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*happy sigh* So I'm sitting at home with my adorable kitty curled up next to me, after a lovely Thursday evening and Friday morning with [ profile] neeuqdrazil, followed by a delightfully indolent afternoon. Much of this evening has been spent writing this post...

Supernatural thoughts (spoilers through 5.16; pure speculation beyond)
You know, I've been loving the hell out of this season of Supernatural. It's just been so completely crack-y! Between that convention, the "channel surfing" episode, the future one with hippie Castiel, the Paris Hilton one, the weirdest tooth fairy ever courtesy of the Antichrist, Gary the teenager as Sam...the list goes on and on! It's like Kripke said, "Screw it, it's the last season - what are they going to do, cancel us? We've had our five years - high-five, fandom!" And of course we have our usual brotherly angst which grounds the show and, for me at any rate, makes it worthwhile. I'm so sorry to have lost Ellen and Jo, but if they had to die (grrr) it was at least helluva way to go.

Random thoughts about this week's ep: really, really terrific. ASH, OMG. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. All I could think was, "[ profile] nixwilliams is going to LOVE THIS SO MUCH!" And boy, just when I thought they they couldn't ramp up they boys' angst-o-meter any further, Kripke just shows me how wrong I am, doesn't he? The amulet! Dean's beloved amulet! He tossed it! *flails* Can't Dean see that Sam just cares differently? Aaaargh! *flails again, some more* (And for the record, I maintain that wasn't really their mom, just an illusion by Zachariah.)

My unspoiled guess is that it will be Dean and Sam moving apart that causes Dean to say "yes" first - heck, if he says yes at least Satan doesn't win the Apocalyptian (totally a word) standoff - and not having Dean to ground him will make Sam fall in the end. THEY NEED EACH OTHER. But eventually they will realized that (again) and LOVE WILL WIN IN THE END. *nods firmly*

Can I say that I really, really reeeally hope they wrap up this Apocalypse thing by the end of this season, and figure out something different for the sixth season? I love larger story arcs far more than monsters of the week, and I feel like they're kind of stringing the arc along at this point. We get it: they boys are fucked, out of options, and will say yes. We get it. We really do. Can we please move on to what happens next?

In other fandom news, I've signed up for Wincon! I never thought I would, but it's being held in Chicago this year, which just happens to be where [ profile] eboniorchid lives. So [ profile] neeuqdrazil and I are going to take a road trip down there after our annual Ottawa visit! :D :D :D

In other news, my renovations are finally (!!!!!!!!!) due to start this Tuesday. FINALLY. I'll believe it when I see it. Below the cut are some details and larger pictures - including a request for assistance from all of you and a POLL.

So, bathroom first, after which I will get the carpet replaced, after which I can paint (yes, I'm waiting to paint until after the new carpet goes in, since I need to see what it does to the light in the room). And then if I'm very lucky the kitchen will happen soon after that. (I am NOT HAPPY that dude who came to measure for the new kitchen cabinet doors in February still hadn't fucking ordered them when I saw him this week. NOT HAPPY, GUYS. *fumes*) And THEN. I can finally START to move all my crap out of storage. YAAAAY! And if THAT goes well and doesn't unearth any more bedbugs, THEN I can buy a new couch. Are you exhausted yet? Cuz I sure am. It's daunting, but also exciting and FINALLY MOVING FORWARD so I'm actually feeling hopeful about it for the first time in a long while.

So at this point I only have one question left, and I am paralyzed by indecision but have no time left to be wishy-washy: what colour grout do I use on the walls around my bathtub?!?!?

Firstly, here's the "before" picture of my bathroom. Perfectly serviceable, just not...great.
med bathroom before

Now, here are the new materials: dark tiles in the foreground will be the new floor tiles, the large tiles piled against the wall will be going in the area around the tub, and the pebble "tile" will be cut into three strips about 3-4" wide to go around the tub at about eye-level as an accent (see mock-up below).
med materials

Here's a closeup of the wall tile and pebbles. As you can see, the wall tile has a subtle, almost "linen" texture. Enough to make it interesting, but not enough to be distracting. I also overlayed (overlaid?) the pebbles to show how they look together.

Oh, and I have a new vanity! Basically the same as before, but with maple veneer and full maple doors.
med vanity

I'm using a dark grout for the floor what with the dark tiles, no question. But what about around the bath? The large spaces around the pebbles will be filled in with grout, so you'll be able to see quite a bit, and as you can see here different grout colours really do change the appearance a lot.

In an effort to get a sense of how it will look, I've done this (extremely crude, sorry) mockup of what the area might look like with three different grout colours: light, medium and dark grey. You will note I did not include white: that's deliberate! Nothing shows mildew more quickly than white, and boy do I have better things to do than clean grout.

Here's the dark grey grout. While it's quite striking (and might go well with the dark floor?), I'm not sure it isn't a little too dark, and boy would it be unforgiving in showing any tiles not pefectly aligned!
med dark

Here's the light grout. It creates a nice, airy feel - but it really makes the few dark pebbles stand out. Does that look weird? (If it makes a difference, there isn't a "repeat" in the pebbles in real life; I just cut-and-pasted a tile over and over to do this quick mockup.)
med light

Here's the medium grout. I can't tell if it's the worst of the other two options, or the best of both...?
med medium

If it's easlier to see them all together, here (left to right they are dark, medium and light):
small dark small med small light

In conclusion, I DON'T KNOW. I have been torn in indecisiveness for weeks now, but I have to buy the grout this weekend, so it's decision time! Help me o flist, you're my only hope!

[Poll #1546786]

In other random news, this game wins for sheer title-ness: I Was Hungry But There Were Cannons.
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