievably daunting a task that is. So I literally spent all of Friday through Wednesday night finding and renting a storage locker, running around the city with the kind kind Lectrixsola and my mom buying boxes and bags, filling them in as fast as I can and double-bagging them, while also doing online research and buying a steamer and diatomaceous earth and ridiculous amounts of Raid plus a crazy hardcore face mask CHECK THIS SHIT OUT: The Bugpocalypse
ARE THESE FUCKERS ARE GOING DOWN OR WHAT!?!? and and and trying to remember to breeeathe.

I've also been missing YOU GUYS and my regular life like craaazy so I actually came in to work today and now am on LJ when I really reeeally should be come packing more.

Mentally, I'm actually doing okay now and have only cried a couple of times. I've been concentrating very hard on stuff I'm grateful for and it's actually been working pretty well given that this is pretty freakin' nightmarish. For instance, I am SO GRATEFUL that my cat and I are able to stay at my parents' place. I am humbly grateful that my parents have offered to pitch in financially, and just so grateful to Lectrix for coming into town on Saturday to help me buy shit and my mom for actually braving the Plague House as I am affectionately calling it. And grateful for a bunch of other stuff that I don't want to jinx by mentioning. *is paranoid* Honestly, having an infestation of bed bugs is not high - or indeed AT ALL - how I would choose to "celebrate" by 35th birthday, but I'll be going out to a nice dinner and movie with Zil. And the exterminator will come on Monday and work his magic. And now I have a conveniently cleaned-out space to do that re-painting I've been wanting to do.

And it will all be fine. Fiiine.

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So earlier this evening I was planning this longish post with happy updates of recent visits (relatives to see me, my trip to Chicago to see [ profile] eboniorchid (and while there a lovely lunch with [ profile] lostandalone22), and to regale you with the tale of my recent discovery of Twilight and its far more awesome fandom -

but then I found a bedbug. About an hour and a half ago.

This is several weeks AFTER I had had a pest control guy to come in and see if I did, in fact, have bed bugs (since I seemed to be getting bitten by something, but it never itched the way bed bugs were supposed to and I never saw any signs - and BELIEVE me, I looked), and he gave me the all clear, the LYING BASTARD. Though granted, it would be hard to tell in my couch. BUT ANYWAY. I CAUGHT ONE OF THE LITTLE FUCKERS BRAZENLY WALKING ACROSS MY COUCH.

GUYS. I AM SO FUCKING GROSSED OUT. I'm the sort of person who quite likes snakes and frogs and worms, will carefully carry spiders and wasps outside rather than kill them, and co-habits with reasonable magnanimity with aphids on a plant in her bedroom (I try to get rid of them, really!) BUT OMFG YOU GUYS, I DRAW THE LINE AT BED BUGS. This is like that urban legend about the guy calling the babysitter and he's in the same house. ONLY IT'S REAL. AND THEY REALLY ARE AFTER ME. I have heard ALL THE STORIES about how fucking hard they are to get rid of. I AM FREAKING. THE FUCK. OUT.

*puts head between legs and tries to remember to breathe*

Anyway. A call will be made tomorrow morning FUCKING STAT OMG to the management office. There will be fire, pestilence and death. Or at least washing, vacumming, steaming, diatomaceous earth-ing and insecticiding. OH YES. THEY WILL DIE.

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Hi flist hi! I have no idea why my body decided that 5AM was just the perfect time to wake up, but I've decided to take advantage of its poor judgement and finally post to LJ again. \o/ I R SO ORGANIZED. *beams*

I've been rather daunted at the prospect of summarizing my trip to New York and Philly at the beginning of the month, but here goes nothing:

PhotobucketMy trip highlights )

Other news since I got back:

I have started watching Lost, since I'd like to watch the final season live with the rest of the world. The discovery that this actress was on the show BLEW ME AWAY, because this character of hers is my favourite character of all time, anywhere but I've never seen the actress in anything else! I may have squealed. A LOT.

I've discovered this wonderful acoustic guitar internet radio station which I'm loving, and kind of has me wanting to learn guitar. So I've borrowed one. We'll have to see how this goes... :P

This past weekend I was helping a friend who is working on a claymation Flash game. SO. MUCH. FUN. And he's just released the intro on YouTube. Sadly the bits I worked on are in different cut scenes, but it's still funny and awesome and you should totally check it out:

[Error: unknown template video]
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Now that I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET ACCESS AGAIN OMG *clings* but am also leaving for Philadelphia shortly, I only really have time to let everyone know that I arrived safely in New York (right before midnight in the end O_o), had a fantastic time at the origami convention over the weekend and a lovely visit with my friends here, and now I'm off to visit my cousin's family in Philadelphia for the next few days. Hopefully I'll have time and INTERNET ACCESS there for a longer post.

Hope everyone's well - I look forward to catching up!
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WELL. I'm not exactly where I'm supposed to be at the moment. I should be in New York City at the moment, signing in for a weekend of exciting paperfolding. (Yes, after spending money to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I am now spending good money to fold paper with other people for a weekend.) I don't discuss it much, but I have a lifelong love *coughandtalentforcough* origami, and while I haven't been in the past...good grief, decade? to the annual OrigamiUSA conventions in New York, I have been a number of times in my life since I was a geeky little teenager. Good times.

But no, I am not there. I am back at the Porter airline terminal in Toronto after we were turned back from landing in Newark. (Note I say "landing" as in "we'd already been in the air and were basically THERE and then had to fly back".) *sigh* Thunderstorms, I gather. That they are expecting to continue, truth be told, so I may well be wasting my time waiting here with silly hope. But hope springs eternal and weather can be unexpected, so I'd rather be here just in case. And frankly, if I'm gonna be stuck somewhere, the Porter general lounge is a pretty darn sweet place to be: free drinks, free snacks, free wireless, free newspapers...woohoo!

My backup plan is to take a late-night bus tonight, which should still get me in town before registration tomorrow morning. I'm just sorry I'm going to miss the Pride party tonighgt that a friend is hostin, since it was going to be my one chance to see a bunch of my New York friends this year. :(

Of course, on the up side, this gives me time to post! *g* Last weekend I spent at my favourite film festival of the year: the World Wide Short Film Festival! They're my kind of festival. Hee! :D I love it when festivals don't take themselves so damn seriously. A few I particularly enjoyed this year:

Paul Rondin est...Paul Rondin (A guy who's movie trailer voice continues in real life has trouble meeting women who will tolerate his eccentricities - until he meets a woman who records phone menus for a living.)
The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon. IT'S A SPOON. *dies laughing*
Deadspiel. It's zombies! It's curling! How much more Canadian can you get?
Post-it Love. A sweet 3-minute look at a quirky office romance. (This one you can actually SEE - thanks YouTube!)
Dog. A heart-wrenching stop-motion animation with unbelievably emotionally "real" characters. Just incredible. (And did I mention heart-wrenching?) You can also watch this one...but uh, maybe then watch the Post-it Love as a more pleasant chaser.



Jun. 14th, 2009 11:20 am
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Ooooh yeah. Nothing says "great start to the morning" like being woken up at 4:38AM by a fire alarm. I love that the kitty came over to cuddle (I mean really, like he ever needs an excuse, but still, it was darn cute): "Mom, I can't sleep with this racket. Can I come cuddle with you instead?"

ANYway. Yes! The tale of my foray into Xtreme Sports(tm)! In which I ramble on at length about the experience. )


(Also, HOLY CRAP. It's now 8:10. Apparently I write really slowly. O_o)

ETA several hours later: Helps if I remember to make the post public! :P Let's try posting this again...
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Yes indeedy, I am writing this on terra firma (or more accurately on sofus comfis WHAT. I never took Latin!) after having successfully jumped out of an airplane at 13,500 feet, free falling for 8,500 feet (which looks like this if you're curious, though that's not me in particular) and then gliding the rest of the way down.

SO. MUCH. FUN. Nervous before? Actually no. Just really, really excited. Nauseous? Afterward, yes: we did some awesomely swoopy turns in the air with the parachute which was really cool but kind of unsettled my stomach a bit.

Longer post later, just wanted to let folks know I was A-OK. No-one needs to kill me for dying! ;D
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Let's face it, me recounting the last month will probably not make for the most exciting possible reading, so here's the synopsis:

Three weekends/weeks ago: trade show in NYC for work. Sounds like fun, but really mostly a lot of work and then collapsing at the end of the day. BUT. EXCELLENT FOOD in the evenings. Which makes it all worthwhile.

Two weekends ago: Anime North! \o/ Great time, wasn't axe-murdered by my random internet roommates, joined [ profile] yue_ix for the infamous Gay Sex 101 panel which topped out at 6 hours this year, and discovered lots of new shows I'm looking forward to seeing. And the award for the most amusing anime title goes to the "18+" series "Midnight Sleazy Train." No, really.

Last weekend: well, I was SUPPOSED to be going skydiving. Stupid weather. *pouts* Instead I went on this insane cooking spree. Seriously: in addition to over forty portions of some six different meals (and some kickass no-bake energy bars - with added chocolate chips, of course) I made granola from scratch. I don't even like boiling water if I can avoid it! I stood there with freshly-baked granola running through my fingers asking myself incredulously, "Who are you?!?!" IDEK, guys. By Sunday night I had NOTHING done I had planned for the weekend: email, posting, cleaning, laundry, nothing - and my brain was still cajoling me to cook just one more meal... O_o It was just weird. But very useful: I now have food for the next coupla months. All hail the chest freezer!

This weekend: Lovely date with [ profile] eboniorchid who's in town, lovely lunch with my bro and family who are also in town, lots of slacking (bad self! bad!) and today managing to muster the wherewithal to start actually tackling my inbox and to-do list. DAUNTING, GUYS.

But! Next weekend! If all goes well I will be paying hard-won money to voluntarily throw myself out of a perfectly good airplane. \o/ If the weather and various fates don't conspire against me, of course. Again.

Which naturally lends itself to a POLL! :D

[Poll #1412549]
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I am so laughably busy at the moment, as I write this I should be out buying shoes and insoles, replying to emails, working on pricelists or any one of half a dozen other things (including DINNER, DAMMIT - don't worry, though, that's next), but no! You all are Much More Important. *hearts you all* Just wanted to let you know I won't be around much for the next week or so as my work year culminates in a trade show happening this weekend and next week, followed immediately (and much more happily) by Anime North, but as a result my time is kind of...well, crazed.

But! I did want to let you know that I'm in an earnest figuring-out-what-I-want-to-do-with-my-life kind of phase, and having seriously considered teaching two weeks ago, moving through an amusingly brief flirtation with the merchant marines (!!!), I am now zeroing in on being a librarian. If anyone on my flist knows someone in the Toronto Public Library system with whom I can have a frank discussion about working there, I'd love to know.

Hope to be in touch again soooooon.....
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So! What I've Been Up To! Well, the weekend before last was my nephew's first birthday, so I was up north with the family. DUDE. He's walking! And has quite a few words under his belt - along with the most adorable lion roar ever. I can't tell you how much I wish I lived closer to them, though. :(

And LAST weekend. WELL. Last weekend was a wedding. And not just any wedding, but a wedding I've been quiety and eagerly anticipating for several years now, between - get this - my first girlfriend and my roommate at the time ([ profile] themoderatrix, for those of you who know her. And for those of you who don't, she was present *coughandmayhavebeenpartlyresponsibleforcough* the aforementioned PotCookieIncident* and wrote the most awesome intro post of me EVAR). I know, I know, the dynamics sound terribly drama-riffic, but there were about seven years between our breakup and them getting together, so it's All Good. No, really! Does make for a great story, though. And I was terribly tickled that I was referred to indirectly in the wedding ceremony a couple of times (seeing as I was kind of how they met and all).

Aside from it being a lovely weekend getaway in Ottawa with [ profile] neeuqdrazil, the wedding itself was delightful. The brides were GORGEOUS, it was really wonderful to see both of their families (most of whom I haven't seen in years), and since the brides had asked in lieu of gifts that people help out with the wedding, everything from the chuppah to the wedding cake were lovingly made by family and friends. It helps that they have a lot of insanely talented friends!

So what was my contribution, you may ask? Well, good readers, I made them a guest book. By which I don't mean "I bought a book and covered it in pretty paper". No no, this puppy was lovingly handmade from scratch, using papers from their wedding invitation, a fabric they were using as part of their wedding outfits, handsewn signatures and endbands..the whole shebang. In fact, pretty much anyone who knows me in real life will have heard me blather on about the guestbook sometime over the last month, so in a fit of immodesty I'm going to picspam you with how it turned out. Given my total lack of proper equipment and lack of practice, I'm pretty darn pleased.
Photobucket Photobucket

Behold my handiwork )

And! Because a friend pointed out that the crafty among you might actually be curious as to (a) what exactly the "guts" of a traditional handmade book look like and/or (b) how they're made, a bonus picspam:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

tl;dr unless you love books or are curious how things are made, in which case this is actually kinda interesting )
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Ah, spring. Everything is finally (at long last!!!!) turning greeeeen, the trees budded sometime last weekend, and it's the season when all the local potheads get together for the annual Freedom Festival at a local park.

I kind of love it*, not only because I support legalization and am endlessly amused by just how but also because it's the first chance of the year to get street corn. Which, with its grilled and buttery goodness, sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning, I heart beyond all reason. Particularly when I've got a touch of the munchies after hanging out in the diffuse miasma of pot smoke that hangs in the air of Queen's Park this day every year. Good times.

Anyway, this food went down much better than a memorable bad food choice a couple of weeks ago. You know when you're really freakin' hungry, so you make Bad Food Choices? And by "bad", I mean a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel starts looking really irresistible, and then you sprinkle BBQ and garlic seasoning on top? And when you've eaten it and the hunger-induced haze starts to clear, the flavour lingering on your tongue resembles not so much a "party in your mouth" as "the day after the party when you wake up with a wicked hangover, next to some stranger who you're pretty sure gave you crabs, someone's trashed your house, peed on the couch, puked in the bed, and there's some smell emanating from the closet foul enough that you're frankly scared to check it out?" No? Just me? Alrighty then. Just take my word for it: steer away from pretzel-wrapped hot dogs with BBQ and garlic flavouring.

Longer post coming later with a recap of the last little while, but just wanted to wave a mellow "hi" to you all you lovely, lovely people first.

*The festival, not so much pot itself which my body doesn't particularly like in smoke form and which I've only really enjoyed in a brief but amusing episode of my life known among friends and family as The Pot Cookie Incident: roommate made TWO batches of cookies, one normal and one "special"...I wake up and have my usual cookies for breakfast...except they aren't my usual cookies...much amusement by all involved soon followed...
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Nrrrgh. It's now four-ten in the morning, and I think I've edited the rest of our stream-of-consciousness blogging to make sense as best as I can. Holy CRAP we wrote a lot of notes. Please bear in mind that there were a bunch of us tag-teaming on the notes (which I've pointed out where possible), so there's an exciting array of observations, tenses and pronouns. My apologies in advance for the grammarians in the crowd. I'm sure I missed lots of errors in my fatigue, and honestly I can't be arsed at the moment to look up correct spellings.

Other general observations: a whole bunch of people turned up, including Rae, [ profile] spiraldurga, [ profile] giantkiller, [ profile] toft_froggy, [ profile] bassringer, [ profile] soprano_yvonne, [ profile] trias_cube and [ profile] jumila. It was one full house! I was meaning to track the comings and goings, but what with different bloggers it didn't really happen. It was pretty wild watching it with so many people: lots of talk and laughter and some arguing, lots of mocking the earlier films (when we weren't ignoring them) and loving the later ones. We were even *gasp* QUIET for a few scenes later on! Lots of delicious, delicious junk food was consumed, and I don't think I've had that much Diet Coke in the past six months combined. I MAY STILL BE A LITTLE WIRED.

I think people had a good time? Mostly? I had a blast. Didn't get much scanning done in the end (I had been planning to mindlessly scan photos while watching the films), but had a lot of fun - and that, ultimately, was the point. Honestly, when it was all over I was sad. Much as I love the films, I actually try not to watch them too often because I'm afraid they will lose some of their magic...but when the last one finished I wanted nothing more than to put one in so the magic wouldn't end. Lucas may have become increasingly ham-handed with his scrips but his world-building is second to none, from first to last film, and whatever flaws these films may have (*coughwhicharemanycough*), they never fail to transcend my cynicism and transport me straight to a state of childlike wonder.

Notes cut for length. EPIC NOTES ARE EPIC. )

ETA: [ profile] fairylane asked me in the previous post what I had noticed at 1:38 PM. I'd noticed that the architecture of the "box seat" outcropping of the Genosean stadium reminded me strongly of the Sydney Opera House.
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Hokay! Two bags of chips, two boxes of cookies, one bag of candy bars, massive bottle of Coke, check. If I don't send people home with their blood sugar and or blood pressure through the roof and their arteries screaming for mercy, I will have failed! \o/

One bag of carrots and some apples for those immune to my Evol Plans who prefer something actually healthy, check.

Good to go!

Alright, what follows are my notes as we went along for the first two and a bit movies. Spoilers, of course.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... )

Okay, I've now got three guests here, so I should stop posting. Later! :D


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