May. 15th, 2010

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I am currently eating free tasty cookies for breakfast with a free (and actually pretty decent) decaf latte, enjoying free wireless and shortly will be reading a free Globe and Mail. God I love Porter airlines. Though they have a new terminal – it's all big and official! Aw, Porter's one of the big kids now.

Goodness, there aren't a lot of people here at 7:20 AM. Yeah, self, GO FIGURE. Most people have the good sense not to travel at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning. Of course, most people also don't have bosses that insist they do so, I imagine. At least it's only once a year? And, you know. NEW YORK. *hearts in eyes*

Mind you, I rarely sleep more than a couple of hours the night before a trip anyway, so in a way I don't mind getting the “OMG CAN'T SLEEP MIGHT MISS FLIGHT” part of the day over with. Last night was particularly bad, since I came home to a leak in my living room ceiling. Yeeeah. But the such-good-news-I-actually-laughed is that since everything is still covered in plastic anyway, there was absolutely no damage! Well, aside from the missing plaster on the ceiling. :P But my furniture and carpet are just fine!

Oooo, newspapers are out! BRB.
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Back now – yay newspaper! I always feel so adult when I read a Globe and Mail: it's what my parents read.

Anyway. Not the funnest week ever what with the pressure of getting ready for a trade show at work, and my home still in the deepest depths of reno chaos – particularly given last night's leak to cap it all off – but all things considered it went pretty smoothly! And I even had a chance to watch this week's episode of Glee. )

I've been carefully staying spoiler-free for last week's ep and this week's finale of Supernatural. I'm gonna watch it with some folks when I get back and get organized, dammit. OH! And we can do it on my NEW TEEVEE OMG. *flails excitedly* You guys, I have wanted a big screen TV for so many years, and I finally bit the bullet and bought a FORTY INCHER. (A Samsung LCD for the curious. I'd love an LED, but not at their current prices.) I AM SO EXCITED OMG. It's coming on Thursday, the day I get back.

Okay, flight's leaving soon, gotta go. I'll probably be offline for several days, unless I can score some free internet somewhere. I have a list of places, but I don't really have much time to explore and find 'em. Damn business trips. Ah well: at least the food will be awesome! :D

Talk to y'all on Thursday!


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