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EURG. I had an awful dream last night, in which [ profile] eboniorchid and [ profile] neeuqdrazil and I were getting married (in a non-exclusive kind of way) - wait, that's not the awful part - and I wandered out while the festivities were still ramping up. The next thing I knew I was wandering around the park several hours later and I'd MISSED MY OWN DAMN WEDDING. And I spent the next several dream-hours feeling terribly badly and wondering how I would make it up to them and everyone who had travelled to share the ceremony. But then some aliens starting lighting portions of the city on fire, so of course the wedding took a backburner (haha) to fighting off the aliens. With the Autobots. Who had wings.

What particularly amuses me is that the whole epic battle thing is pretty average for one of my dreams. Now the wedding, THAT was the weird part! Where did that come from? I'M SO SORRY ZIL. APPARENTLY I NEED TO CALL OFF OUR WEDDING. MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS TELLING ME SO. (??!?)

In other news, I went to my fitness assessment on Thursday as a precursor to starting my weight training. And it went so well!!!!

Firstly, I gotta say I love this gym. I picked Bang Fitness because I really enjoy their lighthearted, irreverent approach to what they actually take very seriously: helping people get in shape and prevent injury. Lots of folks lay claim to the first, but so few seem to recognize the importance of injury prevention, and I've been very impressed with that emphasis.

So I liked their credentials, but I knew I'd found good peeps when they concluded their reply to my earliest inquiry about getting my sorry ass in gear, "Ms. [Jungle], it would be our great pleasure to kick your ass." And that was only reinforced the day of the assessment itself when I had a good belly laugh at the part of the form where I was supposed to write in my previous activities/sports and the guy suggested I write in "LOL." (Needless to say, I did). And again yesterday when I emailed that I'd have to get back to them about scheduling after I talked to my girlfriend and their reply was, "Naturally, the best solution is to drag your girlfriend in here. ;)"

Also, this is the sign on their door:
BANG fitness

Anyway. So my fitness assessment on Thursday went quite differently than others I've had over the years. There were no caliper measurements, no scales, and no tape measures came out. Instead, they had me try a series of exercises to determine my current level of mobility and strength. And they were very good about answering my questions: I'm the sort of person who likes to know why I'm doing something, not to be obnoxious but because I want to learn, and they get points for their detailed replies rather than curt because-I-say-so responses.

And apparently? My mobility is really good! :D :D :D They had me try a squat (with a broomstick, no weight), and the guys right behind me actually swore when they saw how low I could go. Dude. They even had me repeat it to show another instructor. It was just what my body does, I had no idea I was particularly flexible in that somewhat random direction, but apparently I am and it means I can do Olympic-style squats (really deep, ass-to-the-floor knee-bending) from the get-go.

I was SO tickled! I've always been the "geek" instead of the "jock" in my family and the barely-coordinated weakling that got picked last for teams in school. I had to give up attempts at flamenco and fencing in university because my body just couldn't grasp new complex physical skills quickly enough to keep up with everyone else. So to have someone knowledgeable excited about my physical potential was really inspiring, actually. This is the first time in my life I've actually wanted to do a physical activity AND had the prospect of doing it well! (Yes, for my perfectionist self, that does matter. If I'm going to do something, I want to do it well. I don't mean I need to be the strongest or bestest or anything - but I bloody well want to be able to master the basics and have good form in whatever I do.) Guys. THIS IS SO EXCITING FOR ME!!!! :D :D :D

Geoff, the guy doing the assessment (and the director of the gym), also pointed out that my lack of previous physical activities means that I don't have any old injuries or bad habits to overcome. I'm a blank slate, so to speak. (Or I'm "mushy moldable clay" as one of my co-workers put it yesterday. Heh. Yes, yes I am.) In short, he did an absolutely terrific job of making me feel good about my past and enthusiastic about my future, fitness wise. Did I mention I really like this place? Or that is has astroturf? And no stupid weight machines, just lots of iron and some other neat stuff: boards, balls, kettlebells, and a whomping big tractor wheel?

Anyway. So my plan is to have them set up a program for me, and then train with them for a month or so as I learn proper technique. After that I'm hoping to work from the gym in my building, and return to them once or twice a month or so to touch base, check my form, tweak or change activities as needed, etc. I am going to be soooore. AND I CAN'T WAIT. \o/

On an unrelated note, here are two gratuitous photos from the past couple of days: the first an ad which I'm finding unaccountably amusing (I think my ad humour resistance has been weakened courtesy of Old Spice and Isaiah Mustafa, damn them), and the second a giant inflatable colon travelling around to raise colon health and screening awareness. No, really.
go now, i am thinking inflatable colon
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