Mar. 6th, 2010

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EURG. I had an awful dream last night, in which [ profile] eboniorchid and [ profile] neeuqdrazil and I were getting married (in a non-exclusive kind of way) - wait, that's not the awful part - and I wandered out while the festivities were still ramping up. The next thing I knew I was wandering around the park several hours later and I'd MISSED MY OWN DAMN WEDDING. And I spent the next several dream-hours feeling terribly badly and wondering how I would make it up to them and everyone who had travelled to share the ceremony. But then some aliens starting lighting portions of the city on fire, so of course the wedding took a backburner (haha) to fighting off the aliens. With the Autobots. Who had wings.

What particularly amuses me is that the whole epic battle thing is pretty average for one of my dreams. Now the wedding, THAT was the weird part! Where did that come from? I'M SO SORRY ZIL. APPARENTLY I NEED TO CALL OFF OUR WEDDING. MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS TELLING ME SO. (??!?)

In other news, I went to my fitness assessment on Thursday as a precursor to starting my weight training. And it went so well!!!! )

On an unrelated note, here are two gratuitous photos from the past couple of days: the first an ad which I'm finding unaccountably amusing (I think my ad humour resistance has been weakened courtesy of Old Spice and Isaiah Mustafa, damn them), and the second a giant inflatable colon travelling around to raise colon health and screening awareness. No, really.
go now, i am thinking inflatable colon


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