Jan. 5th, 2010

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So let me give you some games! *beams*

Well, game recommendations, actually. I'm not a big gamer, but I've recently stumbled across a number of short little online gems that are...well, as much "meditations" or "interactive art" as games. They're fascinating and lovely and melancholy and actually kinda profound and touching, which is quite an accomplishment since they're also very minimalist. I just had to share them with you...

Small WorldsSmall Worlds. I love this more than I can articulate. You start as a few tiny pixels in surroundings that are hard to make out - but the more you explore, the further back the view pulls as each world is slowly revealed. Who knew highly pixelated art could be so gorgeous! (I admit I'm a total sucker for world exploration, so I may be rather biased.) Be sure to have your sound on for this one: the music is definitely a part of the experience. When finished, it's fascinating to read different people's interpretations on what's going on; scroll down to the comments here. Took me about 15 minutes.

The Black Forest 1-2The Black Forest series. I first stumbled across this a couple of weeks ago, but all four episodes are now online. I don't know about their evoking "emotional experiences", but their specific combinations of simple gameplay and music did leave me in a lovely contemplative headspace. I particularly love the first and second ones: be sure to have your speakers on so you can hear the music build. About 5-10 minutes per episode.

Gretel & HanselGretel and Hansel. This one is longer and more "game-y", with more hunting and figuring out what to do. I've included it because (a) I love the watercolour visuals and (b) the sense of humour: you get points, among other things, based on how many different ways you can die. Macabre humour FTW! *glee* Here's a walkthrough for this one too, with all the different possible deaths.

Every day the same dreamEvery Day The Same Dream. Sort of Groundhog Day meets Kafka. You live the same day over and over, doing little things differently - until the end. Which is rather unsettling. Should you, like me, have a low tolerance for figuring out what's next, there are tips and walkthroughs in the comments here. 5 or 10 minutes if you know what you're doing; took me somewhat longer cuz I'm slow like that. :P

Little WheelLittle Wheel. As much an interactive mini-movie as a game, this quirky little piece has irresistible graphics. Simple and awesome. Five minutes.

Hope y'all enjoy these as much as I have!


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