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Back now – yay newspaper! I always feel so adult when I read a Globe and Mail: it's what my parents read.

Anyway. Not the funnest week ever what with the pressure of getting ready for a trade show at work, and my home still in the deepest depths of reno chaos – particularly given last night's leak to cap it all off – but all things considered it went pretty smoothly! And I even had a chance to watch this week's episode of Glee. Man, I heart Kurt and his dad. The actors do such an amazing job of portraying their complicated relationship. I actually love that his dad really isn't crazy about him being gay, but his love for his son overrides anything else. And that Kurt loves his dad enough to be willing to compromise his own identity, the one thing he holds most dearly. It feels very honest to the characters, however hard it can be to watch. Great stuff. The one sour note in that particular storyline that rang false for me, though, is the original information we had about Burt before we saw him, that he was in fact bribing his son (with a car, if memory serves) to "not wear sweaters down to the knee" and then taking the car away when he discovered Kurt's tiara collection. This is the same guy who's now all, "hey kid, just be yourself?" I guess it's possible we're supposed to think that Burt's just come a long way, but it feels more like the original ideas were missteps that they're ignoring once they actually brought the character to the screen.

Also, kudos for actually hiring a quadriplegic actor to play a quadriplegic! Still didn't make me cringe any less when they put him in the “inspirational' role, though. :P

I've been carefully staying spoiler-free for last week's ep and this week's finale of Supernatural. I'm gonna watch it with some folks when I get back and get organized, dammit. OH! And we can do it on my NEW TEEVEE OMG. *flails excitedly* You guys, I have wanted a big screen TV for so many years, and I finally bit the bullet and bought a FORTY INCHER. (A Samsung LCD for the curious. I'd love an LED, but not at their current prices.) I AM SO EXCITED OMG. It's coming on Thursday, the day I get back.

Okay, flight's leaving soon, gotta go. I'll probably be offline for several days, unless I can score some free internet somewhere. I have a list of places, but I don't really have much time to explore and find 'em. Damn business trips. Ah well: at least the food will be awesome! :D

Talk to y'all on Thursday!
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